Organizers Hold Rally in Support of Pit Bulls

A pit bull ban proposed by Vancouver City Council members has supporters of the breed taking to the streets in an attempt to block it.

A pit bull ban proposed by Vancouver City Council members has supporters of the breed taking to the streets in an attempt to block it.

More than 200 people and 75 dogs protested the ban Wednesday evening. The ban was proposed in response to an attack on a 9-year-old Vancouver boy two weeks ago after three pit bulls mauled the fourth grader. The boy is expected to recover fully, but the attack prompted two Vancouver City Council members to propose new breed specific legislation.

Rally organizer Cash Frackiewicz says a ban is not the answer, and that the safety of the community lies in the hands of dog owners, not lawmakers.

“It’s the irresponsibility of owners that don’t know how to properly train a breed or any type of breed,” said Frackiewicz. “You got to treat it more than just an animal. You got to treat it like a human being. It’s like raising a kid. You set your kid in a straight line and a dog will do the same. It will follow.”

The Vancouver City Council will hear arguments regarding the ban in a workshop Aug. 8.

27 thoughts on “Organizers Hold Rally in Support of Pit Bulls

  1. We are starting to rally supporters in Michigan as well as Bill 4714 has been proposed to not ban just pitbulls but all the bully breeds and any dogs with the same characteristics. Once again lazy polititions trying to do things the wrong way.

  2. Any dog can bite anyone… the problem is not the breed, its the owner who haven’t taught them well…. teach them well and a tough looking any types of dog breed can be like a kitty cat…

  3. ugh! BSL sucks it’s not the dog it’s the owner…how many times do we have to tell people this!? any dog is capable of seriously injuring a child not just specific breeds.

  4. LEAVE IT TO MASS MEDIA TO SPREAD THE FEAR. SERIOUSLY THEY ARE STUCK ON STUPID AND IT’S REALLY IRRITATING. I’ve been a vet tech for damn near 10 years and been bit once… a yellow lab.

  5. I have 5 Staffordshire Bull Terriers…..I would never think of owning any other breed of dog..We consider them our children.They are so loving.I agree that its the owners fault 100%.Dogs are just like children,if they are abused or neglected they definitely will lash out…I’m so sick and tired of hearing “Is that a pit” or it figures it was a pit that bit someone..People need to stop being so ignorant!!! Stop judging!!!! You must own a Am Staff,Bull Terrier or Staffordshire before you pass judgement. If you do,I’m sure you would fall in love & never want any other breed ever again…Good Luck Vancouver!!!

  6. This type of behavior appauls me. Pit bulls are very smart dogs besides being so loving and trusting of their owners. If their owner’s teach them to fight or be mean they are just trying to please who they love. They are the best dog ever if treated right, like any other animal or person for that matter. We wouldn’t even think of banning a certain race of people so why on earth would we be so judgemental to a dog, man’s best friend.

  7. ‘k, I’m taking offence at the not the dog it’s the OWNER comment. Many years ago I adopted an 8wk old border collie cross from the pound and I don’t know what happened to her in her short stay there but this girl was emotionally scarred by the experience. She was naturally very security minded but became a biter, despite having kind, loving and experienced caregivers. We certainly did not encourage this behaviour but we were never able to change it. Instead I had to be very careful where I brought her and monitor who approached her. I never bailed on her and she lived a good long life but mannnn they were a tuff 15 years. So agreed it’s not the BREED, but I say it’s not necessarily the OWNER either (tho it could be if the asshole trained his dog to fight), it’s the individual DOG.

  8. It is simply mind boggling how ignorant law makers the world over continue to support and legislate BSL despite all the documented facts confirming it is not the breed but the individual.

    How is it that Cleveland, Ohio legislators just this week came to their senses and dismantled their BSL laws and revised the laws to address Behavior (ultimately the owners responsibility) and not Breed. Yet, our neighbors to the north decide to continue the fictitious ‘blame the viscous breed” mentality.

    Cleveland rocks!

    Vancouver City Council members…..You stink like 5 day old fish.

  9. well said Judith! many pro pitbull types own/have owned, or know a nice natured pitbull and are basing their ‘knowledge’ and ideas on them. Theres a reason these dogs consistently are in the news from attacking someone or someones dog. Its the same reason German shepherds, for example, make good police dogs, ITS IN THEIR NATURE!!

  10. My boxer is probably more aggressive than most pit bulls, and he has a great home, so I agree that it’s not always the owner. It’s a combination of the size of the dog vs. the injuries capable from that size, the owners inability to handle or irresponsible handling of the dog, and the dog just being a psycho.

    I am anti government regulation or personal rights and ownerships for the most part. So them targeting a breed is ridiculous!

  11. Just like breeding dogs with health problems, people also breed dogs with aggressive/fearful problems. Some dogs come from disreputable breeders or backyard breeders who don’t look at the temperament of the dog. Inexperienced owner purchases dog equals problems. Notice I say dogs not breeds, the only dog I have been bitten by is a small one. People are the root of the problem when it comes to aggressive dogs.

  12. Yes I agree, its not 100% owner’s fault but it all depends on if the owner is responsible or not. I have seen some dogs at the dog park being very aggressive. Some of these dogs owner constanly have their eyes on their dogs… but some don’t and causes problems. It’s your dog, you must know their temperament. Then you can sense what’s your dog is feeling… from their body language. And it’s sure not the breed, cause I have a G. Shepherd and Rottie mix and he is as sweet as a small puppy. He is huge in size but he is a lap dog.

  13. to all above from Judith on down. All of your statements are correct on ANY dog. This does not particularly mean pitbulls should be targeted. They are a very strong muscled dog which makes them very durable to fighting. And thus have become known for this behavior as it is a taught behavior right from the start. Any dog can be taught this but it is the pitbull who has the strength and endurance unfortunately. I have known MANY MANY pitbulls and own one myself and not known one to be an aggressive dog. And I am offended every time someone puts these dogs in the news because of idiot owners who have made them this way.

  14. Wanted to add that while pits were bred to fight, they were bred to fight other dogs! Why would anyone ever breed a human aggressive dog? They were also bred to be “nanny dogs” and military dogs. There are certainly aggressive pits but not because the breed is bad, because the bloodline is bad, or they have been overbred or they have been taught to be aggressive. Here is a statistic that few people know, what which breed scores the highest of temperament testing? The pit bull! Pits as a breed are sweet, loving and loyal dogs. And I am not basing that on my dog alone (who, by the way, is training to be a certified therapy dog).

  15. My ear was torn off the side of my head when I was a small child, by a STANDARD POODLE. Any bullly type dogs I’ve ever known are awesome, sweet and protective of any children in their home. People have their opinions based on their experiences or what they’ve read. BSL is not the answer. BSL promotes fear and ignorance among uneducated people. Look at the owners of small ankle biters that think it’s cute. Right now I have a German shepherd and she’s more aggressive then any bully type dogs I’ve seen.

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