Caught on Camera: Dog Narrowly Escapes Gator Attack

If you live in the Southern third of the US and take your dogs swimming with any frequency, you have our utmost respect now that we’ve seen what you’re up against!

If you live in the Southern third of the US and take your dogs swimming with any frequency, you have our utmost respect now that we’ve seen what you’re up against!

This Floridian went for a stroll with his dog in a local park and was subject to a surprise visit from an Alligator. While the video ends abruptly, the YouTuber who uploaded it said the dog is fine – they were able to get out of the way just before the Gator struck.

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125 thoughts on “Caught on Camera: Dog Narrowly Escapes Gator Attack

  1. Sheesh, if you live in an area with gators, why take your dog there in the first place? More stupid humans.

    1. I totally agree! I’m not going to say he’s an idiot… then, he has the stupidity to put it on a website?!? The dog deserves better.

        1. I’m the owner of the dog, i’m not a idiot, i rescued him from the shelter, and gators are not known to be in this area, even tho they are everywhere in Florida, I’ve been here 25 years and i use to catch them. so before you say something know the facts. people take their dogs here all the time and never had a problem. the black dog in the vid is our puppy do you honestly think i would put my dogs or “kids” (cuz my dogs are spoiled rotten) in harm on purpose.

          1. I don’t think you had any intention of letting you dog get hurt ! Keep on keepin’ on and tell them to f&$%#*&^ck off !!!

          2. Yeah, I think the initial comments were uncalled for. This could’ve happened to anybody. I’d just disregard those comments. Sometimes people sort of talk without really thinking it through online, and then you’ve got a comment that would never have happened in person, preserved for all eternity, lol 🙂

            So glad your dog is OK! That was a close call!

          3. ugh! some ppl just assume and criticize before knowing the entire truth. animal owners have the biggest heart :] Like a smart rapper once said:
            “Im just trying to do me, you just trying to do u, just focus on husslin, no one to fuck with
            just cuz i don’t fuck with you.” 😀
            you’re awesome dude, keep doing what you’re doing d(^o^)b lolz

  2. I live in Florida and I am NOT allowed near lakes, ponds nor streams. You never know if a gator is lurking about. Why anyone would allow their dog to walk near or go in a lake is beyond me. I feel for that dog…he has a dumb owner.
    -Oz the Terrier

    1. Yes im dumb for taking my dog to a park where gators were never sighted and people swim in…sure am im so dumb why dont you know what your talking about first.

      1. Just a word to the wise…

        Gators are extremely mobile and very agile on land so you can never let your guard down in regions like Florida because gators have the potential to move into areas not previously occupied. As with most wildlife on the North American continent or the world for that matter, natural wildlife habitats are being overrun by human encroachment so many wildlife species are searching for new territories. I don’t know if this is a private park or state but, if I lived there I would be very vigilant and regularly inquire with state or federal game officials on gator sightings before using any waterways as well as report any sightings of my own. Here in the west, we have to use a similar caution with coyotes in regards to people who have small dogs. Coyotes can jump 6ft block walls so if you chose to live on the edge of a native habitat you must never leave a small dog unattended in your own back yard that you think is safe, because it may not be.

        1. I think everyone here was shocked by your video and we all want you and your dog to be safe and to be able to enjoy the outdoors. So, some first reactions posted here may have been very judgmental but living where you do presents some unusual dangers that some of us would never have even dreamed about.

          1. Yea i was born and raised in florida and i know more about gators and crocs then 90% of the ppl on here and not cuz i live here but because they are my fav animal besides dogs so i learned about them but like u said ppl dont know what its like till they live here

  3. Wow. If I knew there was risks of gators where I live I would never take my dog (or myself) up to the water like that. I hear gators kill pets all the time like that. smh

  4. If they know there are possibly gators in the water, why do they let their dogs swim in it? I wouldn’t!

  5. Stupid? Wow that is harsh. He is outside enjoying his dogs and having a good time. How is that stupid? How was he supposed to know that gator was going to come and attack. Obviously they were scared and didn’t expect it.

    1. How do you define stupid???? He was at a DOG PARK in Florida. He had every reason to believe his dog would be safe in a DOG PARK!! I live in Florida and would EXPECT a DOG PARK lake to be safe! Shame goes to the county not paying attention!

      1. Thank you. We love our dogs like their kids and would never take them where i know there are gators and living in florida for 25 years i kinda know whats safe and like i said gators were never sighted here and people swim here.

        1. Such are the joys of living in Florida! Lived there 27 years myself until we moved with the Navy. Can’t even tell you how many times there was a gator in the pool or in the water hazard on the golf course. When you live in Florida, you just learn to keep your eyes open! And run in zig zags!

