Yes, Pit Bulls Suddenly Snap

Five things you’ve always heard about pit bulls and why they’re all true.

By Micaela Myers
Reprinted by permission of

1. Pit bulls “suddenly snap.” It’s true. One minute they are lying upside down on the couch snoring, and the next minute they hear the word “walk,” or “rawhide,” or “ball,” and they suddenly snap. From 0 to Mach 90, they are doing zoomies down the hall, tongue flapping, tail tucked for turning aerodynamics. Jump in front of this joyful train, and you could indeed accidentally get knocked down! (photo by Donna J. Griffin)


2. Pit bulls’ jaws are unlike any other dog. Again, it’s true. Bullies have a singular type of jaw that enables smiling unlike any other! The lips curl up and wrinkle, and you can’t help but laugh at that happy pink tongue bobbing with each big breath, those shiny white teeth and those big twinkling eyes. (photo by Ronny Ag Roberts)


3. Pit bulls are tenacious fighters. Ever try to fight a pack of pit bulls for the couch? The bed? A soft, cozy blanket? It’s true, they love a comfortable place to sleep and would rather lie right on top of you or each other than be alone on the cold, hard floor. (photo by Janet Podczerwinski)


4. Children beware. If your child has a phobia for canine kisses, then he or she definitely better stay clear of pit bulls. Pit bulls have a special radar just for children. Smell one, and they start to lick their lips. They can’t wait to find that little kid and cover them in kisses. (photo by Colleen S Moore)


5. Pit bulls are the ultimate guard dogs. Maybe all robbers need is a little love? If this is the case, then yes, pit bulls make excellent guard dogs. Most will be happy to greet robbers with their wiggly butts. They may even show them where the couch (and TV) is, where the coziest bedroom (and jewelry) is, and invite them to stay and cuddle awhile. (photo by Cristina Falcon Seymour)


Those of us who really know pit bulls, know that they’re just dogs (OK, maybe they’re especially cuddly and goofy dogs). Now let the world know the truth about pit bulls! For a more serious look at pit bull myths and facts, click here and visit the Stubbydog resource page.

All photos courtesy of StubbyDog’s Facebook fans

507 thoughts on “Yes, Pit Bulls Suddenly Snap

  1. Just like other breeds of canines, and well, in fact, humans. Treat them well. Love them, feed them and keep them healthy and they are wonderful pets. Beat them, ignore them, starve them and they learn to use their skill to survive. Gee, amazingly that sounds remarkably like the backgrounds of most human convicts!

  2. Amongst the best breed of dogs! I’ve seen vicious Labradors. And they give them to blind people…

  3. I haven’t read the article but I wish people would stop seperating Pit Bulls from the overall terrier group. A terrior is a terrior! I have a JRT and if he were the size of a Pit Bull he would be one of those so called “horror” stories that people blow out of proportion. Terriers are known for their fearlessness and tenacity but I have to say, being a JRT owner, Pit Bulls are more submissive and friendly than most Jack Russells I’ve met. I also have to add that all terriors are natural born comedians (not killers) and a terrior owner can go on for days about their antics. Terriers are the best medicine on earth for all that ails.

  4. if you ever have a pitty friend you know just how they will root you right off the bed or curl up so tightly beside you -you will have no room at all and . Then there are just no love like the love of a pitty for babies and small children, I have watched a 90 to 100 lb pitty just wiggle all over and get up near a little baby and find a spot of skin and give the sweetest , tiny little kiss – it is truly amazing

  5. They have been banned in England through ignorant , cruel owners. I would have loved a pittbull but not allowed. It stinks cos there are other dogs who have idiot owners and it just wasn’t the pit bulls.

  6. A family pet pitbull savaged a young girl to death in Warrington a couple of years back. The dog and the girl were staying at the Grandma’s for New Years Eve… The dog wasn’t abused, it was a “family” dog.

  7. Thank you so very much for putting this out there!!! You described “Pitties” perfectly! They are the sweetiest most loyal and loving dogs. We need more stories like this out there for the mis-informed and ignorant so they can see first hand how precious these puppy-dogs are… Thanks again from me and my Pit…

  8. they are just like english bullterriers , theres one difference and that is the nose, the rest is the same, the build and the caracter, all they want is love and all they give is love!!

  9. Omg beware of pit bulls:
    1. They give too many kisses ( give me more please)
    2. The are very playful ( they also think their lap dogs)
    3. The have the patience with children ( most adults don’t even have that)

    So beware of them

  10. Oh my gosh! This is all so true! I own a pool cleaning business and I love getting greetings from any of the dogs on my routes, but the best kisses, the best cuddles, the best happy wiggly butt greetings are from 2 pitties(each on different days). They are just dogs, and it boils down to “there are no bad dogs, just bad owners”. I have one client who has a dachshund who she rescued from a bad situation. This dog tolerates me by barking, but I have to keep her in my visual path. If she knows I can’t see her, then her bark tone changes to aggressive & she charges me. Bottom line is show respect for all dogs, and you may get gifts of kisses.

