Do Animals Go To Heaven?

Sooner or later every pet owner finds himself or herself faced with the reality that their pet may not be with them much longer. Where our pets go when they die has been a topic hotly debated by animal lovers and religious groups.  Lengthy articles and arguments pro and con haven’t really settled the ongoing dispute. So let’s take a look at some of the popular (or if you’re an animal lover the not so popular) beliefs and opinions wafting through the blogosphere.

Christians find this a particularly difficult question.  Christianity bases the answers to spiritual questions around the authority of the Bible.  But short of a scripture-slinging contest, addressing the issue of whether animals go to heaven begs the issue: Do they have souls?  And if so, do they need to be ‘saved or redeemed’ to reach heavenly aspirations.   Lots of content here so stick with me.

The problem is that scripture doesn’t give a definitive answer on the topic.  It’s my opinion, however, that the lack of scripture surrounding this issue isn’t surprising nor does it implicate a negative answer.  The Bible was intended for human salvation.  Its entire purpose is to save us from our human condition.  Animals are not slave to the choices we humans are required to make in life.  They act upon instinct.  For instance they don’t sit and look at a trashcan full of food scraps and think, “If I get into that can I know that I am doing an evil thing.”  They may know that they are in trouble once it’s all over, but not because the act itself was bad, but because the expectations from their human counterparts are such that they know it’s off limits. God given nature vs. human requirements.

Animals are not inherently evil.  Therefore no kind of ‘redemption’ is going to send them to heaven.  So how do we answer this question?  We answer it based on logic rather than on theology.  Theology would have you believe that man is a ‘fallen’ being unworthy of heaven unless their souls are ‘saved.’  Animals cannot choose between good and evil and therefore have not ‘fallen.’ Not being sinners they have no need to be saved.  Thus this argument leads to the natural conclusion – religious restraints don’t apply as a basis for believing that animals should be let in or kept out of heaven.  I believe that animals are ushered into heaven for putting up with the God-awful things we humans do to them.  Why would animals need a patron Saint – St. Francis of Assisi if they were not considered worthy of heaven?  And why is it customary for churches to have ceremonies blessing the animals?  Some say our love redeems their souls to heaven.  I think it’s the other way round.

We each have our own photographic view of what eternity looks like.  Your vision may be fields of flowers and trees or mountains and valleys, running water or streets paved in gold with angels singing everywhere, others visions might be full of the animals and people that they have loved.  We know by scripture that there are horses in heaven – Revelation 19; Chapter 11 ‘And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True.’  I could go all out here and say that a dog was sitting on that horse because they are the only animals I know that are faithful and true!  But I blaspheme!

Now to add a bit of practicality here I must say that if there are chickens in heaven I’m going to have to rethink this whole afterlife affair.  I’ve never known anything dumber than a chicken and although intelligence doesn’t necessarily pre-qualify one for a heavenly post, I must say that they don’t give me much of a feeling of peace or tranquility. In fact I’ve never known anything so deserving of being so low on the food chain.  Yes I know, some chicken owners swear their birds are very smart and will follow them around and learn tricks.  Mine would run terrified of a strawberry rather than eat it.  Perhaps I should say that chickens would not be in ‘my’ view of heaven.

Gifts From Heaven

I don’t know about your picture of heaven, but mine is full of the wonderful animals that I have lost throughout my lifetime.  I feel some of those animals with me daily; others I believe are enjoying an afterlife filled with as much love as they gave.  To go further on a personal note, the animal dearest to me was my Jack Russell, Crusher.  Crushie was a special little guy, he picked me not vice-versa and he was so faithful he was never more than ten feet from my side no matter where we went or what we did.  He was never leashed, he protected me from an abusive husband, and he was beside me through many difficult times.  To look into his eyes was to see your own soul and salvation.

Even after his death I felt Crusher with me and often the tags of his collar hanging in a prominent place in the house will jingle for no apparent reason. Shortly after he died I was doing a real estate appraisal in northern Wyoming. I walked out of a real estate office after picking up a key and an elderly man of Native American descent looked at me and asked me if I was aware that a small tan and white dog followed me wherever I went.  I was instantly in tears and replied, “One used to follow me but had recently died.” He said “He is with you now, right by your feet as he was in life.”

