Dinner with Patrick

If you never thought your heart would soar at the sight of a dog having a meal, you haven’t met Patrick yet.

If you never thought your heart would soar at the sight of a dog having a meal, you haven’t met Patrick yet.

One of the worst dog starvation cases in memory has resonated with animal lovers the world over, and those who have come to know his story have been deeply affected by the spirited, resolute red pit bull mix discovered in a trash bag at the bottom of a 22nd story Newark apartment building garbage chute on March 16th. The fact that Patrick is alive is nothing short of a miracle, and those following his recovery continue to wait for updates with baited breath.

Today’s update is self explanatory, and is rather encouraging: Patrick is well enough to eat again, and by the looks of it, he’s also on the verge of making one hell of a comeback.

Good boy. โ™ฅ

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          1. This dog has completely captivated me and won my heart. I think of him all the time and check for updates all the time. I would love to take him but I have 3 cats and 2 dogs and Patrick deserves to be a one dog only for now. I hope and pray the girl at the hospital is able to adopt him. You can see the love in both of their eyes that they should be together. I am so happy that this horror story has become an inspiration and made the public aware of animal abuse. He is a symbol for abused animals everywhere. Love you Patrick!

    1. I love this little dog..he’s won my heart totally โ™ฅ I wish him a full recovery and a loving home and family …where he will always be loved and treated with so much kindness all the days of his life. I love you Patrick โ™ฅ

    1. She’s getting fined plus six months in jail-IF the court sees what she did as a bad thing! She should starve & be thrown down a dump shute also…do unto others!!!!!

          1. Royston, this ain’t about her skin color or even her girth (obesity), its about her Total Ignorance and Cruelty which has no root in race, certainly!

            Praying for Patrick and all of the other abused pets..

            Semper Pittie!

        1. I have no idea how she could put food in her fat gut, and look at Patrick starving. I have many pets. They eat before I do, I was taught do not own a pet unless you can take care of it.
          If she gets off, more abuse to animals will happen. What can we do to stop it?????????????????
          I did e mail her. She is on facebook. Look her up. She never answered me all I asked? How could you do this to a living animal????
          She has to get jail time.

    1. That would be absolutely wonderful if it did.

      I doubt that Patrick will have any difficulty finding a fantastic forever home!

      Bless you, Patrick, for having such a great will to live! I love you!

  1. I am humbled watching that. I thank God that I have never had to witness such hungry eyes on a dog before, sadly, I do not think this will be the last one I see either. Thank you to all involved in Patricks’ recovery, and Patrick, eat till you are full honey xxx

  2. Tears of joy are flowing down my face. Great job you all are doing in caring for Patrick. Thank you so very much for seeing the value in his life and giving him a chance to know how REAL HUMANS should treat animals. Lokkin good Patrick..my heart is with you.

  3. I made a conscious decision that I wouldn’t be a vet or any type of animal rescuer only because emotionally I wouldn’t be able to handle seeing animals in these conditions, I would get attached too quickly to these little guys. I hope that judge throws the book at her!

  4. AMAZING!!!!!!! What a FANTASTIC update! I love how they have given him nice blankets and jammies and lots of toys…and heart stickers and little inspirational photos in his crate!! Oh that just made me smile inside and out!! <3

  5. Warmed my heart to see him eating again. They had new pictures posted on his FB page today and in one you could start to see the dog he once was before all this. It’s really nice to see.

  6. it is also very comforting that there is such a population of dog lovers on this Facebook page who would all stand up for Patrick. You all should be very proud of yourselves ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. That does my <3 good to see him eat with such vigor!!! Keep up the good work Patrick and his care team!!!

  8. That’s the way Patrick show every one your a fighter!!!!!!! To every one there taking care of him i strongly thank you…

  9. This little guy is really gathering a fan club….I look anxiously every day to see how he is doing. He is already looking brighter. Keep it up Patrick!!

  10. Woo Hoo – an appetite like that is a great sign – way to go, Patrick!!!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  11. The look in his eyes is priceless. You can still see the hunger. Poor precious Patrick. I hope he never knows hunger again. Bone Appetite Patrick!

