Photo Feature: Diving Dogs

We’ve shared a few favorite photographs from Seth Casteel in the past, and this new collection of underwater shots is absolutely intense.







See more superb pics from Seth at  Little Friends Photo.

10 thoughts on “Photo Feature: Diving Dogs

  1. Wow, I love it! I wish I had some photos of my labbies underwater like that. What cool photography.

  2. All I can say is this is totally AWESOME to see I also hope they are safe and I can see they are having a great time which is all that counts them being safe while they enjoy themselves!!!

  3. Great photos! I hope you don’t mind. I’m a teacher and I sometimes show a photo on my Promethean Board to my students who arrive to class early. They use it as a writing prompt and must come up with a quick story from the picture. I put your first shot in my folder and am anxious to see what fourth graders would have to say about it. If this offends you, let me know and I’ll throw it out.


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