How this man knew that was not apparent to me, but I feel Crusher with me most all of the time.  As far as I’m concerned his love is never-ending, unconditional, and that in itself is deserving of heaven. Marshall, on the other hand, is enjoying the life in heaven that he didn’t have here on earth and I will meet with him at a future time. His spirit is full of joy and love and wholeness running top speed uncrippled through fields and mud and whatever else his heart desires. After ten years in a puppy mill I cannot imagine anything else for that wee precious soul.

In my opinion, pets teach us about compassion, love, mercy, unconditional love, patience and understanding.  If pets are a means by which we learn about love are we destined to have to live without that love in the afterlife?  Does a compassionate higher being make arbitrary rules that forbid us from continuing in that love after we die?  And what about the animals that suffered only abuse and neglect here on earth.  If our love ‘redeems’ our pets into a heavenly abode are those that never felt love relegated to hell?  I don’t think so.  Hell is not a catchall receptacle for those who were never loved here on earth.  It is a specific place for evildoers; therefore I don’t think any animals reside there.

In reality I don’t think that animals mentate on the afterlife.  They live in the now and are unconcerned with whether we are reunited in heaven. Our questions about heaven are based on our own human grief and how we can live with that grief until we too leave this earthly world. This is not to say that pets don’t mourn the loss of their human companions.  I’ve seen many a pet grieve for very long periods of time.  It’s just unclear as to whether they actually understand what has happened.

Placing restrictions on what can and cannot be in heaven is a fruitless endeavor by people who have way too much time on their hands. I find the theological arguments that animals do not go to heaven based on a lack of scriptural evidence deficient in any sort of legitimacy. I believe that when God is silent on an issue that he leaves it up to our own hearts to decide.  The belief that animals have no soul can only be held by those who have never looked into the eyes of a beloved pet to see that love reflected back at them without the human limitations we put on ourselves.  I believe that God created a space in heaven for animals long before he decided to let us humans in.  After all, we have criteria we must meet to get there.  Animals love unconditionally making them more heaven worthy than we are.

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  1. If dogs don’t go to heaven, then there is no heaven for me. Afterall, they are certainly more perfect creatures than me… if any living thing deserves a heaven, it’s got to be dogs.

    1. Dogs are the living proof that god loves us. Unconditional love, bravery that protects us, the thing that we need most a friend. Losing this friend can be very hard and my advice is to not take the time you do have with them for granted and love them the most you can. And take photos before they go I learned that the hard way. I took some but not enough but any way I hope they do go to heaven but if they don’t having you as an owner was there heaven. I love my dog! 🙁 it happens to quickly. LOVE GOD FAMILY FRIENDS and dogs 🙂
      Love the post before mine 😀

    2. Do chickens go to heaven, I’m 12 and we had a hatching service come to our school and they will throw out any eggs that don’t hatch by 4:00 pm after school !!!


      1. Yes, little one; chickens go to heaven too. If you could take one of the unhatched eggs home, it might still have a living chick in it that could come out. Sometimes, a chick might need a tiny bit of help to open his egg but sometimes, a baby bird might just not be ready yet to be born so will stay in heaven instead of hatching out. Bless you for caring.

  2. I believe that all pets and abused animals go to Rainbow Bridge and are reunited with their loved ones when said loved ones get to heaven. I have to believe that. I have lost so many and I just know that they are waitng for me at Ranbow Bridge.

    1. I find it hard to believe the rainbow bridge stuff but heck I do bet are pets are gonna be up there loving us to death when we get there! ;D

      1. Ps me again I gave Debbie a thumbs up I would love if that’s true and I’m not. Saying it isn’t!

  3. Yes, I believe they do! I have researched and researched and read and read on this subject when my beloved Westie passed away. He, too came to me one night and told me to go get Carrie! Really. I don’t tell undoglovers this, as I may end up in a looney bin! Yes, they do, in my opinion!

  4. I just want to say, this was beautifully thought out and written. I am so moved by this, and I so agree our dogs do go to Heaven. Their species was given the very special name of Dog, which we all know in reverse spells God. They are one of God’s creatures that have helped humans so much and never asking anything in return but love. This was an amazing think piece on a very sensitive topic. Just beautifully done! I am sharing!

    1. Rosemary, thanks so much for the kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. It’s a subject near to my heart also, and not just with dogs but with my horses and cats too. (we won’t talk about the chickens! LOL)

  5. Of course all animals go to heaven. Animals contain all that is good. While the human animal has a lot of evil. Look at the US government. All our government is corrupt and evil, stealing from all the citizens of America. They will all go to hell.

