Dog Attacks Postal Truck

Postal carriers in Marlin, Texas are nervous – and with good reason.

Postal carriers in Marlin, Texas are nervous – and with good reason.

The area is overrun with stray dogs, many of them aggressive, and the Marlin post office reports that a large dog accosted a postal truck last Thursday morning. Christi Ehlers, Officer In Charge, says a postal carrier was stopped and preparing to deliver mail to the 400 block of Gift when a large red and white male dog charged the truck.

“We have a serious problem when our mail carriers are unable to perform their jobs without fear of being attacked by stray animals within our city. The situation is only getting worse and we have to find a solution for handling animal control,” she said.

The shocked carrier attempted to make a getaway, but the the dog ran in front of the truck and stopped, blocking it. The mail carrier said the dog was taller than the hood of the truck, and just sat there for a moment before launching a furious assault, mauling the front bumper of the vehicle while rocking it from side to side. The attack went on for two minutes until the dog briefly stepped aside, allowing the carrier to hit the gas and escape.

Marlin PD Chief Darrel Allen commented on the the stray animal problem: “We are working hard on trying to get this problem taken care of. We are asking our citizens that if a dog is aggressive to call us and we will handle that. We have a due diligence to provide quality law enforcement, and we have to abide by the rules and ordinances of the city.”

Thus far, there are no reports of additional sightings of the dog, and it is unclear if he was apprehended by police, or if he’s still roaming the neighborhood, waiting for the mail to arrive.

15 thoughts on “Dog Attacks Postal Truck

  1. In a way, I have to laugh about the old stereotype of the dog hating the mailman, but how sad that they have such a serious animal control issue. I hope there are no cases of mistaken identity or serious injury!

  2. All mail carriers are required to carry spray,where was this carriers?. And they shouldnt give out treats, just encourages dogs to run after them. Husband is a mailman …he knows.

  3. You can say “my dog won’t hurt you” all you want to, but with some people it’s just what they say. Don’t tell the mail carrier that “my dog won’t hurt you” “my dog is an angel” while it’s snapping and snarling and salivating at the mail carrier’s shins. I hope this city contrtols the stray problem and no mail carriers wind up hurt.

  4. Definetely NOT smart to give out treats. I have a dog who loves vistors and one who does not. I make sure my front door is closed when the mailman comes just so he isnt threatend by my girl ferociously barking through the screen door. She isnt aggressive, just protective of my home and myself.

  5. I’m a carrier and the only problem I have is wild turkeys charging me. And it’s damn near impossible to hit beadie turkey eyes with the spray.

    1. Randy – my husband is a carrier also and his truck gets chased by wild turkeys, too ! he has had some close calls with dogs but so far, no bites. he has learned a lot about dogs since we adopted our own lab and he watcher Dog Whisperer to prepare for her arrival. he uses his technique of “owning his space” on a regular basis.

  6. That is definitely a problem. Either a letter carrier or someone’s beloved pet is going to get hurt. The strays need to be rounded up and taken to a shelter. Then a big Texas style spay/neuter campaign has to hit the community along with education!!
    Most of those strays are probably “dumpees” and their progeny. They’re probably hungry and in a position to have to defend themselves for survival- that’s OUR FAULT , people…meaning those of us who let our pets breed, then “dump” the pups or get a dog, then “dump” it when it gets too big, or too hairy, or too boisterous.

  7. This is sad!stray animals need help & love …we who have dumped these animals are to blame be responsible & step up to the plate, take your unwanted/ unlove babies to humane seciety they can help find a home for your unwanted/unloved animals! they didnt ask to be born/unwanted or unloved.they can get vacines,& tx to help prevent animal diseases that can be spread nation wide.if you re affraid & feel a shamed most places have night drop off cages to prevent them from hurting one another.they will also get food & water!

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