Giveaway: Sam’s Club $450 Grab Bag

We’re ready to add a little excitement to your week with a giant giveaway, and in order to enter, all you have to do is tell us about a dog in need of a home.

We’re ready to add a little excitement to your week with a giant giveaway, and in order to enter, all you have to do is tell us about a dog in need of a home.

Sound too easy? It is – by design.

We were invited to judge a pet photo contest for Sam’s club recently, and they offered to sponsor a giveaway for our fans as a way of saying thank you. The photo contest featured totally pampered pets, and the pictures were a riot. After seeing so many dogs being spoiled rotten, we wanted to direct the spotlight to those at the other end of the spectrum: unwanted shelter dogs seeking forever homes.

With that in mind, we have waived our normal means of entry for the sake of the dogs. There is no need to send us an e-mail today – instead, we ask that you just leave a comment below with a link to an adoptable shelter dog. Know of a dog in a foster home? We’re happy to hear about them as well: just make sure you provide contact info for those interested in adopting. And while those are the only requirements for entry, we ask that you keep in mind the fact that many will see the comments here: the better you are at making a case for the dog you have chosen, the greater the chance that someone could happen upon your comment and fall in love. You never know…


The Prize

Want to know what you will win? So do we! Sam’s Club put together a number of prize packages valued at $450.00 and is offering them as mystery grab bags stuffed full of pet supplies and pet related projects. In other words, surprise!


Please note that we’ll allow comment entries through midnight Saturday, so you have plenty of time to find your way to a shelter dog listing and come back to tell us about it. Please also note that there will be one winner, and that this contest is only open to residents of the US. We’ll use to select the winner, who will be notified by e-mail.[divider]

This is one of our biggest giveways to date, and we love adding a positive spin to the fun. Let us know about a dog looking for a home and you might just find yourself buried in a pile of dog goodies. Don’t need  or want the prize? Enter and donate it to your favorite shelter – we’ll love you for it, and so will they.  As always, we thank you for your support, and for your unwavering dedication to these remarkable animals that we celebrate together.

Good luck!

118 thoughts on “Giveaway: Sam’s Club $450 Grab Bag

    1. Hi! My name is Lily!! I am only unusual in that I don’t have any hair.
      I am a pure bred Kerry Blue Terrier that was born without the gene that produces fur.
      I was purchased from a breeder, probably a bad breeder but none the less, my family couldn’t keep me because I didn’t get along with the other dogs in the family.
      I have to wear sweaters to keep warm and must be very careful when I am outside because I can get sunburned easily. I must be bathed with special shampoo too.
      I am pretty, aren’t I? Then why do people that come to the shelter point at me and stare?
      Why do they get other dogs out and pet them and take them home? I have been here at the shelter for quite a long time. Are you afraid to touch me? I really am soft.
      The volunteers at the shelter all love me, why can’t I find a family that will?
      Luckily, the shelter that I am at is a no-kill shelter, so hopefully, in time, the right family will come to get me. It is a great shelter!
      Just one look at my long eye lashes will melt someone, soon I hope.
      Thanks for listening to my story. Thanks for looking at me and not laughing.

  1. My name is Tyson and I am a Boxer/Lab mix, 1 1/2 years old, and have come to the Shelton, WA Animal Shelter. My first family divorced and surrendered me to the shelter; my second family had to surrender me or risk eviction from their home. I am friendly, leash trained, all my shots are up to date, and have had a paw-dicure so am ready to go to my new fur-ever home. I will make a loving and wonderful companion to a child(ren), however, I do not like cats and need to be an only furbaby. See my beautiful reverse brindle coat and smile at

    The Shelton, WA Animal Shelter is a no-kill shelter and is itself in need of rescue as funds to keep it operating are dwindling. Many pets in addition to Tyson are available for adoption. Information for the Shelton, WA Animal Shelter can be viewed here:

  2. Meet Ziggy. Poor Ziggy has spent his entire life chained to a doghouse. He knows not what it is like to have a warm, soft bed on a cold winter’s night. He knows not what it is to drink fresh water in the winter, as he has only ice to drink. He spends his summers sweating in the hot summer sun and still he yearns for a family that will give him kisses and hugs. Ziggy is a laid back kind of guy and he is hoping for a home that will be cool in the summer, warm in the winter and fresh food and water daily. As you can see, his wishes are small but right now for him, they are impossible dreams. He might as well wish for a trip to the moon. Ziggy’s owner is ill and can no longer take care of him. He and 14 other chained dogs on the property will soon be evicted due to the inability of his owner to care for him anymore. He has nowhere to go except for the small kill shelter in his county. When I say small, I mean small! There is only 1 run. If his entire family gets surrendered, he’s for sure a goner.

    Please consider giving Ziggy a family and a home. He’ll love you forever.

    1. Meet Ziggy. Poor Ziggy has spent his entire life chained to a doghouse. He knows not what it is like to have a warm, soft bed on a cold winter’s night. He knows not what it is to drink fresh water in the winter, as he has only ice to drink. He spends his summers sweating in the hot summer sun and still he yearns for a family that will give him kisses and hugs. Ziggy is a laid back kind of guy and he is hoping for a home that will be cool in the summer, warm in the winter and fresh food and water daily. As you can see, his wishes are small but right now for him, they are impossible dreams. He might as well wish for a trip to the moon. Ziggy’s owner is ill and can no longer take care of him. He and 14 other chained dogs on the property will soon be evicted due to the inability of his owner to care for him anymore. He has nowhere to go except for the small kill shelter in his county. When I say small, I mean small! There is only 1 run. If his entire family gets surrendered, he’s for sure a goner.