    There isn’t any God that would send an animal to hell, because animals hold all that is true and good, they automatically go to heaven.

    All animals have souls. Just look in their eyes from a mouse, to a horse, to an elephant, all have deep souls.

  6. What a lovely post. I love how you laid out the discussion and how you examined it. But the story of the Native American man telling you that Crusher was still with you made me tear up. I hope that all my dogs are in Heaven if and when I get there. It would not be heaven to me if they weren’t. I deread the day I lose my Daisy, but knowing she was with me in some way would be a great comfort. Thanks for writing such a wonderful piece.

  7. The question asked by many of the human children at my house over the years….

    Mom thinks when humans get to heaven, God gives them everything they need to fill their heart with unfathomable joy…

    certainly that would include me and all the other pets she has ever loved while growing up here on earth.

  8. Well, frankly, what was good enough for St. Francis is good enough for me.

    I don’t worry that my departed critters have crossed the Rainbow Bridge straight to heaven. I DO worry that I won’t be allowed to join them. That thought has occupied me a great deal as I close out my time on this earth.

    1. That being said , You could always choose to do something about it. Its never too late to ask God into your heart. All you have to do to make sure that you see your loved ones again, no matter who they are is to Claim Jesus as your Savior. Ask Him to come into your heart and tell Him that you believe in Him. Tell Him that you know that He died on the Cross to save you from your sins. And because of what Jesus has done for us we can now have eternal life in Heaven. Thank Him and tell Him how much you love Him. I hope this helps you and I pray that God will bless you in a very special way.

  9. Want to add: organized western religion’s strategizing and prideful opining about animals not being allowed to go to heaven is nothing less and nothing more than an ongoing and sadly “earthly” attempt to control others. “The Church” and those who wield the church as sort of a battering ram of righteousness are nothing more than bullies co-opting religion and subverting it to their own purposes. And I’m not talking just about the animals-to-heaven stuff, either!

  10. up to a week after my dog died I heard him walking around the house guarding us all as usual. He is in heaven and I will love to see him again.

  11. Any creature that has a soul, goes to Heaven. And afterall, dog spelled backwards is God..they are God’s creatures more than any other. I know I’ll see my dogs and cats again. God won’t let me down.

  12. You worded this article beautifully. I do believe God created the animals for us here on earth and that we will have animals in heaven as well. No one knows since we have no record stating one way or the other but for me, I do believe there will be all animals there living peacefully with one another.

  13. I could not have made it after the death of my little dogs, I researched everything I could find on the afterlife of dogs & cats too.
    Jesus gave breath to all the animals as he did us, the breath in the bible means soul. I can read their minds through their eyes,, They posess so much soul that it would be ridiculous to say they cant make it to Heaven. God says all his creation is good, All creation groans for the return of the Lord,,, Heaven will be most beautiful,, birds singing,, lions lying with lambs. Dogs, wolves, together.. It will be incredibly perfect because everything God created is perfect.


  15. You had me 100% until the comments about chickens. Really? They aren’t in Heaven because you think they are dumb? Because they don’t provide you with “peace & tranquilty”? Thank goodness you allow that “intelligence doesn’t necessarily pre-qualify one for a heavenly post”. Whew! I was getting worried.

  16. This was a great read for me. we just recently.lost out sweet dog and that was my question to my husband. Do you think.dogs go To heaven? I could not imagine not seeing him again.

  17. I just have to see my beloved Minnee again. She is a Tibetan Spaniel, white and brown. She was 17 yrs and not well. It was time for her to go. She was so much human. I love her dearly and miss her so very much.

  18. I truely believe all animals have souls as I ve looked into the souls of many of my beloved animals. They have communicated to me with their eyes. I do not know how any human can peform experiments on any animal without being haunted for the rest of their wothless lives.

  19. We just lost our beloved Brody after 14 1/2 years. He was a black lab and I know we were very lucky to have him for as long as we did. He chose us. He loved us as much as we loved him. At the end, even though his body was dying and shutting down he was still hanging on because he didn’t want to leave us. We had to let him go. We have so many wonderful memories of him but those memories are our own worst enemy right now. I’ve got a huge hole in my heart. To us he was human–a little person who liked to snuggle under the covers with his mommy and daddy and go everywhere we did. My little passenger when I was an adjuster out in the field–he was my protector. He did a lot of air sniffing in those days. He loved his pillows and knew how to use them. I miss his tail waggles and ear to ear grins–all the unconditional love. I just hope one day we will be reunited with him again and will be able to cross the rainbow bridge together.

