City: 8 Pound Chihuahua is a Danger to Society

She may be pretty in pink, but Windsor city officials say that an eight-pound dog named Misha is vicious. The city has named the three-year-old Chihuahua to its dangerous dog registry after she broke free and nipped a teenage girl in front of her home.

“I was in shock when the city showed up,” said Gerry Piche. Jerry’s stepdaughter, Kristin Lee, owns Misha.

He said that on September 23rd of last year, he opened the front door of his home when Misha slipped past him. She approached three teenage girls who were walking past the house.

“I shooed the dog with my foot,” said victim Jessica Cosgrove in a written statement. “I realized it bit me.” Jessica mentioned that the dog also tried to bite her friends as well.

Piche was able to grab the dog, but not before the damage was done. Shortly thereafter, Kristin Lee was notified that Misha would be labeled dangerous by the city of Windsor.

“It think it’s hilarious,” said Lees, 22. “I don’t think it’s right. If you can’t protect yourself from this dog – it’s an eight-pound dog. It blew my mind. How are you going to claim this dog is a dangerous dog? I’m not going to walk my dog down the street with a muzzle. That’s what they’re telling me I have to do.”

The city’s dangerous dog ordinance requires that Lees must muzzle Misha in public, and post a dangerous dog warning sign in her front yard. Misha will have to be microchipped with a special chip that identifies her as dangerous, and Lees will face the expense of purchasing the required $1 million of liability insurance coverage.

Lees has appealed the dangerous dog designation. The Windsor Licensing Commission will issue a decision in the matter next month.

33 thoughts on “City: 8 Pound Chihuahua is a Danger to Society

  1. If the dog bit someone it needs to be kept from biting again, no matter what size. The owner’s attitude is troubling and bad owners are the reason that over the top rules are enacted. Don’t let your dog bite people, you won’t have a problem.

  2. Thos little nips can do permanent damage. I have a noticeable scar on my finger from a little dog bite when I was 5. Almost 40 years ago.

  3. Am I the only one bothered by the fact that the victim “shooed the dog with her foot”? That sounds like a fancy way of saying she kicked it! I’m not saying that it’s ok because the dog is small, but it sounds like dog probably felt threatened.

    1. Read the story again… The dog ran out of the house and towards the group of girls. After the dog bit her, she moved it away from her. By kicking it. She was protecting herself from the dog attack.

      1. “I shooed the dog with my foot,” said victim Jessica Cosgrove in a written statement. “I realized it bit me.”

        She kicked at the dog then it bit her ….. Y did it bite her ??? bcuz she was kicking at it

  4. “It think it’s hilarious,” said Lees, 22. “I don’t think it’s right. If you can’t protect yourself from this dog – it’s an eight-pound dog”

    Ya honey I think it’s hilarious too that my dog never bit anyone or any other dog but because how it looks I have the same problem.

    Today it’s my dog tomorrow looks like it’s your chihuahua.

  5. It really doesn’t have as much to do with being an “Alpha dog” but rather being a leader and making sure the dog has proper training an socialization. I see way too many little dogs that are coddled and treated like delicate babies, the owners not knowing that they are setting up their little dogs for failure. They become territorial and biters. Anyone that has an untrained dog that attempts to bite should also accept that they are liable and will be assessed the same fines and restrictions that a large dog would. It’s not the size, it’s the fact that the dog attacked.

  6. Yeah the girl probably should not have “shooed the dog with her foot” . That’s not how you approach a stray dog no matter what the size.

    1. The problem is that the girl is not the one who approached the “stray” dog. The dog charged at the girls walking by the house, unprovoked. A well-trained dog would not have done that. Any person has the right to protect themselves from injury. What if the girl had been immunocompromised and a single dog bite wound had set off a life-threatening infection? If the dog in this situation had been bigger, no one would protest if the city wanted to put the dog down for being dangerous. You can’t say a dog is not dangerous because they are too small to cause “real” damage. Any injury to a person or another dog is too much.

