Katherine Heigl Hates Balls

28 thoughts on “Katherine Heigl Hates Balls

  1. I fail to see the humor. Conversely I think it would have feminists up in arms if it was a male celebrity speaking about spaying saying I hate Wombs, or Breasts. Doesn’t resonate with me. Surely they could come up with a better twist on the need to reduce population that is actually funny.

      1. I do have a sense of humor, unfortunately this falls flat. It doesn’t amuse me at all, it comes across as juvenile and self serving.

    1. Well, if a man was advocating cutting off dogs’ breasts to solve pet overpopulation, I do think we would have a problem.

    2. Why would a dog need their breast removed genius? LOL the only reason would be if some one wouldn’t spay their dog.. they over bred her.. they were oversized and needed a mastectomy OR the dog had cancer from never been spayed. BOTH good reasons why a video like this is a great way to educate people about spaying/neutering their dogs!

      1. being a dog lover thank you. too many people think they can breed for $$$$ I have groomed my whole life, and what comes in my door shocks me, and what people pay makes me want to say you are a fool. get your dog fixed. I hate balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. funny thing is, i so get how mad you are to see so many dogs suffer because of such uncaring idiots who don’t take care of their dogs, i agree with your anger i am mad too, i am just fed up with celebrities using politically charged issues to make themselves important. i agree with you, yet i am the one who you belittled because i hit the wrong key and made a mistake in spelling.

    3. I would be all for an “I hate uteruses (uterii?) /wombs/vaginas version to go alongside this vid. It would have to be done by someone who could pull it off humorously, though.

      I thought this was cute in some places, but overall I didn’t find it to be hilarious, either. It felt like it was portraying the message wrong. “Neuter (but no spaying till near the end) because balls are gross, not because of the health benefits it brings to the animals and to control the already out-of-hand pet population…”

    4. Not quite the same as something targeting women’s organs. Anyone with common sense can see the difference. Women are historically seen as the “weaker” sex, the ones that have mostly been subjected to objectification, violence, rape, etc. It just wouldn’t be funny. It’s the same reason making fun of white people can be funny, but it is a lot more likely to be offensive if you target a group that historically been treated as inferior. I am a white male, and I can take stuff like this without having a hissy fit.

    5. well you don’t have to cut off dogs breast to cut down on the number of dogs breeding.
      then maybe you should try it

      1. aren’t you clever? i guess idiots can spell? so what you’re still a sarcastic idiot! just like her, the twit!

  2. What you fail to realize is that she’s more than just a spokesmodel. She has an actual animal rescue and advocates saving many animal lives.

    1. i am a big animal advocate, too, but why do feminists like that have to put it in such a hateful way? i am sick of women like her, and i am a woman and an animal lover! so full of themselves!

  3. This is hilarious & has a great message that goes along with it. I LOVE HER! Very smart idea and if you have an actual sense of humor you should enjoy it.

  4. For all you ladies who think this is funny, I hope that you all come back some day… as women, born in Afghanistan. (Now…that’s funny!)

    1. i so agree with that, i bet she has nothing to say about how women are treated in those hellholes, feminists like her never do. they only pick on those they know won’t fight back, because it would be politically incorrect to stand up to her!

  5. What a GREAT video! Katherine Heigl is not only an actress, but she uses it to help save the lives of thousands of animals. Witty, forward, and getting the message across – I LOVE IT!

  6. I don’t want real men hurt in anyway, shape, or form. I appreciate the video in that if even one person goes away and thinks about neutering their dog, it did some good. For all the people calling it men hating- Trust me, I don’t hate me. I’m blessed to have great men in my life. What I do hate is the euthanasia room at shelters where countless perfectly good dogs are put down because people couldn’t be bothered to spay and neuter. Millions of dogs are put down yearly and -it’s preventable-.

    If you’re worried about hate against men? Go work as a mentor or something productive: lots of boys need a non-pedophile to show them what it means to be a man.

  7. I loved the video. Even if you disagree with the way the message is put across (assuming you agree with the neuter your pets message) you have to give it props. It spreads the word better then her just saying “neuter your pet” ever would. Also when you think about it, it makes more sense to address a male population over a female population as if a male has sex with 10 females in a week vs a female having sex with 10 males in a week guess which one will create more litters?

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