Boston Terrier Loves Belly Tickles

That great big, goofy smile says it all. More, please!

That great big, goofy smile says it all. More, please!

35 thoughts on “Boston Terrier Loves Belly Tickles

  1. I agree with lea. To me. it looks like he is growling and biting the hand that is grabbing him in various areas.

  2. He’s not growling, that’s just his snorty way of communicating. He is playing with the woman, not growling.

  3. Wow…wondering if you people who think he’s growling actually have dogs. That is obviously a happy little guy who is clearly enjoying his playtime. Fun police!

  4. You silly people. Most of the noise is from his human. Dogs engage in play, they love this. He is in a sitting posture, and pawing at his person to continue. My dog (a retriever hound mix) does the same. When I stop, he paws at me. We roughhouse all the time. It’s part of a dog’s life.

  5. Tabitha I work from home or I would probably not be able to do it! When I do leave and come home I usually am ignored because one of them is mad at me or I have a little mischief mess. Something torn up 🙂 I love them all dearly. My 2 oldest are 9 years old, have had them since they were 8 weeks old.

  6. I’m at home all the time, too…but ours is still technically a puppy at 18 months old and she is such a handful! We have to kennel her when we leave because she’s just into EVERYTHING in spite of extensive training…but I don’t expect perfection from any dog, let alone such a young one. I honestly have to watch her every waking second. But even so, she’s the most loving dog. If you sit down, she must be on top of you or she isn’t happy. She’s my cuddle bug.

  7. That’s one happy pooch, I love Boston’s and have one myself….11 year old Bo Dan Dee, BoBo for short. He does the same thing, snorting, urumphing and grinning from ear to ear.This Boston is almost as fat a BoBo.

  8. What a clown! Laughing and loving it. But this little goofball could stand to lose a pound and a half 🙂

  9. What a swwet video. I used to have a Boston Terrier and they are the sweetest and most lovable dogs you could ever own.

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