  7. A dog the bites a is a dog that bites – the size of the dog or the damage it causes is irrelevant. This is exactly the kind of attitude that has created breed specific laws in our country.
    If my 70 lb Pit did that, it would be PUT DOWN. This lady ought to be grateful that he only has to muzzle hers.

  8. If Ontario can make pit bulls, that have NOT ever been a menace, wear a muzzle, then the chihuahua who did bite someone should wear one. A dog of any size is capable of biting.

  9. Irritating? Yes. Dangerous? NO.

    I don’t know where Windsor is or who all the wusses are commenting about being bitten by one and ouch, “it hurt.” Please.

    This is B.S. – especially the part about paying for ONE MILLION DOLLARS in insurance. Who are they trying to kid.

    Windsor is stupid, grasping, and way out of line.

    1. A friend of mine had a bite from a small dog. It got her ligament and she had to have surgery,missed work and everything. If a dog came at me I would have used my foot as well. Ya know with a shoe and all was better than an unprotected hand. Duh. And what if it had been a small child.

  10. Honestly, in this day and age EVERYONE, those with any assets who own pets and those who do not, should have AT LEAST $1 million in liability insurance. If someone trips and falls near your house you can be sued mightily, let alone whether or not you have a dog, and if you don’t have a lot of insurance you can be bankrupted in a heartbeat. The TV airwaves are loaded with “ambulance chasing” lawyers willing to sue anyone over anything. It’s not pretty but that’s the way things are now.

  11. I’m a dog lover/owner, and I still think this is an irresponsible owner. It doesn’t matter how big or small your dog is; it’s the fact that it bites people. She says she won’t walk the dog with a muzzle. Great. And I hope she gets caught. Her next ticket will prolly cost more than the liability policy she’s griping about.

  12. It is people like this that give dog owners a bad name. Their statement of “If you can’t protect yourself from this dog – it’s an eight-pound dog.” How do you think she would have felt, if that same person kicked her dog across the street seriously injuring or killing it?
    The fact of the matter is, dogs are animals, they need rules, structure and leadership-it is the same as any pack animal requires.
    The attitude from the owners tells me they have not provided these sets of rules and do not understand how to be dog owners..they should just feel lucky the city didn’t seize the dog and put it down.

  13. the dog bit end of story. the punishment is the the dog was shooed with a fott. was else was she supposed to use. lucky for the dog no foot contact was made or it would probably be dead. wise up owners.

  14. Being a GSD owner, a breed often labeled vicious, it just makes me cringe when people with small breeds, don’t want to accept any responsibility, because they think their dogs cannot inflict any harm. Small dogs are often instigators of dog fights at off-leash dog parks, but the larger breed get blamed. When they bite humans, it gets defended as just a little nip, well you take a nip to the eye and see if you think it’s just a little nip… There’s a trend in society today where many small dogs are nothing more than a fashion accessory, raised by people whom are incredibly ignorant of dog training, behaviors, and dogs body language. Many of the bites could have been avoided if proper training and socialization had taken place, and excuses of their size weren’t made. All dogs, large or small, need to be trained and socialized, and all owners should accept responsibility, or we all will find ourselves with a bad name.

    1. As a owner of 2 pitbulls and a min pin ( a small dog ) I say not all small dog owners are not like that because I’m not ! Don’t judge

    2. As a owner of 2 pitbulls and a min pin ( a small breed) I say not all small breed owners are like that because I know I’M NOT !!!! Don’t judge ! And all 3 of my dogs are well behaved my ” little dog” has NEVER PICKED a dog fight or bit a human or any animal as a matter of fact

      Moral to the story train em don’t blame em BIG or SMALL

  15. It’s ridiculous, I know chihuahua’s can be feisty little beggars but the teenage girl that she apparently bit obviously kicked her…Another story of human’s being superior over any other animal. I assume by most comments that people think it was ok for this girl to kick an 8 pound dog

    1. If I was out walking with my dogs, and an off leash dog approached us, I would not hesitate to kick it. I would probably base the strength of my kick on the size of the dog, but I would still do what ever I had to to get it away from me. However, I actually carry pepper spray for off leash dogs.

