Atka Salutes

Our dog, Atka, salutes along with 2 Marines at Ft. Dix, NJ.

He is a performing Tricks and Therapy Dog, and we go regularly to nursing homes and military bases for the wounded & ill soldiers to put on tricks shows and then visit with all audience members afterward.

Since we started doing shows and educational seminars at the military bases (I’m the Chairman for the Public Education Committee for our dog’s AKC parent club, the American Eskimo Dog Club of America, so do seminars for kids on how to act safely around dogs), we taught him how to salute on command (the command is “Present….. arms!!!” just like in real life to another person).

We were able to capture that trick on camera with a recent visit with him flanked by 2 Marines, and think this is something your readership would truly enjoy.

– Thy Cavagnaro

3 thoughts on “Atka Salutes

  1. Love this! What an awesome dog! It’s so nice that Atka and his owners can help our soldiers during their recovery. They so need the love a dog can give.

  2. I would really like to include this picture in the book I have being published, but I can’t unless I receive permission from you to do that. Please, may I use the picture. The name of my book is: Unconditional Love, It’s all About Dogs.

    Please answer me one way or another soon as the book is at the publishers now.

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