      Please consider giving Ziggy a family and a home. He’ll love you forever.

  3. Here’s my current foster dog, Eve!
    She’s a pocket-sized Pittie, and sweet as can be. She was pulled from a shelter on her euthasia date (from a county that does not adopt out pitbull type dogs). Her adoption website is: (click ‘adoptable dogs’, then ‘Eve’.
    She’s such a sweet girl and so full of love, her whole butt wiggles uncontrollably when you walk into the room!

  4. My dog is MISSY a 16 year old Purebred Pug – She REALLY needs a loving home.

    Here is the link to the page she is featured on:

    A bit about Missy: My name is Missy and my prior owner dumped me at the shelter after 16 years of love and devotion because, get this………… “Im old” Hmmmmm Just because im 16 doesn’t mean Im not a good dog. Im a great dog! Allow me to tell you a bit about myself. Yep, im 16 and I was born on April 27th, 1995 and I weigh 17.8 lbs. My foster mom calls me ‘Granny Goose’ I will come to anything, even a hand clap. I’m a great eater and a professional lounge lizard. I love to sun myself in the morning before the days heat sets in, then I trot back inside the house. My hearing is a bit diminished as well as my eye sight but I can get around perfectly fine. I even like going for walks. Im 100% crate trained and will bark when I need to go outside to do my business. During the day, if there is a door left ajar for me, I will go in and out on my own. I love to be scratched on my back and under my chin. Im a little tickelish on my sides and will do a little hula dance for you if you scratch me there. I had a good visit at the Vet and other then being ‘old’ (there is that word again) im good to go. Im a great Pug, I love people and other dogs don’t bother me. I keep pretty much to myself. I need somewhere to spend the rest of my years however long that may be. I realize what I am asking you to do. Its a selfless act of kindness to adopt me, Im asking for someone to be selfless. Please come and adopt me, Im waiting for you!!

  5. 2 Blue Boys Who Need Some TLC

    Huntsville, AL – Huntsville Animal Services

    Rescue Only – 2 male pit bulls, appear to be brothers. Both brought in stray together on June 24th. Both have Demodex mange…shelter has started treatment. Very scared and confused but no aggressions at all. Hold will be up Friday July 1st. Really need to arrange rescue so they can leave the shelter that day if at all possible. If interested, contact Jackie at the shelter 256-883-3783 (kennels # 55 & 58).

    As with most shelters, Pit Bulls aren’t allowed to by adopted directly. But there are several local Pit Bull rescues who would love to help you, help these dogs.

    Thank you.

    Facebook Link:!/photo.php?pid=412686&id=134822916572632

    Daisy is my foster dog from Carolina Boxer Rescue (CBR) She is 4 yrs old and Heartworm positive. We had to treat her hook worms first before we could treat her heartworms. The vet wanted her to gain some weight before we start treatment. Hopefully that will be soon! She loves to lay on the couch with you & watch tv or play outside with my male dog. She’s good with cats and walks great on a lease. We are working on create training her. I can’t say enough good things about her. She’s just a great dog!

  7. Molly needs a FURever home!

    Molly now has a foster, but while she was in boarding I would go visit her and she’s SUCH a sweetheart. She just wants to cuddle and be pet all day. She has a pretty sad back story, as her PetFinder page says, she “was rescued and brought to health. She was adopted and lived happily with her people for a couple of years. Sadly, they had some bozos for neighbors with a pretty wide cruel streak. They not only teased her unmercifully, but they went so far as to shoot at her, hitting her in the leg and causing such severe damage that it had to be amputated. Fearing for her life, her people decided she was not safe there and she was returned to Corridor Rescue. We welcomed her back with open arms and will do our best for her again and that is a promise! ”

    She is a sweet, sweet girl that deserves a wonderful loving, full life. Even with only 3 legs now, she gets around just fine, jumps and everything. I hope she gets a permanent home soon!


    Bosley is a medium adult male Labrador Retriever/Shar Pei Mix waiting for adoption dog at Antietam Humane Society in Waynesboro, PA.

    Bosley’s write up says he was a stray. He is very energetic and playful. He should go to a home where he will receive plenty of exercise and attention. A fenced yard is recommended.

    He is black and white and looks like a very beautiful boy with gorgeous eyes.

    The staff is very nice at Antietam. We have rescued three of our dogs from there, most recently, a big black lab named Bosley. He is loving, playful gentle giant. So i hope someone would be interested in adopting this Bosley, as we all need a liitle Bosley in our lives and hearts.

  9. I see there are 2 places on this page to post comments, this section and the one above. Do both qualify for the drawing?

      1. Thanks. I’ve posted in the upper section, should I also post in the lower one? Not sure if they have different web audiences or not.

    Sweet Stephie was found at the same location that was raided a year ago for hoarding. The conditions were deplorable. Pretty little Stephie was covered in fleas and ticks, carried a load of parasites and was significantly underweight.. She is a beautiful fawn and white long haired greyhound. When she is well she will make someone a fantastic companion.

  11. DKs Kadabra, known as Abby, is a beautiful, brindle, retired female greyhound. She was adopted in 2008, and sadly returned with 2 other greyhounds earlier this year through no fault of their own. The others have found homes, but Abby still waits for her new forever home. She landed in a wonderful foster home where she has room to run with her foster sister Peanut. You can join her on her adventures on the blog created by Southeastern Greyhound Adoption for her at

    She’s a very sweet lady that lived for nearly 3 years with a little girl of her own. We hope she finds her forever place soon. She will be 7 in September and needs a home free from cats and small pets.

