Fake Vet Accused of Killing Pets

An Ohio woman has been jailed for killing and injuring pets in her community while impersonating a veterinarian. Brandi Tomko, 35, of Tallmadge, Ohio is facing charges on 33 counts, including practicing veterinary medicine without a license, prescribing dangerous medications and performing surgery, and cruelty to animals.

The indictment alleges that between April 2011 to October 2011, Tomko acted as a licensed veterinarian, and notes that:

a. Tomko performed surgery on clients’ animals, and at least one animal died in surgery.

b. Blood for heart worm tests was drawn, but tests were never run – even though clients were told that the results were negative.

c. In the case of two cats that were spayed by Tomko, “the incision sites were twice as long as needed and infected. The operations did not appear to be performed by a veterinarian.”

On Tuesday, Tomko plead not guilty on all counts.

131 thoughts on “Fake Vet Accused of Killing Pets

  1. definitively a mentally sick person i say, i cant find any other explanation to such a sick behavior.a person like this, should be forbidden to go close to any animal all life long.

  2. Hmmm, looks like someone should impersonate a doctor & treat the woman the way she treated the animals.

  3. When can we attend her termination? I want to book now-airfare is expensive and I don’t want to miss this POS being offed! There is Karma though… Those poor babies.

  4. SHE NEEDS TO BE TAKEING CARE OF like them poor animals smh why devils like this are allow to walk amoung us ?

  5. what a psycho!! that’s like me telling people i am a brain surgeon…here, let me cut open your head!! what an idiot!!!

  6. This is beyond heartbreaking. The senseless death of these animals, the families involved…all the people affected by this mentally ill person. The laws against animal abuse/cruelty must change. It cant be a slap on the wrist, a month in jail or a pitiful fine. She needs to be sent away for a long time if not forever. Her name needs to go on an animal abuse registery. She better not plead insanity and get away with it. Its not fair. 🙁

  7. Who pleads guilty these days? Why would someone actually admit to what they did? Really sad how things go down these days. Man up.

  8. What is wrong with people…. & why do people have to hurt/kill animals… SMH…. Hope she gets the full punishment they can give her…

  9. so she likes to harm helpless animals who can’t help themselves hmmmm maybe someone should harm her give her the boot she has no shame for what she has done so panish her and panish her well (Burn You Animal Killer Burn In Hell)

  10. What do you do when a vet has a license and ends up with the same results? Personally had experience years ago and he’s still in practice. From the word on the street…the results haven’t changed.

  11. she is the best example of the biggest loser alive. She deserves no mercy for what she has done to these animals. I feel she should never see the light of day again as a free woman…she is a worthless POS for sure. She should endure everything she did to any animal that suffered at her hand. waiting for her with tire iron…..

  12. You know whats bad? This doesn’t surprise me. What the hell is this world coming to. Yesterday at the dollar store i found a dead fish on the shelf. Apparently someone has been coming in and dropping dead fish around the store for weeks. Now i get on Facebook to this story. How can people harm the most loving, precious things God gave us? I don’t understand people, I hope that guy who lost his Charlie finds peace and knows that Charlie is in Doggy heaven eating all the doggy treats he can and peeing on every firehydrent on the clouds. I hope this bitch burns in hell, I’m so sick of people becoming the animals!

  13. if the jail time is all that she gets and she can’t get death roll they can at least keep her in jail until she melts away into nothing cuz that’s pretty much all she is anyway nothing nothing nothing (bless those poor helpless animals that can’t get their live back) and damn damn damn her for being the one who is still alive while those poor animals are gone!

  14. I hope she gets a bad or fake doctor someday! What comes around goes around! Won’t help the furrbabies if I call her names. KARMA IS A BITCH!

  15. Ok, this is messed up. She’s clearly an awful person. But really you guys? Kill her, torture her? WTH is wrong with all of you? You’re talking just like someone like her… Seriously, you can not expect to get your voices heard and you’re side felt by acting this way. If you want love for the animals and mankind then be and show that love even in the face of evil!!
    Yes, what she did is horrible and sickening, but so are your words. I almost can’t decide which I’m more concerned about, her or some of you who claim to be loving citizens, who seem to want to resort to murder. You can not sit here and claim to be with the righteous party when you’re also spreading any type of hatred and/or violence with your other hand! I’m getting tired of hearing comments like this. It’s actually damaging to the cause, because the people we want to reach see us as crazy when we talk like that.
    Yes, I’m sick of people like her too and all the heartbreaking stories of animals suffering at the hands of A-holes like her. Yes, she should be severely punished for what she did. But murder her? So now you want to be just as evil as her?? You want to show that you are no different then her?
    If you truly want to make a difference, then be the difference!! Don’t just post disturbing comments on FB. Show you are the stronger party and the better person by refraining from comments like those and go volunteer somewhere, send letters or make phone calls to the prosecutor, or start a petition demanding the most severe punishment to actually help out! We can all make a difference when we come together on issues, but please leave the anti productive talks of violence and murder behind.

  16. Amys right, we can’t lower ourselves to her level, I feel the same way about this woman but we have got to be more diplomatic if we want to get our point across!!!

  17. I hope she gets what’s coming to her…like the lady above said. Karma’s a BITCH! RIP to the furbabies she destroyed! This crap makes me sick.

  18. HEY!!! We have enough incompetent LICENSED vets out there without adding into the equation FAKE VETS.

    Given the poor animal protection laws (Ohio isn’t exactly top of the list for animal protection laws) this scum sucker will probably get a wrist tap and after slimebag defense lawyer gets done plea bargaining for her, an admonishing from the judge that goes something like this: “shame shame honey now don’t do that nasty thing again, ya hear? Okay bye bye oh and your fine will only be ten bucks but hey we can suspend that s’long as y’all don’t do it anymore, ‘kay???”

    Until and unless animal protection laws are strengthened and much MUCH stiffer sentences upon conviction are put in place and NO PLEA BARGAINING if there is violence or harm against humans OR animals, this sort of thing will continue to go on.

    Eye for an eye, IMHO. Cut HER open with a very large incision with rusty unclean dull implements and let her rot. AND the lawyer appointed to defend her, likewise.

    Just sayin’.

  19. I disagree Nina , this lady knew exactly what she was doing , the fact that she set up shop and pulled it off proves that, let’s not GIVE her a defense

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