Rescued From the Taliban: Brin the British Troop Mascot

A hero stray dog who saved the lives of British troops has been rescued from the Taliban in a daring raid by Afghan commandos. Brin the Afghan hound was adopted by Coldstream Guards and handed over to Gurkha Rifles troops after wandering on to their base several months ago. The friendly desert dog, who looks like a cross between a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Jack Russell, then started following them on patrols into the Taliban badlands. Soon the clever pooch started barking at suspicious-smelling mounds in the dirt which were found to be deadly Taliban roadside bombs. It meant soldiers were able to avoid the explosives and in some cases destroy them.

For the past few months Brin has made himself at home at Patrol Base 4, where B Company, 1st Battalion, Royal Gurkha Rifles are based, surrounded by Taliban. British troops began to value Brin’s company and locals heard the Taliban were becoming angry the Brits had flown in a “specially trained SAS dog”.

Brin would accompany soldiers on security patrols around the villages and into the insurgent-infested Green Zone, flanking the Helmand River. But while tagging along with a recent patrol, plans changed at the last minute and his Gurkha comrades were extracted by helicopter. Poor Brin was left behind as the aircraft made a hasty departure and Taliban forces were able to take the dog prisoner, bragging to locals they had “kidnapped an SAS dog”. The soldiers expected Brin to find his way back to base as he usually did, but when he failed to return they asked the Afghan National Army to lookout for him.

Last week Afghan commandos arrived at camp with little Brin after seizing him from his captors in a raid on Taliban positions. Captain Mark Townsend, who looks after the dog, said: “Brin’s very cheerful and our folks have sent anti-flea and de-worming tablets. “He’s finally got toys and dog treats, all things he’s never seen before. It’s nice to have him with us. He’s a big morale booster. He’s a reminder of our pets in the UK and it’s nice to have a bit of a break once in a while and have something that’s like a comfort from home.”

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23 thoughts on “Rescued From the Taliban: Brin the British Troop Mascot

  1. I salute! I just saw a bomb sniffing Jack Russel last week and how amazing it is, knowing that it is a small dog but a terrible one!

  2. Brin’s a hero dog for sure, but the Afghan commandos who rescued him are pretty big heros too! A little bit of shame on the British troops who left him behind when they evacuated in the chopper!

  3. What a great story – I wish he hadn’t been left behind in the first place, but I’m glad he is safe.


  4. Hi guys,

    Glad there is such interest in Brin’s story. I am his “handler” in the patrol base in afghanistan and am very keen to get him back to the UK with me when I rotate out. As some of you have realised his fate is unknown once I leave and I cannot guarentee his safety when I’m gone. We have begun fundraising to get him home but we need your help. If you would like to contribute to Brin’s safe ticket out of a warzone to a better home go to and donate whatever you can spare to the fund that Sally Baldwin is running on our behalf while we are in the PB. We have to raise $6000 to get him out: we are already a sixth of the way there, so dig deep people! Brin needs your help to come home.

  5. Just to say that Brin made it home to the UK in September. He is safe and well.
    Brin is a wonderful dog who truly deserved the chance he has been given.
    Thankyou to everyone who supported his journey home.

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