Red Dog Movie Premiere

The release date for the film has been moved forward from August 11 to August 4.

Coming August 4th to Australian theaters: Red Dog, the movie.

Red Dog was a Kelpie/Cattle dog cross well-known for his solo travels throughout Western Australia’s Pilbara region, and a new movie based on the book about his adventures looks like a great summer pick.

See the star of the show, Koko, in his initial screentest.

29 thoughts on “Red Dog Movie Premiere

  1. really looking forward to seeing this – my dad gave red dog a ride quite a few times himself – looking forward to see how the stories are handled 🙂

  2. I want to see it, but …….. is it sad??? I cannot watch sad animal movies! I cry for weeks! I honestly love animal movies, books, etc., but I get too emotional in alot of them! Very CUTE trailer & screen test — loved it!

  3. I am again amazed at how smart and wonderful animals are. Anyone who uses Dumb & Animal in the same sentence is blind. Can’t wait to see this.

  4. I have read the book, and read the true stories about Red Dog. I hope the movie does justice with the legend. There is a statue of red dog in his old stomping grounds. Looking forward to the movie.

  5. I can’t find it anywhere in the coming attractions in my Theatres. Does anyone know any specifics on when and where it will be released?

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