Patrick’s Abuser Appears in Court Today

Charged with two fourth-degree offenses for tormenting and torturing an animal, the New Jersey woman accused of starving a pit bull and throwing it down a trash chute was back in court today.

Charged with two fourth-degree offenses for tormenting and torturing an animal, the New Jersey woman accused of starving a pit bull and throwing it down a trash chute was back in court today as a crowd demonstrated outside the courthouse in support of the dog.

Kisha Curtis plead not guilty to animal abuse charges, yet prosecutors maintain that the Newark resident left town for a week with the dog tied to a railing, starving in her apartment.

The judge in the case is expected to consider future court dates and could possibly schedule a trial. Curtis also faces two abandonment charges that could land her in jail for up to six months.

An earlier video is provided for those unfamiliar with what has come to be known as The Patrick Miracle.

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61 thoughts on “Patrick’s Abuser Appears in Court Today

    1. I agree 6 months are not enough to pay for all the suffer she caused Patrick, what if the janitor had not seen the bag move Patrick would have been crushed to death how horrible that would have been for this little animal. Our country needs stronger animal abuse laws that carry longer jail terms!!!

  1. I can only hope that this case show the nation that our animal abuse laws are not strict enough and that more people will join the fight to change the laws throughout our fifty states and beyond. I am sorry that the pain and suffering of one very adorable dog had to happen but I am happy that he has gone viral and we have groups popping up through several states willing to fight for harsher penalties for animal abusers like Kisha Curtis.

    May your pain not go without justice Patrick!

      1. Amen 2 that, Very well put, Yes that’s what I say 2, (May your pain not go without justice Patrick!)

        A life is still a life no matter if human or animal.

        They 2 have feelings and everything else We have as well, including a heart, which even a wild animal itself can have more then a human being even, what a pathetic world We live in.

        We bleed They 2 bleed, We breathe, They breathe and everything else 2 etc…

  2. She is a crazy, vindictive female, and I cannot even say what I think she truly deserves. Certainly more than six months! This should only happen to HER. Shame on this pitiful and terrible “person.” Does she deserve to be called this? You do not mess around with dog lovers, as you don’t understand we all feel that “what goes around, comes around.”

  3. With this kind of law, there will still be and more animal abuse. Don’t they realize that it’s time to change to a more strict law and a better punishment?

    1. If the law cannot help the abused and neglected animals who are without voice, we need to speak up and make ourselves be heard. When there is a law that is not working, something is WRONG. These poor animals have love in their hearts and need to be treated with love and cared for. They cannot do it for themselves. It is our responsibility to help them in whatever way we can and by making sure the abusers are prosecuted to the FULLEST extent of the law, and not “maybe” 6 months ! NO…… this is not a fair judgment for abuse. How about at least 5 years….. at least 5 years in a facility where they are not treated with like they are away at a nice camp – To me, isolation would be more like it. That is how Patrick was treated – isolated, chained and hungry. If it was done to animal abusers, I am sure there would be a change. If one cannot take care of their animal, they need to contact an animal rescue facility. There are many who would foster unwanted and abused pets. I could say so much in anger, but my little thoughts would not be enough to help the helpless who need a larger voice.

      1. You said it just the it should be said Lynn..let’s all stand for these abused animal and give them a voice, they depend on us. Isn’t it Love that they all want not abuse!!

  4. She needs to be required to work at the city animal shelter scrubbing the kennels and her hands and knees, with her bare hands … FOR LIFE!!

    1. No. I often see this offered up as a “solution” for abusers and people who don’t care about animals.
      Seriously, if your animal was lost would you want this person responsible for cleaning all the chemical off of the floor of kennel your dog was housed in?
      I wouldn’t.
      As someone who works at an animal shelter I don’t want people here that don’t care about animals.
      I will let her scrub our big dumpsters of garbage. They can steam clean our “dead” box. They can clean up the papers and garbage the public leave around – but PLEASE… keep them away from the animals!