          1. OMG April! “run in zig zags?”

            That just cracked me up but as funny as it is I know it’s a pretty efficient tactic for avoiding gators.

      1. kiddie pools are great and I use one for my dogs
        but when you live in lower AL and FL you also want to be able to get out of your own yard sometimes! Gators are very quiet and this time of year are in mating season which makes them even more aggressive. I walk my dogs along Mobile Bay in a PARK!!! And there are gators around but I have never seen one charge out of the water like that! Scary! Glad your dog is ok and keep enjoying the outdoors wiyh them!

  6. We once took our dog down the river Santa Fe in a paddle boat.
    You just don’t expect it! It is getting more common with Man’s clearing of land and progress wiping out food supply for these Gators. I don’t think I would do it nowadays.

  7. Florida has gators we have coyotes and bears. but my girls are never allowed out without me. I def would not let them swim in florida.. Ever thnk of getting a kiddie pool to let ya pup swim.

    1. we were filming cuz we rescued the dog and wanted to see if he liked water and he did gators were never seen in the area so we were filming him running in and out of the water it just happens that when we were filming this the gator showed up

  8. Heard the other day about a lady who got a big surprise when she walked into her bathroom and found a big ol’ gator hissing at her – it had apparently crawled in through the pet door (I think it was in Florida, too).

  9. It’s easy to be an expert when you don’t live in the area. Maybe that isn’t a normal place for gators… The alligator that came inside a dog door the other day shouldn’t have been there. Maybe the dog should never be allowed out in its own yard.. Just be glad THIS had a good outcome!

  10. When you live in the South, you should be aware of many kinds of dangers in Southern waters. In a million years I would never allow my pets or even myself to be near a lake in gator territory. We lived in S. FL for 8 years with a canal that ran across the back yard and yes, in the spring there were alligators looking for mates. You knew it and stayed far away. Someone said that guy in the video is not stupid???? Stupid is being kind to this guy. He’s lucky it wasn’t HIS leg that the gator latched onto. Thank God the dog was OK.

    1. People swim here, i would never take my dog somewhere unsafe, so please know the facts first

    2. “When you live in the South, you should be aware of many kinds of dangers in Southern waters.”

      I have to agree with Dixie on this one. What is safe today may not be safe tomorrow. Wildlife moves around and Florida is renown for gator sightings in neighborhood pools and yards so it is entirely possible for them to move into an area not previously known for gator presence. Unfortunately, this is just one of the accepted risks for living in Florida where humans and wildlife have to learn to co-exist safely.

  11. Never letting your dogs outside is extreme, but supervising them while they are outside, and keeping them away from danger (from what I understand in Florida you can run into gators anywhere, but water is particularly unsafe) is an absolute must.

  12. knowing there are gators in the water and he let the dog go in .Not real smart. I bet he dos’t try to feed the gators using his dog again.

  13. Okay people, back off. It’s Florida, you can’t go GOLFING without the risk of running into a gator. Heck, they have crawled into our families pool, does that mean I shouldn’t take my kids to grandmas to go swimming? It’s part of what you learn to deal with when you live in Florida. You pay attention! He had the dog on a leash and snatched him back. The dog is fine. Sure it would have been a horrid tragedy should the dog have been attacked, but the bigger tragedy is the dog kept locked up inside because of the fear of gators. I grew up there and even knowing the lakes and rivers were full of them, my parents sent me to summer camp ever summer to swim and canoe on the rivers in Florida, does that make them bad parents? I think not.

    1. Well put April!! He kept control of his dog and was paying attention! Every state has their own dangers…..Florida’s happens to be gators.

  14. oh, my God! I have seen gators trying to sneak up on a dog before, but never like that! neither the dog nor the guy even sensed that gators presence!!! oh, shit is right!!!!

  15. Just so glad the dog is ok, that is the main thing here, at least the owner reacted quickly enough, maybe will have second thoughts next time!

  16. Still sounds like an idiot and I still think he knew there were alligators there considering he was down by the water, was looking around and videotaped by putting his dog in harms way, yeah, Id say hes still an idiot lol

    1. HAHA HAHAHA your so funny “oh he must of know there was gators and he wanted his dog to get ate cuz look how hes looking in da wader oh hes so dumb blah blah” your really the idiot here if you read my comments before WE RESCUED THIS DOG TOOK HIM TO A PARK HE LOVED THE WATER HE WAS RUNNING IN AND OUT HAVING A BLAST WE TAPED PRETTY MUCH THE ENTIRE TIME WE WERE THERE so please dont ever open your mouth again.

