Jack Russell Terrier vs. Irish Wolfhound

31 thoughts on “Jack Russell Terrier vs. Irish Wolfhound

  1. RUSSELLS RULE!!!!!! o’course I luv the Irish Wolfhounds too but JRTs are my heart dogs furEVER.

    So funny to see the gentle, dignified, relaxed and laid back IW loping around while the JRT is busy, busier, busiest and trying to look SO fierce!

  2. Reminds me back in the day when my 6 1/2 lb Chihuahua would play with my dad’s 70 lb Yellow Lab. My dog would instigate “fights” with the bigger dog by running up to him, hopping up on his hind legs, smacking the bigger dog in the face, then running like a bat out of hell with a big monster chasing him down. It really was too comical!

    1. anything is possible but the irish wolf hound would have to be the male, but how could the jack russel deliver iwh–anything can happen in the dog world i guess=fn

  3. This it’s exactly the kind of friend my boy needs! We adopted my Dad’s senior dog and she doesn’t play. She just tolerates his existence on this earth…a miracle.

  4. to the person that had 5 jack russels–are you training for the olympics–they are so active how do you keep up with them–here in jersey, they were hired by gpolf courses to keep the ducks off the greens–they are like the robo rabbit that never stops–i guess at my age, they would be too much but i love to watch them—

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