Pricey Perfume for Pooches

Les Poochs V.I.P. Parfum is one of the world’s costliest perfumes – and it’s made for dogs.

According to the manufacturer:

Only once every two years can enough petals of the rare Osmanthus flower be picked and distilled to create Michel’s signature Fragrance “Les Poochs V.I.P”. This ever evolving modern “living” fragrance energizes then soothes the olfactory senses for those lucky enough to smell it.
This liquid gold is packaged in hand crafted crystal bottles each numbered and signed. Due to the high demand and limited quantity Les Poochs V.I.P is offered by invitation only.

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At $750 to $1,000 an ounce – more than twice the cost of Chanel No. 5, we’re ok if that invitation never arrives. Perhaps those of you with deeper pockets will disagree.

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