  11. My husband was bit real good by a pitbull. Attack for no reason. I think it depends on there owner. If they do attack people for no reason they should b locked up or put down.

  12. Well, my Lab-shepherd mix was less friendly & way more dog aggressive than my pittie. There are so many resources & info out there nowdays to help correct behavior problems in pets that it’s time for humans to step up & act like they have brains & can solve problems instead of destroy them! There are dogs of all breeds that are aggressive for lots of reasons that we may not know

  13. One of my grand dogs is a pit and she’s the sweetest! She runs around in her tutu and loves everyone! My chi is ugly to her and all she does is pin the chi to the floor until someone rescues her (the pit). Never a tooth. It’s ALL about the owners!

  14. I’ve seen a child get attacked by a dog 2 times in my life, both times he dog was one of those little ankle biting useless lap dogs, not a large breed.

  15. My sis was snapped in the lip by a sheepdog, 35 years ago. Lip was hanging by a thread!!!! Does that mean we should destroy all sheep dogs….. NOT!!!

  16. To everybody yattering on about the supposed phenomenal powerful jaws of the so-called “pit bull”, shut the fuck up and get educated and don’t mean on that piece of shit site dogsbite.

    Pit bulls do not exist as a need anywhere outside America. The teem is a job description. It’s like saying ” I have a police dog ” or “I have a sled dog”.

    First, the logic. Regardless of the width of the jaw, look at the called conformation and you can *see* clearly that the dog cannot get enough leverage to bite as powerfully as bsl bullshitters would have you think. Their longer snouted cousins, the rotti, for example, had a much more powerful bite. And don’t get me stated on the ” locking jaw ” – it does not exist, anatomically speaking. These both have been proven beyond doubt by actual scientists with actual education in the matter.

    I worked with dogs for nearly twenty years and was only attached once and had to go to emerg – should I demand a ban on Pomeranians, then?

    If you want to compare, my 70lb border collie mix would knock a brachycephalic dog into a chocked hat: he is far faster, has much more stamina, and is way more flexible than the “pit bull” type breeds, plus his species was breed for intelligence and near-human reasoning ability.

  17. very true. my brother has a pitty, hes not so convinced it can guard his house coz its too friendly and easily curls and gets comfy once a stranger takes its leash

  18. It’s all about how they are raised. I have a pit mix and he is every single one of these and more

  19. That’s all well and good. All I can say is that the next time I hear of a kid getting mauled to death by a beagle, that will be the FIRST time I hear of such a thing.

  20. As I read these comments from people that just want to pick at pits because society made them out to be a “bad breed”, you should really learn the difference between aggressive and defensive. I work in a grooming salon and we get MANY pits that come through there and are the sweetest dogs. I have never had one growl, nip, bite, scratch or anything vicious toward me. The only dogs that have ever done any of that were the breeds everyone loves; Labs, Standard Poodles, Shih Tzu’s, Yorkies, Goldens, even Shepherds, Borders and Aussies. But yet, when I have a pitty on the table, people look in the window scared out of their minds even though the dog has a wagging tail and is licking my cheek. Most of the time, the loved breeds are the ones we HAVE to muzzle (when they’re a breed allowed to be) because they get highly aggressive and they become a safety issue. But yet when I heard of a little girl getting mauled by a rottie, that went unnoticed by society. Go ahead, blame a breed because of ignorant owners, next year, they’ll probably name another “bad breed” because of ignorance. I guarantee that won’t stop us from loving pits.

  21. I’m sure most of you who own Pit Bulls have great animals, but the truth is, they are more likely to attack humans than any other breed.


    – In the 10-year period from 2005 to 2014, pit bulls killed 203 Americans and accounted for 62% of the total recorded deaths (326).

    – From 2005 to 2014, pit bulls killed 203 Americans, about one citizen every 18 days,

    From ASPCA:
    Today’s pit bull is a descendant of the original English bull-baiting dog—a dog that was bred to bite and hold bulls, bears and other large animals around the face and head. When baiting large animals was outlawed in the 1800s, people turned instead to fighting their dogs against each other. These larger, slower bull-baiting dogs were crossed with smaller, quicker terriers to produce a more agile and athletic dog for fighting other dogs.

    ‘No single neutered household pet pit bull has ever killed anyone.’

