The New Shoes Blues

There is nothing quite so unpleasant as the process of breaking in new shoes.

There is nothing quite so unpleasant as the process of breaking in new shoes.

Just ask this unhappy footwear model – she just tried hers on and her dogs are already barking…

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51 thoughts on “The New Shoes Blues

  1. OMD, that was just hysterical. So hoping the Momster doesn’t get any ideas about trying those here.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Oh my, watching her run away as she throws both her back her feet out to the sides like a cartoon dog… just too funny.

    Poor Baby, I know how tough it is to break in new shoes.

  3. oh that is wrong in so many ways…but soooo funny! Guess its her way of keeping the carpets clean? LOL

  4. oh that is wrong in so many ways…but soooo funny! Guess its her way of keeping the carpets clean? LOL

    1. My Boston has cut her feet open in the ice before. I thought about getting her some, but doubt she would wear them.

    2. Hound drags his back legs so badly he bloodied all his toes one day. He lives for his walks and I didnt want to decrease his quality of life at age 14. Got him some booties for his back paws and in no time he got use to them and for the first time since I got him at age 13, I saw him RUN! His feet must have hurt so much and it was the best thing I ever did for him.

    1. The boots are designed to protect the dogs feet when hiking over rough terrain (some dogs have particularly soft pads that cut easily) and as someone previously mentioned on snow and ice. It doesn’t take long for a dog to get used to walking with them.

  5. Lighten up! That doggy looks healthy and happy! Aslong as there not bein hurt then its all good! ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

  6. Our dog HATES his snow shoes too…and the look he gives me is so hysterical. I love this funny.

  7. About the tape and cat’s feet: I just put a little piece of scotch tape on a pad. Not sticky at all, but it caused the cat all sorts of confusion. Not harmed in any way!

  8. Sylvia, it was probably winter and some dogs get their paws irritated or even cut if they walk on snow or ice, so the booties are used to protect them. That doesn’t mean the dogs take to them easily, but they are mostly used for protection.

  9. You guys don’t get it. Doggy shoes protect their pads from snow, ice, chemicals, etc. I’m sure that’s the reason they put these shoes ON their dog. But the dog’s reaction was so funny that they shared it with us. Don’t worry, the dog will get used to it soon enough. Relax!

  10. HILARIOUS!! i always loved it when we had to wrap horse legs for travel- they ALWAYS walked with exaggerated leg movements, much like this dog. they get used to them after a while, but the first time is always funny! ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Thanks for your comments Guadalupe! I know what you mean … but I don’t understand to make this a video for people’s amusement! In my opinion this dog really was stressed – and this would never amuse me!!! Sorry again!!!

  12. Sylvia- have you EVER tried walking barefoot in hot sand? or on a bubbling hot asphalt road? shoes protect the dogs feet from scalding as well as from the chemicals used for ice and snow removal. it doesn’t harm them in any way: just looks funny until they get used to them is all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Hmm I know people hate this, but I would only make my basset wear shoes when walking on the snow is to protect her paws no abuse intended

  14. I know the pup was stressed… confused mostly. I just don’t think they did something cruel just for laughs. They were doing it in the dog’s best interested and it turned out a bit awkward. I see your point, though.

  15. Well… the pup wasn’t shaking, her tail wasn’t hiding, her head wasn’t low, she wasn’t even trying to chew the booties off… and she galloped down the corridor. Looks more like a happy ending to me. She was given positive reinforcement (offered a yummy treat) and it worked… didn’t it? I might be weird, but I like happy endings.

  16. My dog wears shoes to protect his feet from the sharp rocks at the lake and from burrs when we are hiking. When we first started putting them on him we got a similar reaction. It is not cruel…it is for his own protection.

  17. I have a friend name Lady. She will not walk if she does not have shoes on. And you should see her wardrobe – her name should be Imelda!

  18. I like cute and funny videos. This one was neither. And laughing at the poor baby trying to get her footing was just wrong. NOT FUNNY!!

      1. Absolutely! There is nothing wrong with protecting your dog’s feet. I have considered getting some for Dixie and Grace to wear at the beach to protect them from the oyster shells.

        I do hope she eventually got that treat they kept dangling in front of her though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Some of you need to lighten up. I’d reckon if these people wanted to torture their dog for their own (and others) entertainment they wouldn’t do so with dog shoes.

    I would guess as someone who loves dogs, being as you’re on a dog lover website, you have been inside a pet supply store, yes? Happen to see…dog shoes? Yes? Are they located in the abuse and torture section? Comedy section perhaps? Right…

    I rescued a Maltese whom came from the Idaho mill bust many years back. She spent 1.5 years in a wire cage. Her pads were split and she had never touched grass, she was afraid of the texture of grass. I bought her shoes and she had this reaction, she was given a carrot each time she wore them (she prefers veggies over treats). After 5 days of her walking like a horse with 12 legs, she came around….and started to walk in the grass and on pavement. She was able to lose the 3lbs required for her to get two surgeries for her patella luxations in addition to being put under to remove steel sutures from the shoddy “c-section” the mill did on her.

    Those shoes saved my dog and guess what? It was funny when she did it, she seemed to have a blast wearing them. She waged her tail, would “talk” to us and even try to do her begging tricks.

    Find something better to do with your time than attack people with senses of humor. Jeez.

  20. Funny video!
    My parentโ€™s dog wears little booties as they have Sticky Burrs all over their property. Dog walks would not be fun if Tucker didnโ€™t have his boots to protect his pads.

  21. Bandit tore his back pad and so I put on a bootie. He was so funny as he would run while kicking up the one foot with the bootie. I can relate to this Lab!

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