    1. If dogs/ cats dont go to heaven there is no justice in this world. We had to have our much loved doggie put to sleep, there are still times when I know he is with me I can hear his funny little noises that he used to make when he was sleeping. On odd occasions I can feel him jump onto the bed when I,m asleep, he was my protector,my friend who I told all my troubles to. Miss you Super D

      1. If you put your dog down they that means you murdered it, so I do not think you will be going to heaven because murderers will not inherit the kingdom of God!

        1. that is the stupidest thing i ever read.
          if you have so much as an ounce of compassion in your heart,you would never let any creature suffer.
          i had to let my dog go less than a week ago,and it tore me apart.
          but i could not be so selfish as to let her suffer.
          That my friend would be the biggest sin…to let the innocent suffer!!

        2. Wow – that’s pretty harsh. You must not have ever had the privilege of having a pet love you or you would never have said that horrible thing.

          Euthanasia is the last gift we get to give to our pets. It’s a horrible decision to make – but if we can stop some of their pain and suffering – it’s the right thing to do.

  20. my dog Casper , a cocker spaniel just died this morning. my family and i are grieving too much because we love casper not as a pet but as a member of my family. i do believe that Casper is in Heaven now with our Dear Lord. im sure Casper is watching us over there. We love you Casper. we know you are really happy there in Heaven.

    1. I just lost my beloved Maltese Cuda two days ago and I am having such guilt and pain.
      He was 15 years old June 14th and we were seeing the decline in the last few months. It all started one day back in Feb. when he came back from the groomers he was limping. We also had been battling a bacterial skin infection that continued to get worse. As the weeks passed he was having more difficulty walking, his back legs were getting very weak, his nights became restless. He didn’t want to go out side anymore even to do his business.
      I took him to a dermatologist specialist and we seem to be winning the battle with the bacterial skin infection, it was still not healed on his nose and eye, but the rest of his body was looking so good.
      Then on June 21st he had his two first seizures, 9 days later he started seizuring at 3:45am, he was in the living room with my husband. My husband did not want to wake me until it continued to get worse. I joined him around 4:55am to see my dog yet having another seizure that he was not coming out of they call this status epilepedus.
      I said we need to get him to the emergency room so we got dressed and he was still seizuring when I handed him off at the door which was sometime between 5:30am and 6:00am. They gave him a shoot of Valium and released him to us at 8:00am when our regular Vet office opened.
      They said most likely at this point it was probably a brain tumor and it was decision time. It all happened so fast, our options were to wait two more days since it was Saturday and have an MRI done or decide if we wanted to let him go then and there.
      This is what I am struggling with, in the moment I knew I did not want him to suffer but did I react to soon?

      1. Teresa, i think there usually is some kind of guilt no matter how or when it happens. my maltese died a few days ago, 16 1/2. sometimes i wonder if i shouldve done something sooner. he had renal failure but didnt follow the normal course of dogs with it. he also began having some seizures and was on phenobarbital for that. That medicine has some side effects that are almost as bad as the seizures. His seizures never lasted that long, and the vets were always concerned even for his short ones. It sounds like your cuda had a very long one. this alone can have major implications. you did not make the wrong choice. you follwed the advice of a vet, someone who should know. even if you had decided not to, you might have had cuda a bit longer, but they aren’t made to live forever, sadly. eventually, we have to let them go. they get old and their bodies age. cuda would have probably had to endure so much more, and now your baby is like a puppy again, running and playing in the fields. and you are left with more happy memories and less sad ones of your friend. also, our dogs only want us to be happy. your friend is so happy now and healthy, and all he would want is for you to be happy and okay. thinking of you.

      2. know exactly what you felt like super doggie had cancer was also having seizures, its horrible to see a much loved pet suffer

  21. i know too that someday i will be able to see Casper again and play with him again. enjoy your new life there in Heaven Casper. we really really love you.

  22. I just lost my 2 bugerigars (Parakeets). I hope they will go to heaven. Infact, I know they will. Sometimes when I’m in my garage I see their perches swinging. I even hear faint chirps and chortles at night. At night I also hear my hermit crab, Tropicana, digging in his cage even though he’s gone. During the day I hear the buzz of my old african dwarf frog, Xeonopus. I worry about my dog honey too. After reading this I feel better about their deaths. Except honey my dog she is still alive.