  17. Jessica- I grew up in Florida. Gators are everywhere now- but saying someone purposely filmed his dog hoping for an attack is probably one of the dumbest things I have heard today. And believe me- that’s saying a lot.

    If someone takes their dog to the beach, are they hoping for a shark attack?

    The joggers that have been attacked and killed by Gators in South Florida- were they just adrenaline junkies with an IQ similar to yours?

    Most Gators want NOTHING to do with people- regardless of whether or not a dog is there- so it is completely possible for people to swim, fish, or play in an area without EVER seeing one- the problem doesn’t start until people FEED THEM. It’s such a problem that Gators that are seen being fed are immediately caught (via “snagging”) and euthanized on the spot.

    The owner was right to be upset- people jumped to ridiculous conclusions and posted absurd, and malicious responses.

    Personally- I’m disappointed people could ever be so hateful to a person they know nothing about, because he attempted to spend some time enjoying his pet.

    That’s really sad.

  18. It is very scary, and he is very calm standing with the dogs. I doubt he would have been there if he thought there was some chance of a gator.

  19. I didnt say that he purposedly filmed it waiting for an attack. If you read what I said, I said that he filmed it because he probably had a feeling that the gator would be there and the dog incidentally got hurt. Let me ask you a question- I live in AZ where there are tons of snakes in the desert. If I take my dog out into the desert and let her just walk around aimlessly and she gets bit, would it be the snakes fault? How would that be any different? People need to be responsible for their pets. Ive been to FL ONCE and even I know that if I were out with my dog, Id be extremely careful. Theres a big difference between letting your dog out in the backyard and a gator is accidentally there and going into the water where there is a good chance that there are gators.

    1. did you miss the part where hes on a leash and in my control, do u think i would have walked in the water knowing there was a gator there, do you think i would let my gf and my 3 month old puppy that close to the water if i knew there was a gator. you ppl are really starting to piss me off im goin to upload the other vids we took that day so you dont think i try to kill my dog

  20. there are so many lakes and canals here in florida…. so important to be hyper-aware! another thing i have to be on the lookout for are the frogs. they’re all over in the evening and can be poisonous to dogs. i can’t take my eyes off luca for a second!

  21. Wow. You aren’t very bright. I never it was the Gators fault.

    In the past I have taken my dogs hiking in Minnesota (wolves), Wyoming (snakes), Montana (Bears), and South Dakota and Utah (Mountain Lions)….. I guess I should have them taken from me for reckless endangerment. Hell… maybe when I took them into Nebraska I put them in harms from the ever dangerous Corn Snake or random Deer…

    I seriously don’t even know what to say at this point other than maybe you should look outside your bubble and realize that dogs LOVE the outdoors, and LIVING LIFE has inherent risks when you decide to enjoy it.

    But maybe you forgot that every time you get in your car to you run a 1 in 6 chance of being in a car accident.. I guess taking them to the Groomers is wrong too….

  22. You obviously are not understanding what Im saying and Im not going to argue with someone as disrespectful as you are being. Learn to make points without being immature and rude about it.

  23. Coming from the person that called the dogs owner an idiot and insinuated he would intentionally put his dog in harms way… that’s laughable.

    Have a good night.

  24. My Emma’s a hunter and my eyes are always on her…an on the area she’s at…you never know what’s out there. For this guy to film the gator attacking his dog…I would have dropped the camera and wrestled that gator!

  25. Jessica Cronk: Still sounds like an idiot and I still think he knew there were alligators there considering he was down by the water, was looking around and videotaped by putting his dog in harms way, yeah, Id say hes still an idiot lol

    That was incredibly polite and open minded…. .:cough cough:.

  26. i’ve lived in florida almost all my life, i’m nearly 50yrs old, i was born her in manatee county in 1962. you can’t go anywhere here w/out running into alligators, poisonous snakes or spiders, biting flies, disease bearing mosquitoes, sharks in the water, or wild boar in the woods – where would ANY of you suggest we take our outdoor time? do you think we should all live in fear of LIVING? i think not. embrace the wildness that is left to us, cowboy up and grow some guts and get out there enjoy the sun. if you get hurt get a bandaid. if it ain’t broken or gushing blood then you ain’t hurt! get over it! it’s just life happening, roll w/it. 😀

  27. the guy isn’t stupid… it’s just, who really thinks this would happen.. You can’t prepare for the unexpected. I’m sure he will be more careful next time. I grew up in FL and, even though i lived on a canal, never thought of the gators in it until one was waiting for us under out grape fruit tree one morning.

