SPCA of Wake County Lip Dub Video: Take a Chance On Me

If you loved last year’s adoption video hit from the Wake County SPCA as much as we did, just wait until you see their newest musical masterpiece.

In fact, as far as feel-good adoption videos go, this ranks among our top ten picks of all time. With a catchy tune, a positive message, and adorable adoptables in every scene, this is the kind of PR shelter animals desperately need. Thanks for another gem WCSPCA – we can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

10 thoughts on “SPCA of Wake County Lip Dub Video: Take a Chance On Me

  1. Cute video. Who wouldn’t want to “Take Chance” home. If I could I would adopt them all. I hope that they all get great homes.

  2. My two rescue girls have been the most loveable
    pets in the world. They’ve needed me as much as
    I them.

  3. OMG, this is one of the happiest and saddess videos I have ever seen. I love it and it sure gets the point across. Adopt a dog, cat or whatever else you may want. Watch this and be inspired and get up and dance. Thanks to all the people who made it such a joy to watch. Good luck too to all the animals, I hope they all get forever homes.

  4. I love you people! Blessings on you and all your dogs and cats – I’ve never had anything other than a rescue – they’re the BEST! They know they’ve been rescued and love you double.

  5. I wish more shelters would take this approach, makes them more noticable, and encouraging . These should be made into a national commerical.

  6. I know there is a reason for the neglect and abuse advertising, however what a blessing to see the joyous side shelters and absolute joy pets can bring to a family. Look out I know that there is award for this sort of thing. You might want to prepare an acceptance speech. I’ve never seen better. God Bless you for the work you do and the innovative approaches you have developed.

  7. I found myself singing along with the staff, dubbing the words to
    ABBAs TAKE A CHANCE ON ME.. what the staff did with this video was
    make people feel all warm inside and want to go adopt a pet. Is that
    so wrong? ABBA should be proud that this song was chosen for such
    a wonderful cause.. Or is it all about money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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