  12. I never thought I would cry so many tears just watching a dog eating!! Bless you Patrick, you are an angel that has been sent to teach us some painfull lessons, lets keep up the momentum and as a world community of dog lovers, push for reform regarding welfare and justice issues for our beloved dog……

  13. WTG Patrick, wow what a big difference not even 2 weeks makes
    Awesome stuff guys and gals keep up the good work.

    Give Patrick a big kiss 4 Me โ™ฅ

  14. Patrick already looks better. You can see less of the bone on the top of his head. I can’t wait to see him without the sweater to see how much he is filling out. Hope he learns he won’t have to go hungry again with several small meals a day.

    Thank you so much for taking such good care of him and for keeping us up to date on his progress. My parents take in rescued dogs…I think the worst one was Hanna….she had been pregnant and shot with a shotgun in the mouth. Even with a broken jaw she took care of her puppies. She had heartworms, weighed only 40lbs when she should have weighted 80, her jaw had to be wired until it healed. When they took off the brace they found shotgun pellets under her teeth so she lost a few teeth along with a few other health issues. Now she is a happy, healthy, loving dog with no worries. I know Patrick will find the same kind of life.

    1. Heather, That is such a horrific story about Hanna. Did you ever learn who did that to her? No wonder we love and trust dogs so much more than humans. This video of Patrick brought tears to my eyes, seriously. I am so happy for Patrick and I know he will find a loving family soon. God will see to it.

  15. I am so very Happy for Patrick.

    I would like to know if the %^$#@*&+** who put him in the garbage bag in the garbage shoot are themselves in the same predicament! Oh well, I can dream can’t I?

    Blu and Tessa too

    1. There is a line miles long with very angry people wanting to beat that disgusting, face-stuffing fat, vile sob,from here into next week.

  16. awe paddy well done but be careful u cant afford to get sick coz you woof your food down too fast but its awesome to see u eat

  17. I love his little sweaters, and that they allow him to have all of his blankies, pillows, and stuffies in his crate. I’m sure that all of the warm love from all over the world is helping heal this precious little guy!

  18. That pig should get the death sentence, but we know how lenient the law is on animal abusers (I would volunteer to pull the switch) however, I hope that if she goes to jail, and she better, the inmates beat the crap out of her. Praying for that – bigtime! (after she is starved in the same way she starved and abused Patrick) – animal rights unite!

  19. There are millions of people who were moved by Patrick’s plight. There will probably have to be a lottery to see who gets to adopt Patrick, there are so many people who want him. And that’s great.
    Take care Patrick. You’ll soon be a well fed happy pup, sleeping warmly by a fireplace with loving owners. And it couldn’t happen to a better dog!

  20. Go Patrick! This is outstanding! The team that has been looking after him through this should be really proud…the love and encouragement they gave him is inspiring. My hat goes off to you all.


    1. WRITE TO CAROLYN MURRAY, ACTING ESSEX COUNTY PROSECUTER TO DEMAND FOR FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY CHARGES ! We believe there may be a provision for felony in the statute.

      50 W Market St # 3
      Newark, NJ 07102-1690

      Court is taking place May 6, 2011 9AM to 12:00, hundreds are going

  22. God Bless you Patrick !! thank you for sharing this update on Patrick and God Bless you all for taking such loving care of Patrick !! Prayers staying with you Patrick and your loving caretakers !! YEAH!!!!!!!!!! <3

  23. Patrick, it does my heart good to see you eating again. I contributed $50.00 to your care. I know it’s not alot for what you have been through…..I follow your story everyday. God Bless You and The Devil take the woman who did this to you. You are a gentle soul and I wish you the best in your journey to recovering.

  24. So wonderful to see. And so sad that in Northern Ireland another dog’s life is to be taken way bu officialdom because he looks like a ‘pit bull type’.

  25. I said it before and I’ll say it again – that disgusting, representible, sorry excuse for a human being needs much longer than 6 months in jail. I just hope the inmates know who she is and what she did and then, I hope that just near to her release day, one of her jailers (or another inmate who might work in the kitchen) decides to slip a little something (TOXIC) into her last day’s meal ~ ~ Just my suggestion to her soon-to-be jailers.

  26. I mean to say “reprehensible”, sorry excuse for a human being …. and so much more but the words probably wouldn’t be appropriate to post here.