  23. I believe my dog is my guardian angel, so why would god send my guardian angel to hell? I do believe dogs go to heaven, I believe ALL of gods good creations go to heaven.

  24. thank you so much for this touching, inspiring, encouraging article. I am devastated by the loss of my maltese, emperor who passed a few days ago and have been researching if they go to heaven. I had him for 16 1/2 years, my only house dog. he was so loved and was taken better care of than some children. its amazing how a little less than 10 lb dog could have such a huge presence, but his absence is tangibly felt now that he is gone. My house feels so big and empty. he was tired, and it was time for him to go. he waited for my wedding and return from my honeymoon (my mom kept him), and we had a little over a week with him upon our return before he passed easily on his own. he was the biggest part of my heart. i know he is better off but i guess i was researching for more evidence of something i already know to be true in my heart. Dogs have more of a soul than most people and love so unconditionally. i, too, wouldn’t want to be there without him. Also, some people are alone except for a dog. Of course, they have to go to heaven. If a god who is so amazing to take the time to make each animal with all its special adaptions and characteristics in all their complexities, of course he didnt need our help to be reminded to include them in eternity. thank you again.

  25. it seems many if not most christians do believe dogs go to heaven. and i daresay the ones who do not have never had a dog that they really loved and that loved them back. they couldn’t possibly know.

  26. I am not a Christian (primary religion in question in regards to this issue), but am a member of a different faith which I will not specify as my interpretation of this issue may be slightly different from others of my faith.
    I am taught through my relationship with God that animals are to be loved, cherished and respected. In fact, many members of my faith practice vegetarianism because we are taught to love animals and animals cannot speak or defend themselves against human abuse.
    I believe that there are 5 different levels of the spiritual entity all created by God to serve a purpose on earth. To simplify, you have the most basic level mineral, then plant, animal, human and manifestation. Animals and humans have a different level of spirituality therefore their essence crosses over into (heaven, the afterlife, God’s Kingdom, insert your preference) in a different way.
    Humans have the ability to build a spiritual relationship with God, determine the difference between right and wrong on a moral level, comprehend the universe and seek new knowledge in a way that animals cannot. This does not mean that your furry friend does not love you or have a spirit. It just means that the essence of their spirit is different from yours. Animals act on instinct and in a way that is neither purposefully devious nor purposefully good. Human’s do both and there is a common thread through all religions that dictates we answer for both our positive and negative acts in the afterlife.
    I was taught to believe that when a human leaves this world there soul in its entire essence crosses over to the next life and lives in that special place created by God. When an animal passes away, its individual essence isn’t retained but rather crosses over and is combined with all the good, joy and love that God has created. Who can deny that a beloved pet doesn’t epitomize the love and joy that God intends for the human world. God created everything in this world to increase the human understanding of the universe, the basic concepts of right and wrong, and to help shape the lessons we need to learn along the way. I think everyone can agree that man’s best friend (this includes cats too!) shows people the unconditional love they want to show others. I believe all animals have a purpose and represent a characteristic of goodness that humans can aspire to. Not to be too much of a hippie, but ants show teamwork, eagles show majesty, bears show the value of rest. Even beetles can teach you a little about the world, especially as it pertains to recycling.
    I am the mother of two wonderful rescue dogs that make my life full of joy and used to fret that I wouldn’t see them in “heaven”. Now I know that I will. I don’t believe they will run up to me and kiss my face as they do in this life. I believe their essence, goodness and the lessons they taught me will cross over and join with all the goodness that God bestowed upon the universe. Essentially, I will experience the things they’ve taught me, the love I’ve felt and the joy that these creations of God have added to my existence. I am not worried that I will feel unhappiness or not get to see my beloved pets because the great design is so delicate and precise that I know I will feel nothing but eternal joy.
    You may not agree with this perspective and that is okay. Everyone deserves the chance to seek the truth and determine their beliefs in their own way. The world would be a pretty boring place if everyone was the same. I just thought I would offer a different type of idea than what has been presented in the comments thus far.

