The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Mission Impossible

It’s form vs. function in this battle for the biscuit!

It’s form vs. function in this battle for the biscuit!

This exercise is just exhausting. The title of the video is totally understandable…

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Saturday Pet Blogger Hop

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43 thoughts on “The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Mission Impossible

  1. That poor doggy. I felt his frustration. He was so good. Opie would have had his paws on the table and his nose in the candy jar!

    Happy Hopping!

    Opie’s Mom

  2. Hi Y’all,

    Thanks for hosting another great hop!

    That poor doggie. That was mean of his Humans to tease him like that! My Humans wouldn’t do that to me…I don’t think…

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. Oh man! I wanted to reach through the screen and give him a hand! He sure looked confused about what he was doing wrong.

  4. Did you hear me cheering when he finally got the biscuit?!! Poor Weiland! Such torture. I have to say he was very well behaved not to put his paws up on that table and grab the treat.

    Thanks for hosting; I always enjoy my Saturday hops through pet blogger land. Have a great weekend.

  5. Poor fella! There was a moment when I thought Weiland was about to grab the biscuit with his tongue, then it spins just out of his reach. Hopefully he won’t have to endure another biscuit session like this again!

    We’re new to the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop and can’t wait to start the meet n greet!

  6. Well for a start that was cruel and for another what waere they doing encouraging a dog to do that on a kitchen work surface(counter)???

  7. Way to teach counter surfing! Definitely mean, and I would have smacked those dudes had I been in the room. But it does demonstrate how silly the hound overbite is. :-p

  8. I watched and felt as if I needed to push the biscuit closer so that he could get it. It was a bit like watching an episode of Lucille Ball, frustrating b/c you can see what will happen and you know that he’s going to continue to make the same choice in how he tries to retrieve the noms. Still, hope springs eternal. I had to laugh when he took it to the far corner of the next room.

  9. i have to make everything small otherwise my dog (american staff.) will not/wants not/ can not chew it. the other family dog (jack russell) he can/ will eat anything no matter how big:)

  10. I didn’t think they were teasing him with it. They kept pushing it back to the edge so he could try to pick it up, and he got the biscuit in the end!

  11. this might be cute for the 1st five seconds and then not…kind of mean to make him/her try and try! gee whiz 🙁

  12. I don’t find it funny at all!!! Very cruel… while these individuals have BOWLS of candy sitting right there within THEIR REACH!!

  13. So close, yet so far away! too cute 🙂 To the people who like to just wait around to make negative comments, I’m sure his people would have just given him the treat in due time, but a dog who works for a reward is a happy dog; unlike many lazy humans, dogs enjoy a reward bearing challenge.
    Besides, look at how proud he was of himself for persevering and not giving up! Instead of just gobbling it down and asking for more, he took his prize off to his corner 🙂

  14. Does this mean Greyhounds aren’t so good at stealing off the counter? LIlith has stolen a very heavy plastic jug of sugar off the counter, as well as any food stuffs I’m not careful to guard. I do think her secret, at least some of the time, is her long tongue which she uses to hook thinks right off the counter.

  15. It never ceases to amaze me to see the patience of a dog owner when he/she is teasing their best friend.

  16. Get a grip folks! The dog was OBVIOUSLY taking it because they GAVE it to him, albeit a tad tricky. My Sal or Selena would have snatched faster than a gecko, but my Willie would have stayed clear. As far as being mean? Mean would have been pulling it back so it would be harder, not pushing it close.

  17. Wow….some people are touchy! That video ASKED for comments and I’m certain all the comments were in good fun. Ease up, people!

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