Canine CPR Techniques

If your dog were to choke on a bone or a toy, would you know what to do?

If your dog were to choke on a bone or a toy, would you know what to do? 

If not, watch and learn as Jim Helems, a certified pet tech instructor for Pet First Aid and CPR, delivers a thorough demonstration of canine CPR techniques. Hopefully you never have to make use of the skills acquired by taking this in, but if you do, it may be the most important six minutes of video you will ever see.

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21 thoughts on “Canine CPR Techniques

  1. Important..and also learn to do Heimlich on your pets. Ive used it to save my own guy when he was choking.

    1. Probably not a great idea if they are choking or unconscious. They could breath it in if they became able to breath, and if not, it doesn’t work fast enough to be of any help if they are not breathing. If they are going to be able to throw it up, they are pretty much going to have to count on their gag reflexes to get it done. That would, obviously, be before they passed out.

  2. Me either… no bones, but this is good for people to know what to do in case of them choking on something. Hope everyone shares this video, it’s so important!!! I’ve had to do cpr on my dogs in the past & it worked 🙂

  3. Excellent information! I once had to do this for my dog and it worked but I really had no idea what I was doing. It’s good to know the right technique.

  4. @Jan, you might not but she could pick one up when she’s out for a walk or she could swallow a toy or some numbskull could give her one or she could choke on a treat.

  5. I took a pet first aid class since I am a dog walker & want to be prepared if an emergency arises. It’s the best training you hope you never have to use 🙂

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