  27. I’m happy just being with god and Jesus yes I want my deceased dog to be with me but there are defiantly animals in heaven including horses dogs and according to my favorite book about a little boy who died he saw a friendly lion

  28. thank you so much for this article! I just had to put my twelve year old beagle mix, zero, to sleep. she was a rescue, from an abusive home, but really she rescued me. she has been my best friend, and I know that God sent her to keep me company when I felt alone. I miss her awfully, and have been dealing with a lot of guilt and sorrow, pondering the question of whether or not animals go to heaven. The article really helped give me a faith based answer – a definitive yes! thank you for blessing my socks off!

    1. I would urge you when your’re ready to go to your local animal shelter and adopt another, either a cat or a dog, they are throw away, strays, or were left behind. Every animail I have had, and I have had several, were all animals that no-one else wanted, 3 cats, 3 dogs and a horse over the years. I have since lost the horse, one dog and 2 cats, one has to put put down today, last night I saw a tear in his right eye- I am struggling to get through my work day, he can no longer eat and just cries for food, but cannot eat– a cancerous mass in his jaw was found- Snickers loved everyone- I said my “I will see you soon”- you’ll cross the rainbow bridge, in peace you will always be remembered, and your buddy Tigger and Jesse will be there waiting– I told him how much I loved him, and had always loved him, and how sorry I was he had to go through all of this– I could hardly hold back the tears. We spent the last few days letting him sleep with us, letting him walk through the grass in our backyard- (ususally allowed on the deck always) My horse is in Heaven too I believe- I hope that I am blessed for caring for these pets that have come to be mine, loving them like my children, and in the end, not allowing them to suffer. Snickers is dying in front of us, and he does not understand why he can’t eat– the vet said nothing could be done, he is 17– so he leaves for his journey- and we live with the memories. Adopt someone special to help you heal- kill shelters are the best because you are litterally saving a life, you rescue them, but I think they really rescue us…. and if my pets aren’t there, I too want to go where they are. I have found that pets are far superior to humans, and agree their love is unconditionally. They are all innocent and we are their caretakers.

  29. We just put our little dog Hank to sleep on Sunday. He was a rescue from horrible abuse. His abusers broke ribs and damaged his trachea among other horrific injuries. Hank really rescued me. He was my little Buddy, my friend. He loved and trusted me to the very last second. It is my sincere belief as a Christian that our companions will most certainly be in heaven. God will give you the desires of your heart-the Bible tells me so. Ours for a little while, with Jesus forever.

      1. I find this inappropriate no one deserves eternal punishment. I do feel real bad for the family who lost hank. Find me I lost smiley

  30. We lost our three-year load pug on Sunday. It was all so sudden and I felt betrayed that we got to spend just three years with her while others had their babies for 10 years or so. Having read your article and comments helped me realize that perhaps it was a blessing in disguise to lose her this early, when she was still young and healthy. I want to remember her that way. I visit her grave and talk to her because I know she can hear me. I hope we loved her enough, spoiled her enough though I am pretty sure I can’t thank her enough for bringing joy to our family, for uniting us again and for showing us so much love. We miss you so much, Marley and I know you are now safe in heaven with our Creator. We love you, babi

  31. We had to put our little Peanut down today. It was one of the most difficult things ever. He would have been 14 years old in 2 weeks. He was in an accident yesterday and it broke his back. He was such a loyal friend. We loved him with all our hearts…hearts that are now breaking. Thank you for such a well-written article.

  32. We had a dog named Asta. she was always laying on my lap or my feet. where ever i went she would follow me if I had to go someplace where people could only go, she would lay by the back door and wait for me to come home. she would jump with joy when i walked in. I loved the dog very much’ when she was 14, she was a diabetic. she had to have 2 shots a day. She lasted about six months and then I had to have her put down. It was the hardest thing I every did. That was three years ago and i still mess her very much. I know someday Asta and will meet again

  33. We just lost our beloved sadie on monday.
    with all of her love and devotion that she gave us,
    there is only one place that she could go…heaven!
    a beautiful place for a beautiful creature.
    bless you sadie…momma loves and misses you.
    to all of you who have lost your best friend….
    you will meet again!

