Woof vs. Meow: What Our Furry Pals Reveal About Us

A new infographic from Hunch compares cat and dog owners and digs a little deeper than most, offering interesting details about both camps.

5 thoughts on “Woof vs. Meow: What Our Furry Pals Reveal About Us

  1. I like dogs more & I am shy, and Use a non smartphone(can’t afford) & I’ve always lived in the city! & I’m a girl! I don’t read ANY of those magazines! I like American Idol I’d listen to Christian rock as long as its not metal or death rock hardcore where they just scream their lungs out! I just can’t enjoy screaming as singing lol! Never even seen any of those movies! and those books the only one I know of is Pride and Prejudice & I am 28 yrs. old! Oh yes I’m conservative you did get that one right, but I had a cat when I was little!

  2. Some of it is obvious – easier to have a cat living in a city or renting. More men don’t like cats just because they can’t make them do what they want…
    Many dog owners don’t have cats because their dogs don’t like cats, but there’s no where to acknowledge that. I think if I had answered that survey that had appropriate questions, I’d throw the whole thing into a tizzy!

  3. LOL Lisa, I would have too… I’m female, well over 18 and have exotic pets. Also own a horse, but they don’t figure into this survey.

  4. I’m a female that owns 2 dogs and I like cats, but my dogs don’t, so I can’t have any unfortunately. Almost nothing from either the dog or cat side fits me at all. I wonder how much money they spent on this crazy survey?!

  5. I have three dogs, a cat, a bunny, a gecko, and a snake. I mess with all of their numbers lol. Mostly, I do fit the people with both dogs and cats, but I can tell you for sure I’m not an 18 year old boy lolol.

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