    1. Abby was ADOPTED TODAY! Yeah! Someone was looking at a younger hound available, and decided Abby was just right for their family! She’s going to be 7 soon, so this is wonderful news for her!

      1. awesome!!!!!! 🙂 even if this does knock you out of the contest isn'[t it a wonderful feeling to be a loser!!!! 🙂

  12. This special needs guy needs a foster home. Keller is deaf, and while his liter mates are getting adopted, no one is inquiring about Keller. He is at a shelter in Northern KY and the shelter has asked BGBR for assistance with Keller. We currently have no open foster spots for Keller. If anyone in the Cincinnati, OH or Northern KY area is interested in fostering this little fellow, please call Lisa at 937-416-0281.

  13. Fizzy is a male German Shepherd that looks a lot like our Buster!

    His caregivers say he gets along with just about every other dog. He even has a special knack for befriending dogs who otherwise aren’t very dog-friendly.

    But the most loveable thing about Fizzy is his process for wagging. It starts with a slight wiggle in the tail. Then it undulates up through his entire body. And finally all those wiggles just explode out as he gives you lots of wet kisses!

  14. I have a soft spot for poodles and this little guy is just adorable-

  15. For those who are leaving messages about dogs who need homes, I have discovered if you post in this lower section, the link to the dog’s site is hyper-linked and all someone has to do is click on it.

    I tried with the sites mentioned in the first group and had to copy and paste the URL. The bottom links get a prospective adopter to the dog much faster. Also, if there is a restriction on where the dog can be adopted, please let people like me know so I don’t get excited only to find out the dog can’t be adopted out of state.

    Thanks so much, Treena, for doing this!


  16. Fresh from her successful appearance in the Seattle Pride parade, where she got a lot of attention and behaved like a perfect lady, here’s the most lovely Seattle Animal Shelter Coco!
    Young, very energetic, loves to play but also likes to snuggle, very eager to please, very food-motivated, smart, learns quickly.

  17. My do, Lucinda, (Lucy), came to live with me after running loose in the woods for at least 3 months. Hence her name Lucinda Wood.

  18. Meet Bootsie! Currently in foster in Illinois, Boots had found herself in a scary shelter after her loving owner died. A loving little girl who’s great with kids, dogs, cats, and people, Bootsie is just wanting to end her unplanned side trip and make your couch her home.

  19. Baxter a beagle was scheduled for euthanasia due to food aggression, when I pulled him from a shelter for a rescue – two days later a man came to the foundation, saw him and fell in love! They are sharing food and a happy home together – living happily ever after!

    1. bless you Taira!!!!! Just because a dog is food aggressive doens’t mean they are dangerous in my opinion!!! I bet we humans would be the same if we had to fight for food; look at what people do during catastrophes!!!! it’s called fight for survival; again bless you!

  20. Meet Daisy Mae, the cutest little sheep dog!! She is currently at Project Pooch, an amazing non-profit that pairs “unnadoptable” shelter dogs with youth in a juvenile correctional facility. The youth train the dogs to get their Canine Good Citizens and then find forever homes! Daisy is a 9 month old mini sheep dog, currently 33 lbs.

  21. Davis County animal control has so many cats and dogs that need homes. At this link htere are some wonderful dogs. young and old that need fur
    ever homes. It was so hard for me to pick. These are all wonderful dogs. This is my local shelter website and I try to find homes for the animals that they have. When they post on facebook I will share the information to my friends and so on.

  22. My dog Greased Lighting (AKA Greasy) was the runt of the litter. They were going to take him to the pound because no one wanted him. He and I became fast friends and after an hour i had convinced my parents that I needed another dog. I trained him to be a great guard dog and still be friendly when I invited people over. As the story goes, When I went away to boarding school he made an escape and was never seen again.


    This cute guy doesn’t even have a name and he needs a forever home! If you live in Southern West Virginia, would you consider making him part of your family? I’ve adopted two dogs from this shelter although my husband and I live almost an hour away. The staff is always kind, helpful and concerned about the future of their furry residents. Please consider adopting this cute guy, or any of the sweet animals they are caring for currently. If you can’t take an animal into your home right now, please think about dropping off a bag or two of dog or cat food to help them out. Every little act of charity helps them out. If you happen to pick my submission as the winner, please forward the Sam’s Club shopping spree directly to the shelter so they can get supplies!
    If you’ve never adopted a dog (or any animal), you will be in for a pleasant surprise. Somehow, they just seem to know that you’ve saved their life and express their gratitude to you in the most amazing ways. You will never find a more devoted friend and companion! Our adopted dogs and cat agree and urge you not to shop, opt to adopt!

  24. I just did. Thanks for the contest. I alway enter all the pet contest that is going on and me and my dogs never win. But its just fun to do it.

  25. We have recently taken in a wonderful dog we named Sweetie. She was starved, tested positive for HW and Erlichea, has diabetes, and food allergies. The latter two poss affect caused by the starvation. Anyhow, the day we picked her up from the shelter she weighed in at 27 lbs- the entire vet staff was in tears as despite her poor state of health she still wagged her tail and said hello to everyone who talked to her- she held no ill will towards humans. When we got her in the examining room everyone just cried as the vet told us her heart was slowing as her body was conserving energy to live- yet her tail was still going strong. She’s a sweet pit bull with a heart of gold that did not deserve this treatment. She is a love and is now living in my bedroom while she recovers and waits for a forever home. She is such a love! Please visit our FB page to see her pictures and her very slow recovery.

