Dog Abandoned While in Labor

In a heartbreaking case of abandonment, a South Carolina dog owner dropped off the family dog at a local animal shelter – just as it was going into labor.

Fortunately, Carolina Poodle Rescue stepped in and took over, and will now care for the mother and her litter. They say that ultimately breed does not matter: it’s about doing the right thing – something the dog’s former owner didn’t seem to understand.

Meet Tracy and her adorable new litter in the following video report from WYFF.

9 thoughts on “Dog Abandoned While in Labor

  1. Yay for Rescue, and for saying something I’ve always felt – it doesn’t matter what breed gets taken out and rehomed, as long as some dog was!


  2. “They say that ultimately breed does not matter: it’s about doing the right thing”

    BRAVO! I do so agree! ♥!!!

    A few years back I was helping w/ a special needs rescue case for a small org. in MN and enlisted the aid of Adopt a Husky (where I’ve volunteered in the past) to help even though the subject was mixed. My contact at the org. was so thankful and emphasized how supportive the “specific breed” rescue was and that they recently had been turned down numerous times by other groups for a little assistance because the subjects were mixed. I was disheartened to hear that such stipulations arose when we’re all basically in the same boat just trying to get these homeless creatures to safety or a home or to even buy a little time.

  3. Thank god some people still have a heart. Thank you so much to the poodle rescue for stepping in and showing people that breed doesn’t matter no matter what. It sounds like the they know who the owner is if they left it right ? So why doesn’t this person face any charges ? If this was my shelter they would be facing more than charges let me tell you. They are scum.

  4. I’m so glad to see this story has had such a happy ending.

    As for the owner of this dog – some people really do not deserve to be allowed to even breath on this earth.

  5. Some people just suck…then there are those like the Carolina Poodle Rescue who bring it all back into perspective <3

  6. I’ve fostered three expectant dog moms, one who was meant to be my dog and so we adopted her in the end. The best thing we can do is make even a small donation to Carolina Poodle Rescue to make sure they stay operational! I just donated through PayPal.

  7. This is so sad, all I can say is at least they dropped the dog off at the shelter. So many just get abandoned on the side of the road.

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