Diabetes Alert Dog is Man’s Best Friend

A Georgia man suffering from hypoglycemic unawareness credits one very special dog with helping him to stay alive.

A Georgia man suffering from hypoglycemic unawareness credits one very special dog with helping him to stay alive.

13 thoughts on “Diabetes Alert Dog is Man’s Best Friend

  1. My dog has woken me up on a few occasions and my sugar was low. He was just pawing at me like crazy and I thought he wanted to get back under the covers but he wouldn’t go when I lifted them up, then once I fully woke up I realized my sugar was low. Thank god for my dog.

  2. My German Shepherd does the same thing – your scent changes when you blood sugar drops, all the dog has to do is recognize the change in you and alert you. My pup wasn’t formally trained, I just had to reinforce his behavior – to this day it is still his best “trick”!

  3. My pug did the same when she was just a puppy. Woke me out of a sound sleep and my blood sugars were heading into the danger zone. Ive never forgotten to thank her each and every day

  4. My white Shepherd Kylie also alerts my daughter if her sugars drop below 50 or go above 300 and she is sleeping. She will wake her up. I just want to know how I can get her certified. She has done this on her own.

  5. We have requested a dog for my 12 year old from http://www.dogs4diabetics.com We check her blood sugar every two hours throughout the night due to night time lows. Dogs are such sensitive animals – so in tune with their owners emotional and physical state. Wow Kathy your dog is amazing!

  6. @Heather Thanks She started doing it on her own. It is awsome. My daughter has been diabetic for 3 years. She is now 17

  7. My daughter has been diabetic for 3 and a half years. The growth and puberty hormones wreak havoc with her blood sugar levels. Her lowest was 24. Like the man in the article some diabetics only have symptoms when they are dangerously low.

    1. Long ago before insulin was so pure made from you could better tell you were having a reaction. I used to have them as low as 11 and 19 and still be able to do something, although not a lot. Now I can’t tell anymore and wear an glucose monitor on along with my pump. It helps, but also keeps me from getting any real sleep.

  8. Wow! What an amazing story! What is even more amazing are all the stories people have posted of their own personal experiences. I had no idea dogs were trained to do this!

  9. My dog Jocelyn does this. In the middle of the night she will come over and start whining or lick my face to wake me. My other dog Berkeley goes one step further. He seems to know when my Bg is so low that I have convulsions. He will jump and lay on top of me so that I don’t fall off the bed and get hurt until someone comes to help.

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