  26. Our dog Maxie came to us from a neighbor down our road…when they decided to move and leave her behind!! She is a wonderful doggie and our 5 year old pit bull mix and my four year olds best friend!!! Glad they moved!!! Lol

  27. I would like to submit my foster girl, Haven, an American Bulldog mix. She’d been at the rescue where I volunteer for a few months. I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her. I was told she was becoming crate and dog aggressive during her time in the rescue and she had been fighting with other dogs and broken out of several crates. I was told that if she couldn’t be “fixed” then the rescue would have to make a decision – which I knew meant euthanasia. I asked the rescue to allow me to try and place her with a bully breed rescue. Unfortunately, all the rescues I contacted were full and I knew time was running out for her. My husband and I agreed to foster her. While we have seven dogs of our own, I was careful to work with Haven one-on-one and to introduce her to our dogs one at a time. Haven has been with us since mid-April and is thriving. She plays well with my dogs and is one of the most affectionate and loving furry four legged creatures I’ve ever met. All she needed was someone to love her and believe in her. I’ve even had the rescue look at Haven and her progress and tell me how wrong they were about her. Haven is full of personality and a total goofball. She’s just over a year old and still has that puppy energy so I don’t recommend her with small kids or small pets. She does well with older kids and bigger dogs. Check out her listing here:

  28. In addition to my four greys, I have acquired four SENIOR GREYHOUNDS that were all community bounces. Kiwi, Roady, Cody and Romeo. The last one, Romeo, is on doggie hospice due to years of neglect from his previous owner. He is riddled with arthritis, fatty tumors, dental issues and reoccurring ear infections. Although there is only one of me to go around to all seven hounds…they never seem to mind. They seem to know that Momster Darla will ensure they are cared for medically, nutritionally and emotionally!

  29. Meet Duncan The Sheltie! We have a special place in our heart for Shelties because we own one, here is the link to Duncan:

    Here is more info about him:Duncan was a stray in northern MI running with another dog. Animal control had a hard time catching him. To adopt Duncan you will need vet references and previous pet history and what pets are in the household now.Duncan is going to need a fenced yard. (underground will not do it for him) Duncan LOVES other dogs and gets his confidence from them. He likes people too and children. Sometimes it takes a bit for him to warm up to adult strangers. We are thinking at the moment that Duncan might do well with a woman who is somewhat active and maybe will pursue obedience or some type of activity to help him bond even more. He needs to get his mind working so he will understand what is expected of him and mostly to gain confidence. Duncan is a sweet boy and we believe with time is going to be a great pet. UPDATE: Duncan continues to improve and enjoys people and petting now. Likes children and other dogs and is fine with cats. ***Applicati…

  30. Whiskey
    Shepherd Mix
    Approx. Age: 7 months
    Rescued January 19, 2011

    Activity Level: Moderate
    Adult Size: Large (50 to 75 pounds)
    Good with: Dogs
    Shots Current

    Apply to Adopt Whiskey

    Promote Whiskey on your Facebook page
    Tweet Whiskey to Twitter

    Click here to email a friend about Whiskey

    See Other Adoptable Dogs
    See Other Adoptable Cats
    Adoption FAQ

    Whiskey is a people lover! She absolutely loves human attention and will do anything to make her humans happy! She knows basic commands: Sit, Down, Up and Off as well as Shake! She is 100% crate trained, and walks/runs very well on a leash. She’s a very sweet, not to mention absolutely gorgeous, puppy looking for a forever home, and would make a lifelong, loyal companion to anyone who willing to share their life with her! Whiskey prefers not to be around small children but has been fine with older children who have been taught to properly interact with pets.

    Special Medical Information: Whiskey does have some special needs that her family will need to know in advance. Her pancreas do not create the necessary enzymes to break down and digest food properly, so she will have to be put on a medication, which costs about $25 for 100 pills.

    Due to Whiskey’s special needs, her adoption fee is reduced to $100.


  31. I have to put a plug in for Dazzle! She’s been waiting at Quad Cities Greyhound Adoption for a while, as far as I know. She had a career as a racer, then spent time as a brood mama. Now here she is, almost a senior dog, finally looking for a home. She’s a beauty and I think she’s going to make somebody very happy that they shared their life with her. Her birthday is July 27. I think the best birthday gift in the world for her would be to finally have her own home and couch! She might even be good company for Nigel! 😉

  32. The dog I am entering is in an animal control shelter in Philadelphia PA. This shelter is always full, daily intake of animals is often high, and adoptable dogs and cats are often killed for lack of space. That is what is happening right now. Here is BABY @Petfinder . Baby is an adult female mixed breed dog surrendered to the shelter because her owner could no longer care for her. She is very sweet, good with other dogs, and could probably live with cats. This “urgent” girl deserves a nice comfy home to rest her middle-aged bones. She would be a great addition to any family. For more info: [email protected]. Baby is waiting at ACCT, 111 W. Hunting Park Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19140. Please consider Baby!

  33. Homer could use some love!

    Homer was found as a stray and turned into the Eastside shelter. His eyes were so filled with pus that he was unable to see. The shelter is a noisy, frightening place to a dog that can see; imagine how scary it is to a dog that is blind. The first day that one of AZGRC’s dedicated shelter walkers saw Homer, he sat in one place in his kennel and did not respond. On the second day in the shelter, he still sat in one place but now he growled. He was scared, confused and did not know who to trust. On the third day, AZGRC Shelter Coordinator, Lisa, went to assess Homer. When she saw how bad his eyes were she asked the shelter to allow us to take Homer out on a medical foster. (A medical foster is when a shelter dog is released prior to the mandated 72 hour hold period) The shelter refused as they felt his eye condition was not life threatening. Lisa did not take no for an answer and worked her way up the chain of command to get Homer released. What was supposed to be a 20 minute trip to the shelter turned into a 2 hour trip but Homer was getting out of there. As Homer was being walked out, he ran into a tree trunk, he really could not see. Homer went directly to Desert Tails Animal Clinic where treatment was started immediately. The next day, he went to Eye Care for Animals to assess his vision and for a diagnosis of his condition. Homer had keratoconjunctivitis Sicca, a long fancy word for “dry eye” syndrome. The really simple explanation is Homer was not producing tears that are needed to protect the cornea. He was started on 4 different eye drops that needed to be given throughout the day. Two days after starting treatment, Homer was chasing a ball around the yard. He could see again.

