The Ultimate Dog Tease

This is just so not fair…and that’s exactly what makes it so cute.

This is just so not fair…and that’s exactly what makes it so cute. 

A number of the talking dog videos on YouTube are fun enough, but with incredible timing and a really cute dog, this one takes the cake. Think he likes bacon? 😉

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65 thoughts on “The Ultimate Dog Tease

  1. I laughed so hard I nearly hurt myself! I think my Rupert would have been able to double for this poor dog’s expressions! This was as funny as when Tabitha fed her dog germans this morning!

    1. I wondered about the fate of the cat too! Very cute, and the timing was just perfect! It reminds me of my German Shepherd, who is really a piglet. 🙂

  2. Heck that is a really good facsimile of my household when they dont get their treats. Laughing like crazy as I type this.

  3. OMG! OGL! BOL! BOL! BOL! Soooo cute! Love the kitty one but this one takes the bacon!!! What a face this baby has!!! Those sweet pitiful eyes just beggin’ ! 😀 Thanks for the videos!!!! (and photos too!) 😀

  4. hahahahaha… hilarious!!! i love the last bit… that’s what mommy says…
    well we say…boo to the owner for giving it to the cat!! i feel for you man!

    Shadow & Lyka

  5. This video is too funny and the voice of the dog perfectly fits his anxious face as the narrator torments him with thoughts of food!

  6. This is by far the funniest voice over I have ever seen. I have watched it at least 50 times and shown it to that many people besides and it never ceases to make me LMFAO! You did an amazing job! I will continue to pass this around just to make someone’s day! Thank you!

  7. This is the best ever of ALL videos. We watch it over and over again! We are also quoting this poor doggie, sometimes as if we are speaking for our doggie!


  8. This is the funniest video on the net- my hubby and I have busted our seams laughing at this one. The dog is the cutest ever too. The mixed breed is adorable. What a great video! Kudo’s to the dog- the owner and the producer!! We vote for MORE!!!!

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