  28. I don’t think he was trying to get video of his dog being attacked. I take pictures and video of our dogs by the river all the time. For the memories.

  29. Holy crap! I’m so glad that everyone is ok! Don’t do that, again… You about gave me a heart-attack… And thank you for rescuing!

  30. I am glad you and the dogs were all okay! People are being extremely critical without knowing all the facts and even still being judgmental after you informed them that you thought that was a safe area. You had your dog on a leash and reacted quickly so try not to worry about the people that are being negative. This is a great site and we all need to remain positive on here. It seems that you love dogs just as much as we all do. Stay safe and keep loving those dogs!

  31. Ok Lena so why the hell was he taping then? I don’t see him doing any tricks. What was the purpose of him filming? Apparently he was expecting something.

    1. God damn you ppl are retarded check my site tomorrow and youll see why we were taping, god how ignorant do you have to be “oh he was taping and the dog wasnt entertaining me so he knew the gator was there he wanted his dog to get ate by da gator haha i so smart” asshole

      1. I know nothing about FL or gators, but all I saw was a home video of a man taking his dog for an outing and an unexpected event happened.

        You don’t need a reason to video tape your dog. I’ve made many videos of mine hanging around the house for no purpose at all. It’s nice to have them as memories to look back on and enjoy. YouTube is full of home videos of dogs swimming, playing or sometimes just snoozing.

        Life just happens sometimes. Would I have taken my dog to the river a few years ago if I knew he was going to nastily lunge at a stranger? No, I wouldn’t, but I never expected such a thing to happen. (Thankfully I pulled him back in time.)

        1. I videotaped my dog playing with a stick in the yard! You film your dogs because you think they are cute and you want to tape them being cute! DUH!! I saw someone videotaping their dog enjoying the water. Thank God the dog was on a leash and he was able to pull him out of the way.

  32. I fight this battle all the time trying to explain “going to the field” with the dogs. Can something go wrong ?? Sure, but everyone loves it and they get to be DOGS. Worth way more than “safety”. Most “city dwellers” will never get it….

  33. Where there’s water, especially canals and lakes ….there could be alligators if you live in Florida. Period.

  34. I think people forget that those on the other end of the internet connection are human beings, and they say things they’d never say in person because there are no real life conseuences to their uncensored insensitivity.

    Also, many people like to *think* they’d never do anything that would put their dog at risk, but life has risks no matter what you are doing, and bad things can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone. It’s so easy to judge, until you think about it and realize that you, nor anyone else, is perfect, and that maybe, just maybe, it was nobody’s fault that a dog, a human and an aggressive gator found themselves in the same spot at the same time. Thankfully the dog’s new owner has very quick reflexes!

    Enjoying the outdoors with your pets is central to their happiness and well being. Dogs are not meant to be cooped up inside 24/7, Dog owner- congratulations on your adoption and I hope you enjoy many wonderful years together! 🙂

  35. I have to agree with Cindy…why risk your dog in the local waters around here…I have seen far too many “BIG ASS GATAS” around these parts to jeopardize any of my fur children!

  36. As a dog owner and resident of Florida for approx. 17 years, I knew quite well the possible consequences of allowing your dog to swim in or near lakes, rivers or ponds. I personally have never allowed my animals in these Southern Waters and never will. Shall we call it a lapse of judgement on your part? In the past year alone I have heard of gator attacks on family pets NUMEROUS times, surely you have heard the same. Mistakes are made, Own it! Why must you get so defensive and respond in the way you do to those of us who question your obvious lack of good judgement?

  37. Thank God the owner jerked on the leash, or this could have been tragic! I am glad you and your dog are okay. We should not be so quick to judge someone else when something like this happens. I cringe when I see people allowing their dogs to hang out their car windows. They think they are doing something nice for the dog, when really, flying debris could land in their eyes and seriously hurt them. Also, the dog could jump out of the car window and be seriously hurt. I know, because it happened to me. My sheltie jumped out a window that was only half down. Thank God I was on Kadena Air Base, the speed limit was 20, I was going slow around a curve, and there was only one other car around, a nice airman who helped me round up my frightened dog. So you just don’t know sometimes until it happens to you. Dogs will jump/fall out of the back of pick ups, and gators will sometimes be where you didn’t think they would. Now the owner knows, and will definitely not take that chance with his beloved canine child. Glad you are okay!!

  38. I also live in Florida and rescued my dogs from shelters. Anywhere there is open water in this state, there is the chance that there will be gators. Every Floridian knows this.

  39. U can’t blame the guy for wanting to let his dog have alil fun in a Dog Park. the ppl that calling him stupid are just being mean. its not like he knew a gator was going to pop up >.<

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