  34. Little Girl and Cali are two 14 year old Chihuahua mixes who were dumped at a shelter together by their lifelong family, because (according to the family) they were being terrorized by a toddler in their home who was hitting them over the head with something and Cali snapped at the child. I visited them there and they are both sweet, but scared and confused about why their family just dumped them. Little Girl is fawn colored and Cali is brindle. They are both adorable, healthy and friendly and should go to a home together. I hope someone with a kind heart will provide them with some comfort and love in their last years. They are at Gloucester Mathews Humane Society, Gloucester, VA and here are their links:

  35. I have a soft spot for elderly dogs. I lost my first boxer when she was 9. She was so gentle and sweet and had turned gray around her face.

    Harlan captured my attention immediately. These poor homeless older dogs have a harder time finding homes because most people want a young dog and one that will be with them for years. These guys may not have years, but they have tons of love to give. They have no idea why their families have decided they don’t want them anymore after being with them for most if not all their lives. Please take a look at sweet Harlan and consider taking him into your home. Look at that sweet face!

  36. Lab Rescue of the LRCP currently has several pairs of labs waiting to be adopted. I’d like to tell you about one of those pairs, Aretha and Quicy. They are 7 year old labs that we suspect are siblings. They must be adopted as a pair as they are very bonded to each other. They are both up to date on their shots and are heartworm negative. They are good with other dogs and are approved for kids ages 10 and up. Aretha is a black, spayed female. She is a lovely, friendly and outgoing girl. Quincy is a yellow, neutered male. He’s also very friendly and playful. Quincy is diabetic and receives insulin twice daily. We would love to find this wonderful pair of labs a loving forever home. Both Aretha and Quincy are very sweet and give kisses and love freely. You can read more about them at

  37. Ollie just wants a furever home he can call his own. He is about 5 years old and is a neutered golden retriever. He was found as a stray in rural Ohio and had been on his own for some time.

    Difficult for any dog, but add to that the fact that Ollie is BLIND.

    Ollie’s link:

    Not too many people can add a special needs dog to their home – not even one like Ollie who is great with kids and most other dogs. He is easily frightened by energetic dogs who don’t respect his disability.

    Ollie also fears thunder – no wonder since there were lots of storms in Ohio during his days on his own. How scary that must have been for him. I sent him a thunder shirt and some calming cookies to help him, but what he really needs is a home.

    Many thanks to Ollie’s foster family caring for him for his rescue: A.S.A.P in Ohio. Ollie says if he wins he will share his prize with his doggy friends – but he would happily give up everything to go home with you.

    Please look at Ollie. Thank you.

  38. Billy is a newly retired racing greyhound that had a rough start. He’s only 3 years old and his racing career ended abruptly when he broke his leg. It was a bad break that required surgery. A few days after arriving at NE Ohio Greyhound Rescue, Inc. he was rushed back for surgery when one of the screws holding a metal plate popped through his skin. He’s fine now, thankfull and looking for his forever home. Billy loves to play with other dogs, but is a bit too interested in cats. He loves people, young and old and will make a wonderful companion. You can see his photos here….


    Sergeant Pepper is one of my foster pups. I have his momma Lucy, and his brother, Jude, as well. Lucy was shipped up to NYC from South Carolina where she was set to be killed in a gas chamber. She was so emaciated, no one knew she was pregnant. Once she was in NYC and with some real food, she porked up quickly, and gave birth to eight puppies. Five were stillborn. One died the morning before I picked them up from the shelter. Sarge and Jude are her two remaining babies. Lucy will most likely be adopted by my father and have a sprawling country home in New Jersey. Jude has also found a home of his own with a nice couple in the neighborhood. It’s now Sarge’s turn! He’s nine weeks old, probably a Rat Terrier/Hound mix (potentially some Rottie in there), and he’ll be big – 60+ lbs. He’s sweet as pie and is a very mellow, relaxed, easy going pup. He almost entirely pad/paper trained, walks on a harness, and has an automatic sit when he wants something. He’s learning about bite inhibition, and is just the sweetest puppy ever. Please consider giving him a home!

  40. This is a great organization that helps find homes for lovable animals who need a loving family. I wished that I had enough money and land, that I could adopt all of them and give them a good home, especially the ones who gave nothing but love to their human friends, and were abandoned anyway. If you are reading this and you are looking for a pet, please consider giving a shelter animal a 2nd chance to share their love. Thanks.

  41. Only 1 dog? I would like to talk about the 4 dogs I have!! EVERY TIME I leave the house they sing. You can stand out front and hear them start. One will get going and then the other 3 join in. It’s hilarious!! I love them bunches and they are Rufus, Molly, Esther, and Joanie of Bark. The whole family- Dad, Mom, and the 2 girls. The singing rotties.

  42. Cheyenne is so C U T E !!! She’s been at the APA for two months. She’s only seven years old and looks like such a LOVER!!! I love the APA, btw!!

