Operation Sweethearts: The Survivors’ Story

Last month Animal Rescue Corps saved nearly 100 dogs from a supposed “rescue” near Wingo, KY. The conditions were horrible and many of the dogs were in very bad shape. Despite their suffering, every one of the dogs had the will to survive – and the spirit to recover and forgive. This video is a tribute to them.


If you wish to learn more or support the work of Animal Rescue Corps, please visit www.AnimalRescueCorps.org

52 thoughts on “Operation Sweethearts: The Survivors’ Story

  1. Im in awe….u saved them all…ur such angles of god! To c these dogs now…in such a short time…it’s so amazing what some TLC, Unconditional luv, compassion, determination & just caring enough….will do & Did do 4 these dogs!! I cried thru the entire video & thank u for sharing! From the bottom of my heart, thank u so much for saving them, doing what u did for them & for what u continue 2 do for dogs in need…THANK U!!! Xoxoxo

  2. So Sad. I love animals, and don’t understand the why behind this. They offer unconditional love and want it back in return, and this was not what they asked for

  3. thanks to the rescue crew ( wonder how they just didn’t drop down and cry, I would have)… I am not sure if I cried harder watching the beginning of this video or at the end … the end was the happiest of tears… YOU ALL ROCK!! peace ♥

  4. oh yeah I noticed that at the end dogs were stated “back with their original owners” what did these bad people do… steal them? maybe you don’t know… happy ending anyway

  5. Anyone who could do that to a living creature deserves to suffer the same torture!!! Thank goodness these puppies had a happy ending. This made me ball my eyes out. After losing two dogs in 10 months I just don’t understand how anyone couldn’t see the love of an animal as the greatest gift live has to offer!!!

  6. this is sick! how can anyone do this to animals! Why did the owner of the property have so many dogs on his/her site? I hope action was taken against him/her!

  7. It makes me feel sick that human beings are capable of subjecting these innocent creatures to such conditions. Well done ARC for giving these pets a future.

  8. My Allie was rescued from a similar situation (also in KY)…now 3 years later, and I’m not sure who rescued who. These dogs just need a chance.

  9. Am such a brave woman but at a time like mine i can’t watch things like that…so i’ll save it for others.

  10. I watched the video – and it said that some dogs were reunited with their owners. Does that mean that woman was hoarding other people’s dogs?

  11. Sitting here with tears running down my face….I just thought to myself, I wonder what it felt like when those sweet babies got out of that horror what the air must have felt like and smelled like. So glad it had a happy ending…

  12. Hi that was so sad and upsetting to it made me cry I ave dashounds collie thy are all my life it’s unbelievable how people treat those poor dogs I am gld tht thy wad rescued by those lovely people to god bless them all and I’m glad all dogs survived to go to well loved homes bless them all xxxxxxxxxxx

  13. I have a very ‘colourful’ assortment of words (and actions) for the people who did this to these poor dogs…or I would if I got my hands on them, probably be around their necks.

  14. What amazing people! To perform such a large scale operation and change the lives of so many animals….is such a beautiful and inspiring act of kindness. If I could give each of the people involved in this rescue a million $$ I would. Thankyou for saving those that could be saved. Xx

  15. I wish I could watch your videos!! For some reason it crashes my Opera browser (on Mint Linux) every time, and I rarely get to see one while I”m at work, but I love them when I do get to see one!

  16. I put off watching this because I didn’t want to bawl. I watched. I bawled. I cursed the monsters who did this to these poor, trusting, innocent souls. And I cheered for the wonderful people who got these babies out of there, and gave thanks for the wonderful people who became their forever families.

  17. It is amazing that all were saved. I am so glad that ARC exsists. I wish only the best for those little surviors. I noticed that the dogs looked so good in such a short amount of time. God bless all who did the rescue and those who adopted.

  18. Until hoarding and abuse is made a felony and that law is enforced many animals will suffer. They will suffer at the hands of breeders and others. Hoarders are selfish because they think that by taking innocent animals and making them their prisioners that they are loved. The animals deserve better. The breeders who profit from abuse should be made to live like the amimals that they have harmed. Animal abuse on this large a scale should be a felony!

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