Beyonce: iPhone Sized Puppy is a Survivor

A diminutive Sacramento, Calif. puppy has escaped death four times – against all odds. The dachshund mix, named ‘Beyonce’ will go up for adoption in the near future.

The Grace Foundation of Northern California, which rescued the dog’s mother from Devore Animal Control, says it has submitted an application with the Guinness Book of World Records: they believe that Beyonce could be the world’s smallest dog.

41 thoughts on “Beyonce: iPhone Sized Puppy is a Survivor

  1. What a cutie and also an inspiring story. I’m sure that they will be bombarded with requests from people who want to “Put A Ring On” little Miss Beyonce. Ditto on the hope that all of those who want Beyonce will adopt one of the other homeless animals should they not get her.

  2. That was my first thought this morning when I saw her on GMA. She is way too young to be passed around like that and exposed to everything.

  3. Hope she don’t wind up like that little rabbit with no ears, camera man accidentally stepped on it…… no more rabbit.

  4. Worst part is they kept talking about how she would make the Guinness Book of Records as smallest pup. Seemed they were promoting themselves and having this special small pup rather than why neuter/spay is so important

  5. 2 weeks old is much too young for travelling along and being passed along like that. I don’t know that the birth weight counts as a record.

  6. she’s adorable, but I hope that people realize there are many, many dogs that need rescuing. Some may not be as cute, but are as thankful and happy to go to a forever home.

  7. Thank you for saying that! I thought the same thing. She is shivering and how many more objects are they going to place her with to show off her size? We get it already.

  8. Why do they carry that little puppy around?!?!??! She needs to be with her mom and siblings, she is way to young to be hold in so many different hands!!!! Let her be a puppy and not an accessory!!!

  9. the puppy is in wonderful hands ‘yes subjecting that pup at that age is not the greatest idea yet it exposed an amazing animal rescue organization in northern California the Grace foundation. little puppy is in safe hands thats what matters ‘ right folks???

  10. YES exactly what I was thinking today when I saw her on national television!! Come on, people…stop exploiting animals for financial gain!!!

  11. I wouldn’t call her “Beyonce”. Apparently Beyonce, the singer, likes to wear fur that has come from an animal that has been skinned alive… :/

  12. Agreed, I told my husband the same thing-too young and fragile to be put on an airplane and be handled by so many people.

  13. No that is really wrong and heart breaking, I dont think that little body or heart can handle all that…

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