    Even if it were true, un-neutered/spayed Pit Bulls kill at a much higher rate than any other un-neutered/spayed breed. However, it’s not true. Check out this link:

    You will see the second entry for Eugene Smith, 87 years old. Check the preceding years and you will see that neutered pit bulls have attacked and killed other U.S. citizens. As a matter of fact there are seemingly more Pit Bull attacks that are classified: spayed/neutered: ‘unknown’ than any other classification. I’m no statistician, but I’m willing to bet the life of your Pit Bull that a percentage of those attacks were by neutered/spayed Pits.

    I’m sure you all love your Pit Bulls. I think they’re awesome dogs, although I’ve never had one. However, don’t be fooled. They are bred to fight and win.

  22. Of the 42 people killed by dogs in the US last year, 27 of them were killed by pit bulls. Most of the pit bulls were well-treated family pets. So yes, pit bulls do suddenly snap.

  23. “that’s like saying serial killers who have kids are going to have kids that are serial killers too. ”

    Chances are that they will actually, or at least they’ll have kids that have some kind of mental illness (assuming that the serial killings resulted from a mental illness which is normally the case) and those kids will be MORE LIKELY to be serial killers than kids from parents who have no history of aggression or violence.

    Psychopathy and sociopathy have a genetic component just like aggression levels, bi-polar disorder, OCD and schizophrenia do. That means that children from parents who suffer from these disorders are more likely to suffer from the disorders themselves than children from parents without those disorders. This is true even if the children are not raised by the birth parents.

    While it’s true that being a psychopath does not automatically translate into being a serial killer, psychopaths are FAR more likely to kill someone without provocation than a non psychopath.

    In theory it’s possible to selectively breed a race of humans to be psychopathic killers. Then wouldn’t it be cool to put them in a ring 2 at a time and watch them duel to the death? You could invite a bunch of people to watch the fight, take bets on it and even breed their own psychopathic killers to fight. You could have different lines of these killers, write down their pedigrees and their wins, give out trophies, championship titles for winning… breed the champions to the champions to make even stronger killers….

    Then when you breed too many of them and some of the lines you bred aren’t winning as many fights as you’d like, you downsize a little by putting out some of these excess kids into orphanages, tell the public that these kids are just “misunderstood”, that the fights they get into with other kids must have been provoked, because normally these killers are just SOOO loving and cute…. and all these killers want to do is cuddle and kiss you to death…

    Despite all the selective breeding you’ve just done, you tell the public that “it’s nurture not nature” and you convince them that if you treat the killers lovingly they’ll never kill.

    Then unwitting families adopt these killers, and all is well until the day one of these killer kids kills another one of their kids, or someone else’s kid, or another adult…

    But of course it was all just a “tragic accident” because, look at this photo of the killer kid with another kid / adult/ dog / cat / small furry creature etc. How could something that looks so cute be dangerous?

    It must have been the victim’s fault because why else would it have happened? Maybe you didn’t love the killer enough. You must have set it on fire and beaten it every day because otherwise there’s no reason for it to kill surely?

    Selective breeding? Genetics? Did you say something? I didn’t hear it, excuse me while I go over here and watch cute pibble videos on the internet… there’s one cuddling a cat, how cute!

  24. Anyone who claims that their “blue nose” is smarter than whoever wrote this article is only proving the author’s point about how well people who “love” the breed really know it. Describing any breed of dog by its nose color makes absolutely no sense and it has never been done to introduce a dog into the ring. It makes you look like you have no idea what you’re talking about and nobody takes you seriously. I have a black nosed Collie, btw.

  25. Pitts do snap. This is why my elderly small dog had to be laid to rest. My neighbors of YEARS dogs who are amazing and have never been violent in the past all jumped my dog while she was ASLEEP on my lap. They mauled her to death. They’d never even barked at her the past 6 years. They are VERY GOOD dogs… However after getting my dogs taste in their mouth they have become VERY aggressive towards other dogs, later that week getting in a fight white another small beagle, and then KILLING a german shepard while being walked at the park. Shit happens. Pitt’s are an unstable breed. They do completely go insane. And once they taste blood it’s all over. Doesn’t matter if they have the best owner in the world. They can still revert to primal instinct at any time. Pitts are responsible for 75% of violent dog attacks in the US… this isn’t just bad ownership. even pitts with perfect owners can kill. Hence the dead babies killed by family dogs.

  26. The only thing dumber than a pitbull is it’s owner which has been illustrated here. You all live in denial. Sometimes it costs innocents too. Control your ugly dogs. Move to the country. Nobody cares. So naive. There are smarter, tougher and more beautiful dogs available that aren’t unpredictable and poorly bred. These dogs are for want to be tough guys and crazy cat ladies who are too stupid to get a cat. I’ll add the majority of you are rookie dog owners. You all know it’s true.

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