Pedigree Dogs Exposed

A two year investigation and the resulting documentary expose the greatest animal welfare scandal of our time.

A two year investigation and the resulting documentary expose the greatest animal welfare scandal of our time.

This probing, thought provoking documentary caused public outrage when it was first aired. Until now it’s been difficult to find copies online that were complete – most versions are broken up into multiple volumes. Here is your chance to take it in in its entirety, uninterrupted.

4 thoughts on “Pedigree Dogs Exposed

  1. My baby is a pure-bred Cavalier, and this terrifies me. He’s already showing signs of the “air-scratching” behavior…he’s only three years old.

  2. While I agree that the inbreeding of dogs to continue the line and the ignorance of breeding a dog with a history and potential of disease and health problems is deplorable, the title makes it sound as if purebred dogs are worse off health-wise than, say, a mixed breed. While in some instances (like the above, where clearly the breeders are breeding to keep with standards and to sell litters, rather than to keep the overall health of their breed) this is true, it should be known that a mixed breed dog is not immune to the problems in the breeds. I adopted a dog that is a mix of three dogs that are all at risk of developing hip dysplasia. Guess what he was diagnosed with at one year of age? Yep, hip dysplasia. Also, since labs are prone to bloat, allergies, and senstive stomachs and my dog is part chocolate lab, I have to be more concerned with what he ingests, when he eats, that he refrains from physical activity directly after eating, what kind of flowers he can sniff, etc… My mother has a mixed dog with severe skin allergies that can be found in beagles, which the dog’s mother was a mix of.

    Essentially, the problem lies in breeding unhealthy dogs, inbreeding, and breeding dogs for a “look”, not the act of keeping dogs purebred or mixed.

  3. I think the headline you used is not quite correct. The biggest scandle of our time, both in the UK and the US is puppy farming.The second programe failed to mention that the BBC was hauled over the coals for making erronious statements during the programe. It also failed to mention the fact that some of the dogs had been bought from backyard breeders and puppy farms.
    There is an agenda going on between the RSPCA anf the KC and they used this as a platform to cause as much trouble as possible.

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