Connecticut Man Caught Striking Dog on Camera, Claims Innocence

Since when does one have to beat a dog in order to get its attention? This comes off as a pretty hollow explanation, but watch and decide for yourself – innocent or guilty?

Since when does one have to beat a dog in order to get its attention? This comes off as a pretty hollow explanation, but watch and decide for yourself – innocent or guilty?

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34 thoughts on “Connecticut Man Caught Striking Dog on Camera, Claims Innocence

  1. The video looks pretty bad… at least it was just the leash and not a pipe or anything.

    Maybe they should just require that he take an obedience class with his dog so that next time the dog is in that situation he will be able to easily gain his attention back?

  2. My heart just broke for that dog. I never, EVER want my dogs to be afraid of me. Respect me, yes. Fear me, no. Like Sam said, they need to require him to take a positive reinforcement training class. Sometimes people really don’t know any better. I hope that’s the case here.

  3. BS; I can’t believe that this guy is trying to deny what is on film. Disgusting and he should lose the dog. As a specialist in animal behavior I can clearly see that the dog is terrified and attempting to get away.


  4. Agree with Mazyzie..also I was involved in a neglect case (greyhounds) and the person said he loved his dogs and couldnt live if they took them i dont take this mans word about loving Oreo. Hopefully it is just ignorance, but sadly it probably isnt

  5. First off, I think this guy is lying through his teeth – since it got caught on camera.

    Second, working at a shelter and talking to people who want to adopt dogs, I often meet people who see nothing wrong w/ this kind of treatment of an animal. The explanation is often related to “dominance theory” and the fact they feel they need to show a bouncy excited dog that they are the DOMINANT one. Then they talk to me, at length, about watching TV and seeing Brad Pattison and Cesar (and while I may not like Cesar’s training methods, I can say he’s never BEATEN a dog – asphyxiate, yes – beat, no).

    Some of these people are so sure that every move the dog makes is an effort to dominate them, I wouldn’t be surprised if the idiot in this news clip will use that as his excuse. The old and thrown out “Dominance Theory” and people who perpetuate it just give people like this guy an excuse to treat their dog’s crappily.

  6. From the short snippet shown, it looks to me that he was using an extreme amount of physical violence towards such a small and relatively well behaved dog. I have vast experience in fostering near feral as well as aggressive dogs and there is no need for this kind of ‘correction’ (using the term loosely here). Get yourself a good choke collar, or Halti and some juicy yummy treats for positive reinforcement and you will be surprised at the outcome. I sure hope our judiciary system works in favor of the dog here.

  7. The saddest part is this jerk thinks what he did is O.K. Doesn’t matter what the dog is doing NEVER hit your dog repeatedly while it lays on the ground cowering!! If the pup was “spooked” (scared) the LAST thing to do is exacerbate the situation by beating the pup. Where did the feces come from? Dog so scared he shit himself?? Who uses ONE wipe?? He is a liar and deserves to have his dog taken away! Child and wife beaters will also say how much they LOVE their family. . . .

  8. A] i don’t believe his claims.

    B] the dog’s body-language speaks loud and clear –
    he’s attempting to bolt, and he’s appeasing frantically.

    C] requiring he join and FINISH a positive-reinforcement
    training class would be a start; tracking him to ensure this
    does not “happen” again – the accidental entanglement?!…
    right, yeah, that — would also be recommended.
    an OVERHEAD trolley, properly installed with stops, would
    also prevent entanglement and possible serious injury.

    D] ABUSE need not break bones or require stitches –
    neglect, emotional abuse, flooding and intimidation all qualify,
    and no physical mark is left by any of them.
    failure to socialize or habituate, thus crippling the dog with
    various rootless but powerful fears, is abuse – without a
    single mild swat or even a raised voice.

    abuse covers a wide range of various forms of neglect
    thru psychological abuse [threats, confrontation, intimidation…]
    thru physical assault; that’s the one that leaves visible physical damage.
    but ALL abuse leaves damage – PTSD is one form.
    phobias or reactivity are other emotional and behavioral effects.

    – terry pride, APDT-Aus, apdt#1827, CVA, TDF
    “dogs R dogs, wolves R wolves, and primates R us.”
    — tmp, Sept-2004

  9. What a loser. You don’t have to beat a dog to “get his attention”. Just judging by the short clip it appears the guy has no clue how to treat a dog the right way.You don’t use force to deal with a dog that was spooked. That’s one way to turn him into a fear biter. Send the guy to dog school!

  10. I wasn’t beating the dog, he had a run chain tangled around his neck and some kids had spooked the dog, I was only trying to get his attention off, you know….

    What a lying piece of crap. If I were trying to calm a dog down to get something tangled off of his neck, beating on him wouldn’t help get it off. Especially when I am using on hand to hold the dog down with the leash and using the other hand to hit the dog. So which hand is getting the tangled run off of the dogs neck. Yeah, I believe that story and it was raining at the time also.

  11. What a crock of BS! If the dog was tangled in his leash, how and why was he whipping him with it and how does he plan to make that story stick?? The man’s body language also speaks volume, the force he exterted, bent over…ya like he didn’t know what he was doing.

  12. It’s a good thing the neighbor caught him! I’m wondering if there has been other abuse if the neighbor felt the need to video him! Poor dog! I hope he gets his dog taken away cuz he sure doesn’t deserve a pet if he is going to treat it like that!

  13. OK, we didn’t actually watch, but from the comments we’re just glad that someone is calling the man to account. At least it’s not considered OK anymore. Blog Mom remembers when she was a little girl and she saw that kind of thing all the time and no one could really say anything about it. Now, at least it’s considered shameful behavior at the very least.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  14. I am shocked and appalled that this behavior is allowed to happen. For this man to say that hitting the dog in the face with his lease wasn’t a “big deal
    is both scary and horrifying. If he was willing to do that out in the open then I can only imagine what he does to this poor dog behind closed doors. Not all abuse leaves visual scars and we know that with humans but seem to forget that with animals. I hope they truly investigate this man and prosecute him. It is truly a shame that this abuse is allowed to happen. There is NO “excuse” he could give that I would believe.

    Levi’s mom

  15. you can clearly see by the dogs actions, he’s been hit in the past. I REALLY pray that IF this guy gets to keep this dog, they make him go threw some dog training class’s and follow up on the dog.

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