Passed Out Pit Bull

This is Mojo, a 6 month old pit bull. Here’s how he sleeps, usually, on his back….

42 thoughts on “Passed Out Pit Bull

  1. Cold, rainy weekend????? I don’t have to look at your profile to know that you are no where close to Texas……it’s blustering HOT and we’ve had NO rain where I live since maybe February……yes indeed, I believe it’s 99 degrees here today. I like the picture tho :o)

    1. Wellies is an abrviation of Wellington Boots, that are long rubber boots to wear in wet weather, also called Gum boots in Australia

  2. Jesus christ! Look at those teeth! you are going to need a set of earplugs if you let him sleep in your bed. Lol.

  3. Poor baby. Minding his/her own business and they get embarrassed by having their snoring plastered all over the internet!

  4. love watching my dogs sleep like that, I think when a dog is that relaxed, they feel 100% secure, able just to let go and zzzzzzzzz…

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