30 Pit Bulls Saved from Dog Fighting Operation

A pit bull’s lip is half held in place by crude homemade stitches used to patch him together. Another pit bull’s eye is ringed with scars. And another cowers in the presence of humans.

York County Animal Shelter manager Steve Stuber calls these the tell tale signs of dog fighting. He says, “It was as bad as I’ve seen.” The dogs were seized as evidence Saturday night from a property in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

According to a Sheriff’s report, the first deputy to arrive witnessed a man carrying a black dog by its throat towards the woods. Investigators say they found what they described as a dirt dog fighting pit and a badly mauled pit bull just outside the pit located not far from the home.

The injured dogs are currently in the possession of York County Animal Control. Nearly 30 other dogs were quarantined at the home. No arrests have been made, but the investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information regarding the incident should contact the York County Sheriff’s office at 803-628-3059.

57 thoughts on “30 Pit Bulls Saved from Dog Fighting Operation

  1. Sick people…….poor dogs……why don’t more people speak up. And then the Pit Bull Breed is the one that ultimately ends up with the bad rap…..

  2. ty for helping. I have questions though and I’m sure you asked yourself also. Why are some of the dogs still at the home? Why hasn’t anyone been charged? Someone does own that property. Or does the prevalent mentality that they are just animals exist there also?

  3. those assholes need to be shot. when you take a trusting animal and abuse them and use them ….no excuse. there is no humanity in people like this and they do not deserve to be treating humanely.

  4. This is disgusting! People whom only choose to acquire a dog for fight or any kind of sport in which they want there dogs to become vicious, certainly don’t deserve the rights to own one.

  5. The more I know humans the more I love animals. May the responsible be charged and face his/her own karma.

    1. Hopefully these dogs will now have the chance for a bright love filled future, and lawful justice is swift and deservingly appropriate for the victims-the unfortunate dogs

  6. it’s great that they got the dogs out of there, but I bet they will be PTS after all the investigations are done. They won’t try to rehome them as they are deamed dangerous. I hope I’m wrong.

  7. Makes me sick to my stomach…we need to keep making examples of these mentally challenged idiots who are responsible by using some CIA techniques to help them understand what fear feels like & then lock their asses up for life!!

  8. JUST PLAIN SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY has no one been charged????????? They need to be under the jail!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Anyone who partakes in this kind of crap is fully ignorant and needs to be given sufficient punishment aka someone needs to make it so that he has his lip half held together with shit stitches and scars all over his eyes.

  10. This is why it is so so so important to keep being voices for these dogs. Post flyers with the # to call to report dog fighting all over. I do this all the time. People don’t know if we don’t tell them. BE A VOICE AND HELP SAVE LIVES!!!!!!!!

  11. Michael Vick did nothing to stop this ring – he gave no info apparently as to the thousands of other men involved in this hideous crime… please support this group as they try to assess, rehabd an dplace as many of this victims as possible.

  12. Why can’t we get this stopped!! I don’t understand the cruelty! Why is there not stricter penalties? What will it take to get there?

  13. So sad ๐Ÿ™ I didn’t think they rehomed “trained to fight” dogs? Hopefully some are able to be rehabilitated into new loving homes x

  14. they rehabilitated Michael Vick’s dogs and in fact many of them are now trained therapy dogs. So yes, they do rehome dogs that were once fought! it just takes time, effort and money….hopefully a rescue can step in and help these dogs out so they aren’t put down due to human irresponsibility!

  15. Hopefully they’re putting a case together with applicable charges. The people who do this are scum, but so are all the people who watch and bet. Sick.

  16. This is one of the reasons why Pits have a bad name. Its idiots like this that make these dogs mean and why they are so quick to turn on people. If you raise these dogs w/love and compassion; they are great dogs!

  17. If the officer saw someone carrying a dog by the throat to the woods line then why wasn’t that person arrested??? Searching for those at the home? I hate this so much!

  18. I normally try not to over generalize but I Believe nothing good ever happens in South Carolina. Cheating doctors like Robert Schwartz and multiple beggers. I feel sorry for the dogs.

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