Riddle’s Song

Having lived with a disabled dog, perhaps I’m partial, but I could watch Riddle run all day. He embodies the fighting spirit, happiness, hope. He is truly inspirational.

Riddle is remarkable.

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    1. riddle is blind. but he doesnt seem to notice it, but instead he just live and acted like any other normal dogs. i would surely hug him tight and thank his owner for giving him another chance and for not making him feel that hes missing both of his sight. this is a great story and it reminded me of my dogs. there were five of them and as time passes by i loose each and every single one of them, and now im afraid to have another one cause i dont know what could possible happen next.i miss my dogs, really.seeing him running free and lively makes me happy.i cant bear the though that somebody can harm such a helpless animal. keep it up riddle, i hope to finally meet you in the future.. i dont know how to stop crying as of this moment..

  1. What a sweet video. Our Cisco was blind, and it was truly uplifting to watch her. She had no pity for herself, but enjoyed life to the fullest.


  2. Tears. I love this. No wonder we admire our dogs so much. They teach us so much about overcoming adversity. Riddle is amazing.

  3. Absolutely amazing and so many lessons to be learned from one short video and one amazing dog. Thanks-this was a wonderful post!!!

    Chester and I enjoyed watching a border collie the other night while on our walk as his dad launched ball after ball to him. Such focus and drive!

  4. Amazing dog. It is so uplifting to see him simply being a dog and enjoying life. Too often because we love our dogs so much we try to make them human, which they are not.

  5. I guess I better think twice before I complain about my little aches and pains. when life handed that beautiful dog lemons, he made lemonade and ran with it.big ball of mush here.

  6. Oh my word…Riddle see with his ears…What a courageous fun loving border collie. Thanks for finding this beautiful video of Riddle running free just as he should be.
    Madi and Mom

  7. I have to go back to work!! How do I explain why I’ve been crying? To me, all dogs are beautiful. They embody so many characteristics we humans should aspire to have, from trust and unconditional love to strength, resilience, adaptability and courage. I will always be surrounded by dogs, the slobber, the hair, the accidents and the chewing just don’t bother me. THEY are what is important, not the stuff around me. God blessed us when He gave us dogs!

  8. Riddle could teach us all a lesson. What a sweet spirited boy who redefines the word ‘disabled’.

  9. What a beautiful dog! He just glides when he runs…I could watch him all day long. Lots of tears here though from me….but him…he runs and plays and has the time of his life. What an inspiration.

  10. My gorgeous Jasmine was a deaf Whippet… she has gone to the bridge, and I miss her daily. And i am here to write this because she sniffed out the mountain lion, pulled us out of its sight and we got away from it. She was the best hiking guide, ever.

  11. I’ve had 2 blind dogs…
    One finished her CDX title after she had lost nearly all her sight. She got points off on healing, because she would bump my leg with her nose to keep track of me. But, she retrieved and jumped and did everything required.

    The other would run around our yard like a maniac. Our neighbor said one day, “I thought that dog was blind?” Yep!

    The video made me leak.

  12. Riddle delights in life ♥…
    We can all learn a lot from this sweet boy.
    He knows how to live in the moment !!!!!

  13. Simply amazing. And like so many other viewers, the tears are just pouring down my face.

    Give me a dog over many people any day!

  14. This dog is amazing and I too am speechless!!! He is the essence of true joy. I have stop writing now because I am getting my computer keys wet!

  15. Enjoyed watching this so very much! We had a blind dog .. she could out run any other dog and swim and fetch better then most .. never did she let it rob her of her life .. and what she taught us about appreciating life is amazing. Miss her every single day since she moved on to the Rain Bow Bridge 8/17/09. So proud of you Riddle and family!!

  16. Riddle…….you see MUCH more than most seeing PEOPLE do…..because you look with your HEART, Sweet Boy!!! MUCH LOVE to you and to the people that rescued you!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxoxox

  17. We have so much to learn – dogs just take things as they are and make the best of of life – he has that happy run and no fear and he can see with his nose…. made me cry – all the best to the people that rescued that dog

  18. A pile of mush doesn’t even begin to describe my current state after watching that. But it’s great, thanks for posting. What a happy sweet boy.

  19. Bless the people that saved Riddle. What an amazing dog….thanks for sharing this. I have watched this about 10 times today…and cry each time.

  20. I loved Brians Song. I blubber and cry so hard evertime I see this video. I love this dog as if he were my own child. He is an inspiration to all, humans and aniamals a-like. I want him. But I have two of my own pets right now.

    I do have anothe problem with this site. For some reason it says it has a virus and I should not have downloaded you and the Brians Song, but I did anyway and now I have a virus too. I had to get my computer man over here and fix it. So you would be hearing from me unless you can get this fixed on your end .So sorry, I love this site too.

  21. This was such a precious video. Having a 12 year old dog who developed an auto immune disease where the joints in his legs no longer can support his legs, he has become almost quadrapegic. He can get around some but walks on his hawks in back and front legs are all bow-legged and disformed…but his heart and will are as strong as ever, like with Riddle…and they don’t give up because of their disabilities. I carry him out to go potty and from room to room but he is still as happy as others. They adjust so well….if only us humans can do the same.

  22. Another reason I love dogs so much…when they are happy they express it 100%. They don’t care if they look silly, and they try to get everyone around them to join in the frivolity. If “wahoo, I feel good don’t you?!!” or, “isn’t it great to be alive?!!” could ever be acted out in a charade game, Riddle would be king of clues. Love the video, love Riddle, love the way he made me feel.

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