NY Police Say Dog Saved Cat Left for Dead in Trash Pile

Police in Troy, NY said a dog saved a cat today.

Police in Troy, NY said a dog saved a cat today.

A press release states that a woman was walking her dog in an alley between 109th and 110th streets and Third and Fourth avenues and heard a sound in a pile of trash set out for collection.  Her dog became interested in sound, and when allowed to explore the trash pile, the the dog sniffed out a kitten sealed inside the cardboard box pictured above. Police have nicknamed the lucky critter ‘Jack in the box’.

Melissa Lombardo said she heard some noises coming from a pile of refuse, and thanks to her dog Phoebe’s sniffing she discovered the kitten. “I was shocked and sad. I felt bad for the cat. It was obviously scared. It was crying,” Lombardo said.

Troy Animal Control took the  8 to 10 week (month?) old kitten to the Troy Veterinary Hospital to be assessed and treated.  A vet exam states that the kitten suffered from exposure, but is expected to recover and will be kept at the facility while the investigation continues.

“The future of this cat absent the resident actually taking the time and finding the cat in the garbage, was either exposure if it would have taken a day or two for the trash to be picked up it wouldn’t have survived that long in the cold weather or the most unfortunate result would have been through the refuse collection process it would have been subject to some sort of distress trash compacting that would have been done by refuse collectors,” Captain John Cooney, Troy Police Department, said.

He also stressed that police are taking the matter seriously. “It’s just a horrible crime, it’s cruel and inhumane. Every step that we can take including a door to door canvassing of the neighborhood and probably a search of the garbage in the pile will be done in order to get some resolution to the crime that occurred here. It’s certainly a criminal investigation. The Cruelty Animal Statue which covers this type of incident is a misdemeanor but, this is going to get a little extra look. The box the cat was found in has been secured as evidence and it’s been checked for trace evidence. We’ll go as far as fingerprints, DNA evidence on the box,” Captain Cooney said.

Troy Police detectives are conducting a criminal investigation and ask anyone with information to call them at 270-4430.

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22 thoughts on “NY Police Say Dog Saved Cat Left for Dead in Trash Pile

  1. How sad, how can people be so cruel to animals? im so glad that woman was walking her dog, or else that little kitten would be dead!

  2. Awww poor kitten lucky a good ol doggie came by! HERO PUPPY I say! Let s hope the jerk whom did this will have one horrible Christmas and New Year, I will be sending them evil thoughts and prayers their way.

  3. A doggy comes through again. That’s really a wonderful story and I hope that kitten finds a wonderful home, too.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  4. Lucky cat indeed! My only question is this… that’s an 8-10 week old kitten? Looks like an enormous cat to me. Is the woman holding him tiny?

    Good doggie!

  5. Yet one more reason to encourage recycling! You could never put a kitten in a broken down box set out in the recycling bin!

    Lucky kitty! And the lucky hero dog who has a person who listens to him!

  6. Misdemeanor??? Our animal cruelty laws in most states are shameful. We need to get off our butts and put pressure on our legislatures to stiffen the penalties.

    Kudos to this police department taking this seriously to find the monster who did this.

    LWD, you guys ROCK. I love your posts and share most info that you post. What a blessing you are to us animal lovers.

    Here’s to a more humane 2011… God Bless.

  7. there was a hole in the side of the box, could the kitten of crawled in there and not be able to get back out?

  8. Yeah Doggy , good luck Jack! Evil wishes for the A-hole that put Jack in the box , and freakin’ taped it up!

  9. police are now looking for a dark colored 4 door honda accord seen with a women putting box in trash pile around 7 am that morning.

  10. What is wrong with some people?! I just don’t get it.
    If they wanted to dump a kitten, why put it in a box? Why not just let it go in another neighborhood where there might be a chance that someone might take it in? On the other hand, if they wanted to torture the poor thing, why just leave it? The guy or gal who put it there had to know it would probably die, and not easily, but it’s not like he/she stuck around to watch. It just doesn’t make any sense.
    Could it have possibly been an accident? Did some kid’s “Christmas kitten” get lost in the shuffle?

  11. Why do the posts with the info about the car seen in the area putting a box in the trash with licence plate number dlp5221 keep geting removed?

  12. that is sick sick sick!! why the hell would someone do such a thing? i wish those sickos would all just drop dead… sometimes i wish humans would stop breeding.. so sad. if you don’t like kitty, leave it alone!!! 🙁

  13. I can’t believe people can be so cruel. I hope they find these sickos that did this. I am glad the lady was walking her dog and the dog heard the kitten in the box and the kitten is safe.

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