Special Needs Dog Looking For New Home

Meet Annabelle,  a special-needs Poodle Toy mixed-breed creme-colored pup who’s almost 2 years old, and is as cute and loving as can be.

Annabelle has a winning attitude and is looking for a family that can see past her physical limitations and who will love her unconditionally.

From her listing:

It is unknown whether my medical condition will ever improve and if I’ll ever be able to walk on my own. For now I am in need of my custom-made wheelchair to get around.

My ideal family will have an open heart, safe environment and a flexible schedule to ensure I am not left alone long hours.

I am in the Humane Society Silicon Valley’s Homeward Bound program, which means my adoption fee has been fully sponsored.

If you would like to know more about Annabelle, please contact Casaundra Cruz at 408-262-2133 ext. 183 or Jeri Seiden at 408-262-2133 ext. 185. Annabelle is currently located in California.

Enough with the formalities. You need to meet this happy girl.

23 thoughts on “Special Needs Dog Looking For New Home

  1. She is gorgeous . I have a Bichon Frise , with special needs too! She looks more like a Bichon herself . I really wish she can find a loving home ! You should add more information about her special needs and the cost of the adoption etc. Maybe this will open her options of being adopted faster! Wanda

  2. How is the number 1 question here not “why does she need the wheelchair?” I understand that we are expected to look past that but what if it’s a costly thing to upkeep with meds and checkups and special diets etc… To be honest she looks fine. If I had her then the first thing I would do is take her out of that chair and have her walk around on her own. She is practically launching that thing off the ground with every step!

    1. What a cruel and IGNORANT comment! It looks to me like she needs that not so much for her legs but to hold her neck. Could be she has some sort of paralysis/nerve condition. Besides, WHO CARES WHY? That’s not the issue here. The issue is SHE NEEDS A HOME, and one with someone who won’t care why, how much, etc. A SPECIAL home, for a special needs dog, and it definitely doesn’t sound like yours!

      1. To ANONYMOUS COMMENT ON Jan 14, 2012. @ 12:16am In Reference to your comment: “What A Cruel and IGNORANT”…..***I Could NOT have, Spoken That, Better Myself! Sooooo Very Very True! That is NOT The Case Or The Point About Cute Precious Little Annabelle! <3<3<3

    2. thats with her front legs tho. her hind legs probably can’t support the weight of her hind quarters.

    3. Many animals and people can do great things when they have/need the support to rely on that would otherwise stop them from even trying. It doesn’t mean they can do it without this. How many great sports people have you seen in wheelchairs that can hit the goal every time? Because they are in chairs doesn’t mean they can’t do. It just means they have to have this to do as much as possible for themselves. Annabelle is able to be as active as she is because she has the help of the brace on wheels. If she can never get well then this is absolutely the best for her. Without this she would have surely already been “put down”. Thank goodness someone saw her as being worth saving.

  3. I am retired, I have a rescued weiner dog from Korea. My daughter is involved with the rescue places in Taiwan and south korea and flies them to canada. I would love to give her a home as I am home all day, I walk my dog every day no matter what the weather. I live in a ground floor apt which has its own french doors to my little patio. Have rescued dogs all my life in England and now Canada. My life revolves around my doggie and always has regarding rescued dogs. I live in Ontario, a small town called Fergus and I am surrounded by trails. I love the video showing her hapiness and guts. Pam

    1. What part of Ontario? I live in Ontario and rescue Bahamian street dogs and dogs from the states. Add me on Facebook Lynne Nikolopoulos or like my rescue page. Canadian Royal Bahamian Potcake Rescue

  4. i agree about being cruel.. we all have our opinions but some need not be said… i believe this dog deserves and eeds loving home without the worry of costs… with that right person of course

  5. she does look like bischon shes a doll baby i have 5 now i wish i could have more but the law says 5 here 🙁 shes so happy!!!! i pray she finds a wonderful furever home i sponsor dogs getting ready to be gassed or euthinized i hate seeing any animal put down

  6. I believe the question was an honest one, not meant to be insensitive. Maybe I’ve misunderstood it. I would also like to know what the details of her illness/disability are to know more about being able to help her get better, if possible. The article states it is unknown if she’ll ever improve. At her age if she’s able there might be therapy to help. Also, the expense of doing this should be a consideration for her new owner(s). Some may not care, others won’t be able to help. If she can get out of the chair, why shouldn’t she be given the chance? I would hate to see her in that apparatus if she can get to a point of being able to do without it, too. That said the person/people that get her should know all about her history to best match her to a wonderful home. She’s a beauty and deserves the best she can get. I’d love to have her!

  7. I REALLY wished I lived closer to CA….I would adopt this precious little girl! I hope she finds a good and loving stable home!! Too bad she couldnt be closer to NC..she would have a forever home with me! NO JOKE!!!

  8. I have called and I live in CA. I think I would be perfect for her and I have 4 other rescues. She can’t be left alone ever without the chair, it’s part and will be a part of her life and that’s who she is. she has been checked out thoroughly and it’s like an infant when she’s out of the chair. She is a blessing to watch, especially since I have a disability like hers. What an invention to help her be a part of life that was supplied by loving people. I hope I get the call today.

  9. I have 2 bichon rescues myself, I think she would love my dogs. but more than that. I fell in love with her video. I need to call. she would be perfect in my home and WORK. yes I take my dogs to work with me and they get love and attention all day. I also set the dogs on a feeding schedule. and take them for bath room breaks on time every day. As I can see she will be needing assistance to the outdoors. She is so cute. Oh and My BFF is a Vet 🙂

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