Lab Ra Doodle

Sola gets literal.

Life With Dogs post end paw print

13 thoughts on “Lab Ra Doodle

  1. Such raw talent….and imagine that, it was done with Crayola Crayons…..the 34 box set of course!

    Leonardia da Vinci in the flesh! A masterpiece.

    1. Hey…….I just got to thinkin……Did your two legger put you up to this Sola?

      I know you love snow but I’ll bet your two legger has had enough……
      tell the truth…….who put you up to this?

      Is two legger forcing you to honor the sun god? Not to worry, I know you love liquid water too.

  2. Sola you are such a beautiful and smart lady! How the heck you got mixed up with Nigel I will never understand. Be careful little lady, if two-legger finds out they may put you to work. I know mine would.

  3. I am no art expert but that looks like a masterpiece to me.

    I AM a fart expert and it looks like you know how to clear a classroom even better!

  4. Don’t listen to ’em Sola! You did great work and I’m sure you did it on your own volition. And without opposable thumbs!

  5. I came over here to leave a comment, but then I read Chester’s comment and forgot what I was going to say! BTW, GOOD one, Chester! If I remember what I was going to say, I’ll come back later!

    Penny & Patches

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