Get Stylish Contest Week: Day Two

More fun as our week of free, beautiful collars from Doggie Stylish continues. Get in on an easy contest and do some shopping!

Time to kick off day two – and wow did I get a lot of e-mail yesterday! Thanks to all who have entered.  If this is the first you’ve heard of our collar giveaway then please take a moment here to get entered. Entering is as easy as it gets, and the daily winner gets to take their pick of any collar from Doggie Stylish. If you’ve had a chance to take in their goods you know this is a truly generous offering, so get in on this before the fun ends!

By the way, if you do win, we’d love to see a pic of your stylish dog. Now what are you waiting for? Check your e-mail, hit the reply button, and…good luck!

Life With Dogs post end paw print