Dogs Unchained by New Palm Beach County Law

It goes without saying that with the dog days of August bearing down upon us, this is good news for Florida’s pet population.

It goes without saying that with the dog days of August bearing down upon us, this is good news for Florida’s pet population.

First-time violators of the tethering and shelter laws face a $100 fine. A second offense carries a $250 fine and a third offense is $500. Depending on the severity of the violation, criminal charges are possible.

35 thoughts on “Dogs Unchained by New Palm Beach County Law

  1. Its sad to think that many of these dogs will wind up in a shelter because their owners will not build a fence. Maybe if they are lucky they will find new homes…

  2. So they are not allowed to put dogs on leashes? Trying to understand…. If so that leaves them running at large possibly getting hit by a car, stolen and abused or euth, but I have always thought dogs are for indoors not outside and unloved…

    1. What the blank are you babbling about??? Did you not watch the video? YOU CAN NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG ALONE, BY IT’S SELF, WITH OUT SOME ONE THERE, UNWATCHED. Now I am trying to understand What is wrong with you, and have great hope you do not own a dog. Think about it.

  3. These kind of laws cost shelter animals their lives.
    What about the loving family who treat their dogs like royalty, but don’t have a fence? The dogs like begin outside, so they’re tethered for a few hours a day (Is there a provision in the law for that?)
    Or what about the neighborhood that won’t allow fences to be built? You would rather the dogs run loose?
    I understand the sentiment behind these laws, because dogs aren’t meant to be lawn ornaments, but I don’t think they’re well thought-out (In some cases)

    1. So you would rather a dog get wrapped around a post, and die a slow death of strangulation, by it’s self, or have someone steal it, KEEP IT IN THE HOUSE, Take it for walks in the AM before you leave, then again when you get home. DON’T TETHER!!

  4. No dog should ever be chained…. They’re supposed to be a family pet not your backyard slave. Ugh I hate that…. And we all know that a chained dog it’s an uncared for dog… No water, no shade, no play, no love :(….. This needs to be a law everywhere!!!! Would you leave your child out in the cold or heat? Then why would you do it to your pet..

    1. Well said Pattie!!! Be responsable, not stupid. leaving dogs in cars, NO NO, a bit of common sense goes a long way.

  5. Kirsta, surely if you have areas that have no fencing, then you have no dog. It should be mandatory that pets that are left outside should have plenty of shelter, water and NOT BE TETHERED. If you cannot have an animal running safely free in your garden, then don’t get the animal – simple……

  6. So, just because someone doesn’t have a fence, they shouldn’t have a dog?
    You cannot pass laws like that and then whine because of your local shelters kill numbers.

  7. No Krista, what I am saying is that if you cannot keep your dog safe without chaining it up, then you shouldn’t have a dog. Responsible people should look at their living conditions before deciding on getting an animal – not every abode is dog friendly. Are you telling me then that to keep their kids safe they chain them up as well, if they do not have a safe yard? It’s exactly the same.

  8. I applaud this law. Dogs should not be left all day long on a tether in the front of back yard (don’t say you don’t know this happens everyday).

    Also like the new deffinitions of a shelter. When I do my greyhound rescue, I talk to people on proper shelters. It still surprises me that there are folks out there that think just throwing a dog in the backyard in all weather with nothing to protect them from the elements is okay.

  9. This is a great start. I think the punishments need to be more severe though. $100 for a possible dead dog on the end of a leash at the end of a hot day? Definitely not severe enough for my tastes anyway.

    1. I agree MizzV ! None of our laws tword animal neglect and cruelty seems to be where they should be this day and age. Neglect is out of control, and slight punishment to the human, The animal can’t speek for it’s self, so slap on the wrist, and put the dog down. It is becoming a sick world, stupidity seems to be winning out after some of the comments I just read.

  10. Krista, due to the behavior problems that come w/ dogs that are constantly chained, they usually end up euthanized anyway. Then there are the health issues, and the dogs that get all tangled up in their chain and have injuries from that, there’s also the fact that tied dogs cannot escape other predators or loose dogs that come on to the property.
    Nothing wrong w/ owners being outside WITH their dogs and supervising the dogs while playing – but then they come in the house to be w/ the family.
    If you don’t want the dog in the house, you don’t want the dog.

  11. Well said Jeanne. There is also nothing wrong with a dog being outside if he/she is provided with a properly made kennel and run (run at least 20ft by 10ft) – this will also provide protection from the elements and other animals. Then you wouldn’t need a fence.

  12. I wish they would pass this law here in VA. Unbelievable the numbers of dogs chained up in a back yard and nobody ever spends time with it. People just throw them some food and go on about their business. I’m sorry but that is a life of sheer misery and worse than being euthanized.

  13. I think that the punishments should be more severe, but this is a good start in the right direction. I wish there were more public outcry in neighboring Indian River County. My heart breaks every time I have to drive by a dog chained up and know that the owner has every right under the law to sentence their pet to a life of misery and lonliness.

  14. It should be the law EVERYWHERE!!!! I woiuld like to see the people that chain up their dogs survive even 1 day being chained up like their “pet” The boredom alone would be enough to drive them insane.

  15. I applaud not having a dog chained up all day and/or night. That’s awesome.

    But what about tethering to go out to potty? My dog was too nervous to do his “business” with me there, and without a fence, I had to tether him out and wait (usually watching out the window secretly) till he was done. He’s gotten a lot more confident now (thankfully), but would that get an owner stuck with a fine under this law, or is it mostly for the people who think dogs are supposed to live outside?

    1. Minneh, this is just for the stupid people that leave their dogs chained/tethered for hours at a time. If someone came by, saw your dog alone, outside, tethered, would you be their to see them? Yes, that would be ok. To be peeking out the window would constitute “watching” your dog.

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