Paper Chasers

See that laughing teen? He’s probably thinking the same thing the rest of us are: Best dog toy ever.

See that laughing teen? He’s onto something, and if his dogs could talk they would probably tell you that this is the best dog toy ever.

Now before you run out and buy your own paper towel dispenser, make sure your dog knows where the recycle bin is, and by all means…don’t blame me if your dog starts dragging you into public restrooms.   😉


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14 thoughts on “Paper Chasers

  1. this is great. not only is it wonderful to see a doofus dog be doofusy, but it’s also great to see a teen laugh like a goof instead of being sullen.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly on both counts. Kids and dogs – great combo. Paper towel dispensers just make it that much more fun!

  2. Very funny! But…shouldn’t it be dispensing meaty bones? Or bunnies? Paper is not very tasty. Those pups need to let their humans know.


  3. Obviously, the kid saying, “Get it!” isn’t the one buying the paper towels. It IS funny, but it’s going to cost SOMEone. Our first Airedale use to run through the house with one end of the toilet paper wrapping around everything including herself. Again…funny, but I was the one paying for the toilet paper!

    Penny & Patches

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