  43. Maybe you didn’t mean to post this here, but it is highly inappropriate to try to push your business on a forum where people are trying to save the lives of abandoned and homeless dogs. Just seems a bit crass to me.

  44. Jack is a handsome, sweet, loving boy. He, along with his 11 siblings, was dumped at the Wilburton pound last summer. Everyone else has gone to their forever homes but poor Jack. He loves people and gets along great with other dogs. He’s had many foster roommates come and go and he loved playing with all of them. He likes to chase toys but doesn’t always bring them back. He’s coming along nicely on his manners and hardly jumps on people anymore. He walks on a leash nicely. He needs a family to call his own.

  45. ICE ICE BABY… *dun dun dun dundundundun*…

    Meet Ice, and learn that SENIORS ROCK!! Ice the ex-racing greyhound was returned to our group due to a change in his previous family’s lifestyle. Now, you can help him find his forever home. If interested, and in WI or northern IL, please contact GPA-WI at •414-299-9473 and adopt a 45 mph couch potato!

  46. Here is Walter! Walter says: This nice lady took me in and my 7 other litter mates because she was helping out our previous owner with all the dogs living in the home….she got all the adult dogs spayed/neutered, heartworm tested, one even heartworm treated(!), got them all up to date on their shots to help keep her aminal numbers down. We are looking for our FUREVER HOMES, 20 week old beagle mix puppies have ALL 3 sets of puppy shots, our first adult shot, rabies, bordetella, plus 2nd month of heartguard plus and been dewormed 5 times…..adoption application and spay and neuter deposit required. Walter is already Micro-Chipped AND neutered but his remaining brothers and sister are not. She has been paying for all of this vet care on her own without help. Contact Kristine at 517-404-7883 to find out more about Walter!

    My name is Carrie and I currently have Walter in my home fostering him for a week or two. He is a very sweet, very loving dog. He wants deperately to play with my other 3 dogs but they are all older and do not want to play with him. He is the cutest thing with his little stubby legs. He loves to cuddle and will sleep in his crate but would prefer to be in bed with me. I would consider him housebroken although after a week he did have one accident in my house yesterday. Please consider adopting Walter.


    My name is Rio. I’m a four year old dalmatian/husky mix who has been deaf since birth, but I don’t let it stop me. I know basic obedience through hand signals, but am eager to learn more! I love treats (maybe a little too much) and to cuddle. I’ll play with water bottles, but don’t find other toys as interesting, so I will need someone who’ll take me out for the exercise I need every day (gotta work off those treats somehow!). I’m good with cats, kids, and other dogs after I’ve gotten to sniff them.

    Currently, I’m staying with my foster mommy and my “sister”, Annaleise (, and can be adopted through Because You Care ( in McKean, Pennsylvania. My sis and I have been here for waaaaay too long, so come see us and help us find our forever homes!

  48. I volunteer with MAGDRL – Mid Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League and this pretty girl, Chi Chi has been in rescue since Sept 2010. If I had more time I would definately scoop her up and adopt her. She’s a petite well mannered female dane who would love a forever home.. you can find her here

  49. I have a sweet Lab mix named Honey Bear. She came from the pound where she had been turned in twice in a few weeks for being too hyper (!!) and too rough with kids. They did not want to give her to a family with kids, so we lucked out, since we have none! She has been the best dog ever! She enjoys obedience training and walks and has been with us for 7 years! We are so lucky!! ;o)

  50. Ten year old Amber. She is a sweetheart. She came from a breeder situation where she was in a kennel life…but you’d never know it. She is adorable. She does great with small kids, other dogs and senior citiizens. We take her to the nursing home where she just loves on everyone. You’d never know this girl was going to be Eleven. She chases the young dogs, plays and wrestles with them all. All Amber wants for her birthday is a loving family to call her own, would you like to make her birthday wish come true?

  51. Annaliese. She is with because you care, Erie pa. She is a black lab border mix. She loves to play fetch all day and could play outfielder. Anna was a my foster dog that I rescued and that that she had found a forever home. She was returned to the adoption program because she preferred to play with humans and not the other dogs. Since she had been with me she has been in foster care. It would mean so much to me if she found a forever home. She is 5 yes old and was found lifeless when she was a puppy.

  52. Pam, president of IL Doberman Rescue Plus went to Peru last year to help at an animal shelter there. While there she met Milou and Kessia; two special needs dogs. After her trip home, she and many other people coordinated Milou and Kessia’s trip to Chicago so that IL Doberman Rescue could get them the medical care they needed. This is Milou’s story (as told by Pam):

    “On one of the first days at the vet clinic, I met a small dog who had come in the week before after being hit by a bus. They had not figured out how to get him to eat since his jaw was broken. He wasn’t even able to drink as he could not maneuver his tongue. He was just emaciated when I first saw him, so I asked them for some canned food, water and a big syringe (in extremely broken Spanish and with lots of gestures). I mixed it all together and sucked it in the syringe and fed him some. After a few syringefuls, he figured it out and was so appreciative. I didn’t want to do too much too fast, so I waited, but he kept running over to me with his mouth open for me to put more in. It was so sweet. I did this with him every day for a week, and after that he was able to eat canned food. I spent a lot of time with Milou and, as you can imagine, grew quite attached. I kept picturing him at the shelter they had there, knowing he would never have a real home. Most of the dogs with special needs do not find homes.”

    Milou, Kessia and many other dogs and cats are available for adoption from IL Doberman Rescue Plus.

