The Harvey Show

If only every shelter out there had the budget for this kind of promotion. They would be empty!

Thinkbox’s second TV ad has been created by The Red Brick Road and directed by multi-award winning director Andy McLeod of Rattling Stick. Starring the multi-talented and extremely smart Harvey, it’s designed to show, in an engaging way, the power of TV advertising to affect people’s decisions.

It’s also a brilliant strategy for adoption groups: If every shelter out there had the budget for this kind of promotion, they would be nearly empty!

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17 thoughts on “The Harvey Show

  1. That is what you call tootin’ your own horn….Way to go Harvey!!!
    I’ll take one for upstairs and one for downstairs…Madi is above doing housework
    Madi and Mom

  2. May be thinkbox should consider doing some charity for those shelters that requires some helping hand..

    That would really make a huge difference to those dogs at the shelters.

  3. If only we could get commercials similar to this one for ever shelter in the United States….I would be a happy dog! We need more commercials telling people to rescue and fewer telling them to buy material things they do not need. I wonder how I can get something like that stared?

  4. I love it!

    I wish Harvey would teach my dogs some tricks like that. I’d love to have them mow my lawn for me! They’re too little though, even standing on their hind legs like that. They could help with laundry though or bring me my slippers. (Preferrably without chewing them up! bol)

  5. If capable people volunteered their time and expertise, and the shelters were cooperative and forward thinking, the shelters wouldn’t need big budgets in order to have compelling little productions like this one to help the animals find homes.
    Pardon me for getting up on my flimsy, rickety soapbox; my proper comment is that the little video is utterly darling.

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