Stolen Dog Reunited with Owner

Omaha, NE – Michelle Farrow was devastated when her dog Chalco was stolen. Farrow has health problems, and the Pit Bull is trained to assist her in her daily routine. When he disappeared a month ago Farrow issued a teary public call for assistance in locating the dog. Police recently recovered the stolen dog from an Omaha residence and returned it to Farrow, and channel 3 Action News was there to capture their reunion on tape.

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15 thoughts on “Stolen Dog Reunited with Owner

  1. Fantastic Story!! So happy to see a “happy ending” for a change !! Thanks for sharing it 😉

  2. I had a beautiful pure bred siamese kitty go missing once. I often wonder to this day if someone stole him or if he was killed. I had nightmares for months afterwards about him being stuffed into something – mailbox, cooler, bbq, etc. I’d like to think some family took him and he lived a happy life.

  3. Her “life partner” her “health”! That’s how dog lovers are. I can’t believe they stole him for a person in need and didn’t feed him. Yikes! Happy ending at least. Can’t wait for the arrest!

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