  34. Susan,

    I want to thank you for posting this article. My wife and I let go of our precious cat Sammy just yesterday. We had him for thirteen years, but we found out a couple weeks ago that he probably had cancer and we did not want to see him suffer. It was a hard decision and we are both pretty devasted and heart broken right now. I keep second guessing myself, wishing in my heart that we had given him a few more days, but knowing in my head that it was the best thing. He was such a beautiful cat …. very affectionate and loving. I could not sit down to watch TV for even a few minutes and he would be up on my lap … and he would stay there purring away for hours. My wife always said he was “daddy’s boy” – I have heard people say that pets won’t go to heaven too, so I decided to do some research of my own – I see now that this issue is hardly closed. Your article gives me comfort that I will see little Sammy again.


  35. I just lost my baby cleo today 8/8/13 she was only 4 1/2 yrs old vets couldnt tell us what was wrong with baby girl but we tried everything to help her but it was useless. She was the best dog ever and i dont know how i am going to get over the loss but i find comfort in believing with no doubt that she is up in heaven with my other animals that ive lost running and jumping and playing in the water just like she used to. I just hope she knows how much i love her and how much i will miss her. I just want one more hug and kiss.

  36. Lost my dog smiley to heart and lung cancer with no hope of survival we put her down so she would not suffer from this horrible disease. She was precious to our family and her passing tore us apart emotionally. We would not have done this to her if she was not suffering but she was. In my opinion the best opption and hopefully someday I will see her in the kingdom of god smiling and wagging her tail as I pet her and worship our god forever and ever. CAN I HEAR AN AMEN! PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT REGAURDING WHAT I DID AND WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT WHAT I SAIDTHANK YOU AND I CAN’T WAIT TILL I GET TO SHOW HER OFF IN HEAVEN TO YOU. ;D

  37. I lost my dog and feel sad. He is only 1 and 1 months. Its becoz of accident. He cant walk. His feet broke. I know and i pray he will go to heaven. And i will see hm

  38. I’m 61 years old and have been on the fence most of my life on believing in God. 11 years ago, little did I know that God sent an angel into my life. And little more did I know that just before my angel would get terminally ill, I started to open my heart to the Dear Blessed Lord. My angel from heaven, is now my angel in heaven. A love as strong as the one shared with my dear and precious departed Collie/Cocker mix, could have only come from one source. And now all I do is pray that my sweetheart and I will meet our Loving Creator, together. After all, God and Dogs have the one thing in common that God and Man does not. Unconditional Love! So the thought that Man would get to heaven and our furry beloved angels wouldn’t, doesn’t make sense.

  39. I put my dog of ten years down today. He was full of cancer. He was having trouble breathing and was in pain these last few days. Despite his suffering he remained loving to all of my family. I can only dream of having a heart as beautiful as his. Someday, I will see him shine again in paradise.

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  41. My dearest Daisie passed on Nov. 3 2014. It was so fast never saw it comingl a 10 lb. Chihuahua ashblond light eyes pink nose. Just 11yrs. Old and the love I felt from her was the most complete love I ever new. 3 years ago we list her dear brother a white shih- tzu Nikol it was bad also we know he was going to leave us. He had a heart problem and cancer. He lived with treatment for a year. About 8 months later Daisie tthe greving was so hard to watch her, she would by sit with him like him sit close she had to be touching him un til the end came. Now the little girl we adopted grieves stilll for our Daisie. Lily was showing signs of malnutrition We got a cat it is notthe samebut it is a heartbeat in the house. And she is sweet first cat I had. So yes animals do love each other and do greive harder than humans. The love they have for each other and the void in their lifes. Souls o yes go to heaven o yes. me I want to be with my many darlings. Hope God reads page

  42. I lost my beloved 17 1/2 year old miniature poodle yesterday and it was one of the most difficult days of my life. I have been battling cancer for several years and the loss of Danielle is more devastating than being told that I have terminal cancer. She was always by my side and pulled me through many tough days of chemotherapy and also the death of my first husband. I pray with all my heart that she and I will be reunited in heaven, I have read many articles over the years and talked with various religious authorities stating because pets do not have souls they will not be allowed into heaven. This is the first article that I have read that has given me some peace of mind. I thank you with all of my heart for sharing it with me particularly today as tears are flowing down my face.. Like the previous reader, I also hope that GOD reads this page and hears my prayers.

  43. I rescued Toby, my previous Tibetan Terrier, 8 years ago and he has since rescued me a thousand times over. He recently got diabetes and soon after went blind. He still follows me around the house and our back yard. I love him more than anything on Earth. I often ask, “Why did God allow Toby to go blind if he is all powerful and is capable of healing anyone or any thing. Someone please answer my question.

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