Home Needed for Phoenix, Former Bait Dog

This beautiful, broken dog needs a new home. He’s a fixer-upper, but the potential is there – any dog that can remain so sweet and kind after substantial violent trauma is a hero in my book.

This beautiful, broken dog needs a new home. He’s a fixer-upper, but the potential is there – any dog that can remain so sweet and kind after substantial violent trauma is a hero in my book. Please note that this video contains a few seconds of disturbing footage.

For more information, contact Coastal German Shepherd Rescue.

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24 thoughts on “Home Needed for Phoenix, Former Bait Dog

  1. I tried, but couldn’t watch it all. It is too horrible. I hope he ends up in the most loving home in the world and spends the rest of his life filled with joy. I also hope they find out who did this to him. For them I wish nothing but the same torture they put this dog through. I have no mercy for these humans.

  2. I’m sorry. We just can’t watch. I wish there was something we could do to help, but right now all we can do is hope that he finds a good home, or at least a great foster for now. Poor baby.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  3. Makes me want to cry, oh wait, made me cry! I can only hope that those humans participating in dog fighting get THEIR just reward and in the meantime that those of us who love dogs continue the quest to move those horrible people towards their karma! This boy is so lucky and I’m so glad that the media (for all of their faults sometimes) brought him to the attention of the masses and he WILL find a loving home I know that in my heart.

  4. I couldn’t watch but I am sending good thoughts to Phoenix. Hang in there man. You will soon be adopted. Your suffering hasn’t gone unnoticed.

  5. This makes me HATE people. Then I think of all the people that rally to stop this hideous behavior. This wonderful pooch might be a wonderful companion to a lonely senior. Please follow this story so we can learn the outcome.

    I hope all or at least one of the people responsible for this tragedy change their heart.

  6. What a sweet boy. I so hope he gets the home that he deserves soon and that he is loved and spoiled for the rest of his days. I read an article recently that talked about how “bait dogs” used to be just a myth. That early dog fighters never used bait dogs. But then it started circulating in the media to explain stray dogs that were found scarred up (most likely from simply being on the streets) and now younger dog fighters have turned the myth into reality. Such a tragedy. And another reason why the media has the potential to be so dangerous.

  7. OMG! I am in tears…I cannot speak…I pray someone will step up and love this poor boy forever. And may the people whom did this to him cross my path in a dark alley one day!

  8. I’ve seen this story going around the last few days and my heart just breaks for that dog. If there were a little more room at the inn, I’d beg to bring him here.

  9. Are you freakin kidding me?? I just don’t understand why people do that to dogs. Dogs are so gentle and can really be your best friend. Those people have some seriousl sick habits. Is it a power thing with men? Is it that they suck and are weak? They need to look BIG? Why can’t we find this happening and put a REAL stop to this torture to dogs. Catch the assholes and put them in a big pit and fight until they are all dead, as far as I’m concerned. Damn to them dog fighters.

  10. I really have to stop watching the videos from this site. I cry and cry anc cry. It just really hurts my heart andm makes me sick to my stomache. Not to the fact that it really ruins my whole day.

  11. i just don’t understand why dog fighting is still happening. Useless buggers got nothing better to do with their lives that to see a bunch of dogs fighting.

    I’ve got to skip this video… i know that it will be too much to watch. Hope lil brown doggie will find a nice forever home. A dog that can be so gentle to a cat is worth a happy home.

  12. Does anyone remember the name Michael Vick?? He did the same thing!!!!!
    But wait, Gee, he got his life back …. starting quarterback for the Eagles….making boatloads of money…..
    What a load of crap that is. Someone can deliberately kill and maim animals, be in jail for maybe 2 years, then return to their former life like nothing happened.
    Doing this to innocent animals (and children) is unconcionable and the people involved should get life imprisonment, no possibility of parole, and that may be too good for them.

  13. Yes, I will be critical and unforgiving of Vick until he really shows remorse; NONE of which I have seen. Disgusting! I cannot believe people pay to go see that team. He should still be in jail! Oh, but those who rescue animals from abandoned homes will be arrested for sure. Makes you wonder about humanity, kindness, and our sad law/judicial system that shows lack of action/caring where it counts.

  14. We really hope that Phoenix find a loving home. No pet deserves to be treated this way. It’s so so sad to have these bad stories still. No to cruelty to animals.

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