  53. Rush is a very sweet and affectionate 2 year old Pit Bull. He was returned to the shelter multiple times because he became so attached to people, he suffered separation anxiety. Rush was placed in a foster home where he received behavioral training to help calm his anxiety levels. This has really worked wonders for Rush, who now leads a calmer, happier life. After about a month in her home, his foster says she thinks of Rush as one of her own. Unfortunately, the other dogs in the house don’t agree. Rush is a very sweet and gentle boy, with a wonderful personality and a prize-winning smile. Rush would do better in a home without other dogs so he can be spoiled.
    For more information on Rush, please call the shelter and ask for one of the Foster Coordinators at the Chester County SPCA, West Chester, PA.
    Rush is neutered, up-to-date with routine shots, house trained, and ready to love you unconditionally! What more could you want? Can you give this sweet boy a chance?

  54. Rory is one of the many plus dogs (non dobermans) available for adoption at Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus.

    Hello. My name is Rory. I can’t wait to meet you. I am a very happy girl. I am right around 1 year old and very curious. I have been told that I am an adorable little 6 pound Chihuahua mix. I look like a Chihuahua but I have a longer wiry coat. I think I’m part Yorkie. Some people say I look like a mini German Shepherd. I wake up in the morning ready to play. But after a hard day of work and play I love to relax on the couch. My foster mom and dad say I love to run so much that I am making my own racetrack in their small enclosed yard. I sleep in my crate at night but I love even more when I get to fall asleep on the bed by my foster dad’s shoulders. I do fine when my foster parents are at work for a full day, although I would love to be adopted by someone who can spend more time with me. I love one-on-one time. I get the feeling that the Chihuahua I live with is wanting me to find my forever home. He misses being the only lap dog around. We play together all the time. We play tug of war and steal each others toys. I love to go on walks. I am not your ordinary carrier dog. I want to use my legs. I am learning to walk on a leash but I use a harness since I don’t really love having a collar on. I chase a ball better then some big dogs. I did chase my foster parents cat a few times but I think it was just nerves, heck I didn’t really know what it was. Now I just whimper at her. My foster mom says I have a great crooked smile. I love having my belly tickled. I love to be where the action is. I do need some training, especially on coming to my name. I would love to become part of your family. Please email Kelli at [email protected] if you think you could love me enough. Thanks 🙂 To view more photos (and there are lots) or get an application go to

  55. Thomasita has been at this shelter for 4 yrs! She deserves to spend the rest of her years in a loving home to call her own. “She is a 10 year old Labrador Mix who is current on all vaccinations and healthy as a horse. She is great with men, women, and children. Thomasita would like to go to a home where she is the only animal and can be spoiled rotten. She is an extremely loyal, affectionate, and active girl who could chase a tennis ball all day long! She certainly doesn’t act her age and has such a happy-go-lucky demeanor. “Tommy” would love a nice, big backyard to run in and a warm, cozy couch to snuggle on. Could you be her forever home?”

    Rikki is a six-month-old Chow Chow mix. She is a very good, very calm dog. Rikki is good on the leash but pulls a little when a really good smell comes along. A little training and a little practice, though, and you’ll have a fabulous walking companion. Rikki is happy and friendly. She does well with her kennel mate and she’s fun to be around. She also has a shade of red fur that will make any Clairol fan sick with envy. She’s a lovely girl, inside and out. If you would like to contact Metro to ask about this dog, it is very helpful if you have the ID number (A438777) handy. Thanks!!
    E-mail: [email protected]

  57. This dog is awesome – I have personally met her – would be a great addition to any household!!
    Ryan Rock is a shar-pei/AmStaff terrier rescued from the pound. Good with dogs, cats, children, she is housetrained and crate-trained. Ryan is 35 pounds and very cuddly. She likes to play in the baby pool and rings a bell to go outside. She is very smart! DOB 4-2010 Posted 4-9-11
    Email – [email protected]

    Buddy is a handsome boy! Hello all! I am a VERY handsome and good boy looking for my forever home. Let me tell you a bit about myself I may be an 8 year old, but my foster family has a 7 month old puppy, and I have a good time playing and keeping up with him. When we go for walks, I am pretty strong on leash (so I have been told) and need a bit of work on leash manners. You will need to keep your eye on me, cause I like to bolt out the front door when you are not looking. I LOVE to be outside just checking things out see, I was mainly an outside dog, so I am learning the comforts of living inside. I have been told that I have good indoor manners, and when my family leaves to go somewhere, I have total run of the house as I am very trustworthy. I do though, like to shred up the stuffed toys but I will only play with what I am given to play with. I am pretty laid back in the house, and I am pretty active when we are outside. My favorite thing to do is be with, and hang out with my people. I need a home with an above ground fence, cause I always figured out a way to get through an invisible fence. I know, it was not a smart thing to do, but I did it anyway!! So, lets make sure there is a good, above ground, secure fence to keep me in the yard and safe. 🙂 I get along really well with my 2 legged foster kids too. They give me lots of love and attention! Once you meet me, you will really want to take me home! Give me a call! Please visit our website at for information about our adoption procedures and the areas we service.
    Email – [email protected]

  59. Poco was a lost dog looking for his home when he was picked up by a concerned citizen. He is a great dog and loves to be with people. He also loves other dogs. Poco is submissive, friendly and will give kisses. His Meet Your Match evaluation states that his personality is a “constant companion”. This means that Poco will be a low maintenance companion who will enjoy sitting at your feet and walking by your side. He will be your devoted companion for you and your family forever. It is suggested that he go home with children ages 7 years old and up. Come and visit with Poco and you will agree that he will make the best companion dog for anyone looking for a low maintenance and highly loving dog.

