Trooper Labrador dragged by car

Suspect Sought in California Dog Dragging Case

Fresno, CA.

Madera Animal Control is seeking information regarding an injured Labrador Retriever that appears to have been dragged some distance behind an automobile. Trooper was found on July 6th near the intersection of  Avenue 17 and Road 23 1/2 with substantial injuries. His underbelly and knees were scraped off, and his feet had been worn down to exposed bone. He is expected to recover, and authorities would like your help in apprehending a suspect in the case. Please contact local police if you have any knowledge of the incident.

Trooper is now in the care of The Central California Labrador Retriever Rescue Foundation. Vet bills are expected to be substantial, and donations are greatly appreciated.

Donations are payable to Trooper, in care of CCLRR, P.O. Box 1484, Clovis, CA, 93613. More information is also available at

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33 thoughts on “Suspect Sought in California Dog Dragging Case

  1. This kind of thing makes me sick. Animals do not have a cruel bone in their bodies, so how can you do something like this.

    1. Because some people are sick bastards, somebody who injures and inocent animal is the kind of person who deserve to die , not only rot in jail

  2. I could hardly read this without crying. As a long time lab owner, I can NOT fathom what would make an individual do something like this! Having had dogs all of my life, and different breeds, I see why labs retain the #1 position in popularity, so why something like this happened is unimaginable. So loyal, loving, intelligent, and so easily trained.., I wouldn’t own any other breed. I wish Trooper a speedy recovery, I know he has a long road to recovery ahead of him and if I didn’t live clear across the country, I surely would be there at lab rescue to help him. Rest assured, I will be sending help.

  3. I wish they could drag the person that did this behind a car so they can feel what that poor dog felt!!

  4. It happens worldwide….In RSA a–hole in Ixopo says his dog bit the child and he dragged dog behind car….poor creatue found in bush so badly injured he had to be euthanased on the spot….I HATE animal abusers!!!…..If it were up to me I would send them to experimental farms for them to endure the pain inflicted on innocent creatures.

  5. hunt the bad humans down…tie their limbs to 4 big dogs and put a cat in front of each dog…then yell…MOUSE!

    Feeling a little hissy pissy,

  6. This is so sad. Hearing about Shelby and now reading this…But I still have faith in the world, knowing all the blogger friends who are out there doing good.

  7. UGH and then there another one! Let me tell you this year is going to push me to the edge with all these abuse cases!

  8. Oh! hearing this kind of thing makes me so sad and so angry, such cruelty! I just don’t get how any human can actually do this kind of thing… oh that poor dog. I hope they catch the creep!

  9. this made me mom real mad. when they find this human piece of garbage, they should tie HIM to us dogs and drag him around town, see how he feels.


  10. Unbeleivable what some of these idiots are doing to dogs and other animals. I dont even know what the hell to say because it seems the law makers have very little desire to punish the scum who are harming these defensless dogs for fun or some other reason.

    Maybe vigllantes are needed and we need some Charles Bronson, Clint Eastwood type who takes extreme joy in “punishing” sub humans involved in animal abuse.

  11. I hope they catch the monster that did this. Animals are such innocent creatures — it is the human that should suffer. Good luck to the police, and best wishes to Trooper. I hope he finds a wonderful home — he deserves it.

  12. My mom said HBO words after reading about this poor pup. It makes her So angry that people treats animals this way. If they find out who did this to Trooper she said it was OK ifs I bite them in the butt…really hard.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  13. Cool blog! This one is not good!

    *Edit: Hi, my name is Eli and I like to drop spam links, so the fine folks from Life With Dog edited this comment and broke the link to my crappy website. Thank you Life With Dogs for helping me to see the light! 😉

  14. So Very Sad! That actually happened in NH a few years ago, so kids stole someone’s little poodle and dragged it behind their car. They were actually caught and sentenced for animal cruelty. Some People are so sick. I hope they are caught and brought before the courts.

  15. ;0-(
    Poor Trooper-I wish you a speedy recovery and a happy family to help you forget the horror you endured.

  16. I hope whoever did this to Trooper suffers pain in any way possible. Shame on you for such cruel behavior. I wouldn’t mind being the one to drag YOU behind my car.

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