  16. the dog is the victim now.
    because of a stupid owner, the dog is going to suffer and most likely put down. 8 lbs or 80 lbs, a dog still has to have manners and training, and it’s obvious the lazy owner thinks small dogs can do whatever they want.
    congrats on killing your dog!

  17. The dog ran at the girls,the girl used her foot to push it away, would have her bend over and use her hands to shoo it away and then get her face bit??…Then it would be a different story right??…
    I own 2 big dogs, a GSD and a Pyrenees mix we have been walking on leashes and had little dogs come charging down drive ways barking and growling and the owners tell me to control my dogs. It’s owners like this that give all of us responsible owners a bad name,good for Windsor Ontario leveling the playing field,if it bites regardless of the size it should be muzzled. I am a Certified Animal Behaviorist and Certified Dog Trainer and every time I have a client with a small dog it is 9 times out of 10 the owner who causes the problems because they have the attitude that “it is just a little dog,it cant do anything,I need to treat it like a child”..dogs are dogs no matter what size or breed.

  18. I don’t care if it’s an 8 pound Chi or an 80+ pound whatever else, it’s never “hilarious” when a dog charges and bites somebody. It all comes from the same behavioral imbalances (fear aggression/dominance/territorial response/etc.) that should never be left unchecked to start with. I’m so sick of people with these little pocket-sized monstrosities thinking they can get off the hook just because their dogs “aren’t big enough to do any real physical damage.” That kind of thinking is exactly why so many miniature and toy breeds are spoiled and babied and suffer from “Little Dog Syndrome” and never receive proper training and socialization. They’re still dogs, and they still learn and experience the world and need the same consistency and leadership as a dog of any other size.

    And the quote equating a charging/biting dog to a purse-stealing criminal? Stupid; nobody should have to be subjected to either, but there are laws in place pertaining to BOTH things to minimize the possibility of experiencing either occurrence and giving victims the legal means to seek compensation for damages or stolen property when they happen. A dog bite is still a dog bite just like a stolen purse is still stolen no matter if the person stealing it was short or tall or any size and shape in between and whether the purse was full of hundred dollar bills/sensitive personal info or a couple of five dollar bills and gum wrappers.

  19. I’ve seen more aggression from chihuahuas than any other breed. The fact is little dogs are often quicker to bite than large breed dogs but no one gives it a second thought. My brother was nearly blinded by a miniature daschound. It doesn’t matter how big or small the dog…. If it bites it needs to be labeled a dangerous dog and precautions need to be taken. I’m sick of BSL when it is truly an issue of poor dog ownership. The dog charged at the girl… They should be happy she only shooed it with her foot instead of kicking it across the street due to its obviously aggressive behavior.

  20. 8lbs dog or 80lbs dog I don’t see a difference. A pit bull shouldn’t be treated different then a Chihuahua. If a pit bull did what this 8lbs Chihuahua did it would be a danger and this dog is a danger. A dangerous dog shouldn’t be based on the breed! I have dogs I love my and I don’t see the difference between breeds

  21. Her comment in the video: “If you can’t protect yourself from an 8lb dog, how do you expect to protect yourself from a bigger dog?”

    Um first of all, nobody should have to protect themselves from an aggressive dog. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure it doesn’t happen.

    My dog Julius does NOT like people. When we are in a public place, he wears a muzzle. It’s for his protection and others.

    I am working to get him used to different surroundings and people. I do not trust him near strangers so he will always wear one. It’s called being responsible. Accept the fact that you have a problem and take care of it. Prevent it from happening. That’s the whole point.

    This law is to protect people and their animals. Do the right thing and follow it.

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