  60. Morgan is a 2 month old female black and white Pitbull mix pup who is considered a class clown,looking for a good-humored soulmate ready to let the good times roll.She is a great puppy who will make a great companion for someone who has a lot of love and time to give her-could you be the one?

  61. Milou has such a great story. Pam, president of the Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus, worked with him in a shelter in Peru, and tell his story best:

    “On one of the first days at the vet clinic, I met a small dog who had come in the week before after being hit by a bus. They had not figured out how to get him to eat since his jaw was broken. He wasn’t even able to drink as he could not maneuver his tongue. He was just emaciated when I first saw him, so I asked them for some canned food, water and a big syringe (in extremely broken Spanish and with lots of gestures). I mixed it all together and sucked it in the syringe and fed him some. After a few syringefuls, he figured it out and was so appreciative. I didn’t want to do too much too fast, so I waited, but he kept running over to me with his mouth open for me to put more in. It was so sweet. I did this with him every day for a week, and after that he was able to eat canned food. I spent a lot of time with Milou and, as you can imagine, grew quite attached. I kept picturing him at the shelter they had there, knowing he would never have a real home. Most of the dogs with special needs do not find homes.”

    After Pam returned home to IL, she, with the help of many others, coordinated his and one other dogs trip to Chicago. Milou and Kessia (the other dog from Peru) are both available for adoption through IL Doberman Rescue Plus.

  62. HUNTER is an 18 month old black male Labrador. This boy’s story will break your heart. He wandered around in Dairy country near Escalon (CA), eating whatever he could find for months. Too terrified to come near any humans. Finally a great good samaritan put food out for him in his yard and shut the gate when Hunter went in. Another 3 months and no one could touch him….whatever happened to him had to be really awful to make him fear humans so. Well we got the call and went to see him…treats didn’t work, nothing…he simply would not come near us. Then Diane sat down on the ground way out in the yard and low and behold he went straight to her. It was the darndest thing we have ever seen. He simply trusted her. Well Diane has fostered him for two months and he now comes in the house….carefully….loves her other dogs and will come to her. It is time for a forever home for Hunter….we’re looking for a doggie Mother Theresa…someone who has another dog and will go very slowly with Hunter. Take him on walks and show him the world. He has never shown aggression, just fear. We know there is a wonderful Lab just waiting for the right family. Are you the one to bring him out? Go to: and scroll down to see a photo of Hunter, he is beautiful!

  63. Layla

    This beagle/lab mix is adorable and I had one so I know they are great dogs, this little girl needs a home from a Shelter in Pittsburgh PA. Pictures are on my Facebook Page. Help find this baby a home:)
    Animal ID : 13368773
    Breed : Retriever, Labrador / Beagle
    Age : 3 years
    Gender : Female
    Color : Black
    Spayed/Neutered : Yes
    Size : Medium

  64. Mitchell deserves a great home, my daughter and I met him in March when we were volunteering at a local shelter. We walked him for awhile and played with him. He is great on the leash and LOVES to snuggle!! He has been at the shelter his entire life, over 3 years!! For some reason he is always looked over. Interested in Mitchell? Contact the Olean SPCA – (716) 307-8937:

    Splash is being fostered 30 minutes from downtown Louisville. Beautiful Golden Shepherd, sweet girl was found emaciated and starving as a stray. She is 1-2 years old. She loves to be petted. She is good with other dogs. She wants to be a member of the family and has so much to offer. She is now healthy and coming out of her shell after having to survive on the streets. She still doesn’t like being on leash but is getting better. Splash loves, loves, loves water! If there’s any water Splash will be swimming. she’s a great swimmer. She loves retrieving anything floating in the water, sticks, plastic bottles, anything! She loves long car rides and just hanging outside. She can jump a regular fence so an electric fence will probably be best for her. She is spayed, microchipped, utd on all shots, frontlined, hw negative, and wormed. She will make an excellent companion pet. Her adoption fee is $150. You can download a simple application off our site.

    Email – [email protected]

  66. This is Akira, an Australian Shepherd/Cattle Dog mix. Akira was first seen limping along a busy highway. A few days later (and 20 miles down the road) she was seen by the same person and this time the good samaritan stopped and put the dog in her car.
    A quick trip to the vet revealed that, at some point, Akira’s right eye had been surgically removed. Her right hind leg was badly broken and she was so emaciated that surgery for the leg repair was out of the question.
    Following a week of rest and plenty of food, Akira was deemed well enough for surgery. Unfortunately, her leg was so badly broken that it had to be amputated. Akira has been a real trooper and just a few weeks after surgery, she is jogging with her foster mom and bounding up and down steps with the rest of her foster ‘pack’.
    Akira is in The Dubois County Humane Societies (Jasper, IN) foster program, no longer “special needs”, Akira is just plain “SPECIAL” ! See Akira at Click on Adoptable Dogs to see this lovely lady!

    Meet Lily. She was rescued from the middle of a busy highway in the mountains of SE KY. Someone had discarded her like she was trash 🙁 Luckily for Lily, a Good Samaritan found her and is trying to find her a great home. Lily is a young girl, probably only a year old and weighs in at 47lbs. She appears to be a mix of beagle and husky but who really knows? All we know is that she is a really, sweet, wonderful girl who needs a great home. Lily gets along great with other dogs and never sees a stranger. She was been spayed and vaccinated and is ready to roll! If you are interested in adopting Lily, please complete an application.
    Email – [email protected]

  68. I put a dog I have seen on the Animal Rescue sight in Pittsburgh when I was looking for Dakota, beagle/lab mix, had one and she was a great dog.

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