  27. It is soooooo….. good to see that boy diving in. He is looking better already. Patrick I wish you a super speedy recovery and a new home with the best dog owners in the world. You deserve nothing but the best bud!

  28. I am happy Patrick is getting better, but that does not mean that the evil and pathetic excuse of a woman who did this to him , should not have her trial followed. She should never be around children, eldelry or animals. not even Cockroaches.
    What a low excuse of a human being.. she makes me guts throw up.

  29. Dear Patrick, you are my hero. You are so courageous,and strong. You have faced unbelievable odds. All of us are in awe of you amazing strength, your gentle nature, and will to survive. I look up to you. You really are my hero.

  30. Every time I watch a video of Patrick I start to cry. I am so happy to see his progress everyday as well as seeing him doing so well !!! Thank you Life With Dogs for keeping us updated on all the stories that you do !!!

  31. I just adore Patrick’s wee face! I am so pleased he’s coming on so well and love hearing updates on his progress. He really is a wee miracle and I lived in Newark instead of Ireland I’d totally be queuing up to offer him a forever home!

  32. I have cry a bucket everytime I watch his vdo and keep wondering how and why that woman can do such a thing to him?? and the law is not hard enough when they are convicked! that why people like this never ever gonna learn they will keep doing it again and again trust me if this has been a human or a child it will be different isn’t it? but because it just a dog so just pay 1,000 find and 6 month in comunity work it just so un fare!! I love you Patrick be strong buddy you got love around you now xxoo

  33. Yummy, yummy…fill that tummy. TY GS veternarian grp. U people are awesome and Patrick is most awesome! May the shelter be built in his spirit per Mayor Booker. And a Patrick’s Law be passed. Stop the cruelty….NOW!
    Love, Rose

  34. Hopefully Patrick will become well enough to kick the ass of the woman who starved and beat him! Don’t think that this is the only dog she has done these horrific acts to, and yet Patrick’s spirit was never broken by her. 10 years in jail would not be long enough…..

    Molly Malloy

    1. This is going to Court May 6th 9AM to 12:00, I’m attending.
      See address below. So far meeting out front of the court house

      WRITE TO CAROLYN MURRAY, ACTING ESSEX COUNTY PROSECUTER TO DEMAND FOR FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY CHARGES ! We believe there may be a provision for felony in the statute.

      50 W Market St # 3
      Newark, NJ 07102-1690

  35. She should be put in jail and 6 months still is not justice for Patrick. I bet she gets off easy. How can any human tie a dog up and leave for a week. I agree with all of you, I hope others will make her life a living hell, that sill will not make up for what happened to Patrick.
    God Bless You Patrick.

    Judge? Whom ever you are, I hope you do the right thing for all the pain Patrick went through.

  36. I’m loving this dog….but I am so far….I would want to give a caress for him, but I am in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!!!! Good luck and God bless you Patrick!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Patrick could have eaten 30 of those little paper trays of food. Don’t be so tight with the food!! He’s hungry for christ sake!!!

  38. So glad to see patrick is doing so well. Hope he gets a wonderful home to live in. they need to punish that person to the full extent of the law.
    Best wishes to Patrick. also thank you to the vet that had such a good heart.

  39. Patrick is amazing!! Love and hugs to you, Patrick as you continue your journey from hatred and abuse to love, hugs and good health!!!

  40. We are a group of concerned citizens trying to help dogs like Patrick and also dogs tethered 24/7 from a life chained to whatever, ignored, neglected etc.
    We are Canine & Community Protection (CCP) we want to protect animals and people from being hurt by dogs living a life at the end of a chain. If and when they break loose what a safety issue it will be for the community. My heart goes out to this poor dog Patrick and I pray that the bitch gets hers here and after she dies.
    Dog spelled backwards is “God” people these idiots should be locked up in a concentration camp and tortured and if this could be done animal cruelty would be a thing of the past. Lots of Love to you Patrick I’m so happen that your nightmare is over. Your Friend, Margie

  41. hugs en kisses from me boy!! get well very soon…we lav’ya!! and to your heartless owner who dumped you, and for other reckless owners..I suggest that sentence should be much more heavier! a $1,000 fine is too cheap…

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