Dog Guards Owner’s Bike

Locals in Nanning, capital of Guangxi Province, China, call Li Li the ‘Bike Hugging Dog’ due to this unusually adorable habit.

93 thoughts on “Dog Guards Owner’s Bike

  1. cute but not safe for the dog ride that bike not much room.. what if his paws caught the wheel !! owner need buy pull behind trailer for the dog to ride !!!!! there is plenty pull behind wagon for pets !!

  2. In hope he’s not left guarding the bike for too long. Looks cute, but I’m not sure I like this. I certainly don’t like the area where the dog has to sit.

  3. There is a street dog (fed by restaurants and friends) here in Funchal, Madeira, who is guarding baby carriages. If there is any couple pushing their carriage with a baby on, the dog (a mix bred corgi) walks in front of the carriage and barks at any person or car coming too near. If the couple with a baby carriage sits in some cafeteria, the dog sits nearby the carriage and again, barks if anybody approaches too close to the baby.

  4. ever since I commented on your LWD status about pet treats Made in China, maybe 6 wks ago, I have had nothing but trouble with LWD’s FB pg! & no troubles with any other FB pg…

  5. It is not cool at all, it must be so uncomfortable for the dog and so dangerous as well. But this must be China or another Asian country where they don’t care about well being of animals.

  6. How cute is that, she told him when she was set to go :* , people who spread hate recieve hate. enjoy the little blessings in life . thank you.

  7. That WAS totally awsome!!..and if the dog was uncomfortable or didn’t like it in anyway he wounld’nt do it..they are intelligent & refuse to do things that hurt them!!..geehish! chill pill!

  8. NO its not! ALL dogs and cats should be removed from china! Sick ppl over there! Eat pets and run over toddlers and kill their daughters !

  9. There are people that think the same of us. Americans, they eat pets like pigs and cows and they chop part of their sons genitals off when they’re born. Western culture is just as barbaric, you’re just used to it.

  10. the best is when the dog climbs onto the rack at the back and barks to signal he’s ready to go.

  11. I dont like it at all!! In China they eat dogs and he is left alone there no water or food or any shelter, for how long the cute dog is there? And how safe is for him to go back home, a bike u can get it any where, they should worry about the dogs safe, how cruel…!! Somebody responsible in china should contact the humane society

  12. @:-)Melinda Cox, love your picture. I’ve always had, at least, one orange boy kitty since my first rescues 40 years ago. Also, what did you mean by fb problems? (re: dog treat report). Although I’ve spent a good amount of my life involved in social activism and other forms of helping, I can be a little niave. ( probably b/c I’m asperger) thanks

  13. once again proof that all they want is to be with us…and again with all the haters and worriers…my GOD yu get boring…..

  14. gotta’ love those sweet retrievers. but they’re soooo sweet, do you really think she’d be a threat if somebody smiled sweetly, petted her & took off on the bike?

  15. OMG, the dog even jumps up on the back seat & tells his owner i am ready!! very good puppy, my hat is tipped for this man who obviously loves his dog very much to teach it this. : )

  16. Dogs have amazing balance and I’m sure if she felt she was falling she would hop down. Didn’t anyone notice she barked to let her owner know she was perched safely and ready to go? She’s not in danger, she’s smart.

  17. that is soooo cute! it’s sad though that we are all gathered at this page for the same reason.. we love pets! but some comments are just disrespectful. people throwing racist comments are uneducated. yes, i’m asian. we fight our own battles for animal rights in our own countries. spread the love not the hate.

  18. Whatever people think about the video…l know one thing for sure, thats one lucky dog living in China….he probably is hanging onto the bike so others don’t get hungry looking at him and think he’s a street dog!

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