Canine Commuting in Spitsbergen

Modern city dwellers are all too familiar with constant traffic jams and air pollution raising their stress levels and causing health problems. But one remote city in Norway’s Arctic region has adopted an entirely different approach to the concept of commuting.

In fact, automobile access to many area roads is strictly forbidden in order to make room for the area’s traditional form of propulsion. Russia Today made the journey north to visit these teams of trekkers and pose the inevitable question to viewers: Does dog powered travel represent a big step backward, or are we witnessing the leading edge in terms of thinking as it pertains to alternate, non-fossil powered commuting?

Time will tell, but early comments indicate a divided response, with those who label dog sledding a cruel practice claiming that this is clear exploitation of dogs. Your thoughts?

9 thoughts on “Canine Commuting in Spitsbergen

  1. I don’t like that these dogs are made to pull big vehicles. That is just cruel. Why can’t they just pull a sled? I don’t like this story. I think that dogs are not being treated right.

  2. F*ck no! That is too heavy! There needs to be a weight limit! 2.5 tons? You can see the dogs super struggling at one point–tongues out and barely able to move! That fat f*ck needs to get out and help push! Otherwise, it might be okay…The one guy with the jeep needs a beating, though. What an idiot!

  3. Having dogs pull cars and jeeps is ridiculous. I don’t mind if they pull something that is designed for them to pull but not a heavy vehicle whose weight is designed to run on fuel. The other issue that comes to mind is the dog sled groups that killed their dogs when they weren’t needed so they didn’t have to feed them. If they are going to have dogs pulls cars, why don’t they get out and just walk then.

  4. This is outrageous!!!! Get your lazy ass and walk, if you are so concerned about the pollution! This is so stupid! I would make you and the rest of human kind that think this way, pull my car, and we’ll see how that feel after 20 miles. Buy a horse, is less expensive than a car, you imbecile!!! I like dog sledding, but this is cruel!

  5. You people don’t understand! These are sled dogs and they have to be kept in shape to pull sleds in deep snow in winter. These dogs are bred for this, and they love it! They are not being mistreated, I can assure you! Lighten up, people, you don’t know what you are talking about!

  6. Some of the heavy pullers ( the Mals ) are trained to break a laden sled frozen into the ice which is way harder than rolling along with the inertia of an already moving vehicle. If they didn`t enjoy doing it the musher would soon find out, although a 2.5 ton Jeep is a bit on the heavy side IMPO.

  7. i don’t think pulling “to break a laden sled frozen into the ice” is more than pulling 2.5 tons. No one said sledding is wrong. Pulling a jeep is extra burden for no reason, and you can see the dogs struggling!

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