      1. True, I work for an Adoption Center. We’re busy. I don’t need to babysit a person with issues. These aren’t knick knacks that need dusting- these are living, breathing pups and kittens. I have 20 loads of nasty laundry she could do…

  5. I have YET to comprehend how we allow a “not guilty” plea when you catch the rat-bastard (or beeyatch, in this case) red-handed.

  6. If that is considered 4th degree, I’d hate to see 1st. People who abuse and torment animals need to be charged with felonies. That’s just WRONG!

  7. if the low life sack really thinks she is not guilty, why doesn’t she go on the same diet she forced on patrick, and then take a ride at the same trash chute amusement park:(

  8. So who’s the animal? The poor dog or the nasty lazy bitch? I vote for the bitch in orange. She should be horse whipped and beaten.

  9. She needs to be tied to a railing by her neck for a week with no food or water and then biffed down a chute wrapped in plastic. Evil bitch.

  10. Yes there definitely need to be harsher punishments for those caught doing such horrendous things to animals! Unfortunately I don’t think a minimum of 20 years in jail would stop these heartless people from continuing to do unspeakable acts of cruelty. Everyone knows if you murder someone what can happen to them, but they still do it… Until we can start doing to them what they did to someone else, or an animal or even a child, it isn’t going to stop completely. I can only hope that harsher punishments would lessen the number of animals that suffered like Patrick did.
    I have a railing available to tie her to and then I can leave town…Maybe then she would understand what Patrick felt.

  11. The only way I will be satisfied with that evil bitch getting only 6 months in jail is if they agree not to feed her fat ass for the entire 6 months so she can know what Patrick went through.

    1. I agree!! No way Patrick was starved for only one week!! He endured a lifetime of starvation!

  12. Only six months? Thats a disgrace, and, by the sounds, she still hasn’t learnt a thing!!! Honestly!!

    Its GREAT to hear that Patrick is getting better, and, well, I’d take him, iF I wasn’t in the UK!!! Go Patrick!!

  13. Wow U’r Looking good there Patrick WTG, Awesome job 2 all U’r caregivers
    Fry the B…., A life 4 a life is what I say :@)

  14. Fuckin WORTHLESS Piece of Shit, I Hope this BITCH SCUMBAG Rots in hell………..God Bless You Patrick, were all pulling for you…..

  15. Hi ~ here are some thoughts from Norway ;~)

    This story has reached the world, my tears are neverending, and my heart bleeds…

    I shed my tears for the neverending cruelty of mankind towards animals, and I shed my tears for humans for doing everything they can to rescue…

    The owner, whose name I will not, in contempt, write her name, should be thrown off the same building…Anyone who abuse animals deserves the same treatment!

    My hope for the legal system is to recognize the need for more strict punishment for the abuse of animals! The legal system in USA and Norway are far, far apart, but when it comes to punishment for animal abusers, im sad to say, its almost the same – Not strict enough!

    Im sad to read that there are a costudy battle for Patrick, he MUST of course stay at the Garden State Veterinary until he is ready for adoption!

    As the good director, Bruce Sanchez at the center says, its a major challenge to find owners that will provide for, and care for Patrick the way he needs and deserves.


  16. Patrick has such pretty brown eyes. I sort of have to wonder what made that woman abuse him. She is a very good looking, friendly boy!

    1. Ahem, excuse me, I accidentally typed a “She” I meant He. Sorry about that! As for that photo of his owner, SHE is ugly!

  17. I truly believe that what goes around comes around & this pathetic excuse for a human being will get back what she has put out TENFOLD! Simply looking at her picture it is obvious what a truly UGLY person she is both inside & out. May her life be as ugly as her actions. Thank goodness Patrick is in the hands of tender, loving caretakers. To think he was trapped with this animal simply breaks my heart…

  18. If the photo heading this site is Ms.Kisha/Keisha at the courthouse; she neither looks remorseful or happy. I bet she thinks she’s fierce and this is all a goof but maybe she’ll understand that her heinous crime must be taken seriously when she’s convicted and sentenced. Ms.Curtis……you is torn up from the floor up. Society is goina “roll it’s collective eyes ” at you and your evil. Get ready to “take a dip in the ladypond”.

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