Lifeguard Dog Rescues Pup

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  1. Whether this is staged or not and I feel it is. The Golden Retriever has been trained to respond as a rescue in this situation. This dog would save a human too. Remember the dog didn’t know if it was staged or not! I have a pool and 3 Poms with 1 Boxer. I tend to feel my Boxer would do whatever it took if this happened at our house. Yes my Boxer swims!

    1. I agree. It could have been a training session. That puppy was in no danger of drowning unless it was alone and unable to get out of the pool. In that case it would have swam around and around the edge of the pool until it drown or found the steps out. I think it’s neat that they’ve trained their dog to be a rescue dog.

  2. That’s what I was thinking, too. I would’ve been in the pool rather than watching it unfold. just saying

  3. totally love it…. but really…who has a puppy in their backyard, sees it fall in the pool and doesn’t drop the camera????

  4. At least there was someone nearby when it did happen… 90% of the time, nobody is around and things tend to go in the other direction rather than the happy ending way.

  5. From what I’ve heard, because I refuse to watch it, is it’s evident the pup was thrown in. Why in the world would you want to do that to the pup, and stress out the mother. Cruel!

    1. I agree 100%. The cameraman is a show off. The puppy was thrown in for the purpose of showing how well he trained his dog at the puppy’s expense. He should be reported for animal abuse.

  6. The puppy looked safe the whole time, it wasn’t going under and was prob 10 seconds from getting itself out.

    1. I agree with you Cynthia.

      The first comments were like “how cute!” and then someone mentions “the puppy was thrown in to make a video!” and it goes crazy from there!

      The puppy was doing fine AND he is a lab AND the mother was right there.

      I’m quite sure if the person video taping saw the puppy going under, they would have jumped in and saved him – but no need to!

    1. Why do I get the idea that some people will do anything to get some attention by putting whatever they can on a video and upload it? So much drama, no real story to know what is really going on, is there?

  7. Someone should never of threw that baby in the water!! Didn’t look to me that the fell in looks thrown..

  8. I was wondering exactly that after seeing this on a friend’s page today. I couldn’t watch this go on without taking action.

  9. It doesn’t seem as though it went on long enough to warrant beating up the cameraman for not helping. Mama Dog acted quickly and seemed to know just what to do. Smart dog!

  10. I’m guessing this happened before acidentally, and someone thought it was a good idea to make it happen again and pick the camera. Disgusting.

  11. Genio!!! no lo dudaste!!! cada día amo a los perros!!! tendría un campo (y mucho dinero) para tener a todos los que andan tirados por ahí.

  12. that puppy wasn’t drowning. and if it HAD been in actual trouble they could have dropped the camera. If you watch, when the big dog swam around to the steps to get out of the pool, the little dog never even went under water.

  13. That was actually my reaction. I would have been in that pool before mama even got out of the water to help. If you can get past that though, it’s a testament to a mother’s unconditional love.

  14. I’m sorry .. but if there was a pup in my pool .. the video camera wouldn’t have had a chance to be turned on because I would have been in the pool before the dog could have jumped in! Christopher – I’m sorry but this is not something to lighten up about .. it’s called animal abuse!

  15. Yes, but they still couln’t have betten this canine hero to the pull. Kudos canine king of the kiddy pool!

  16. That was my thought exactly… I know I wouldn’t have been holding a camera, but there’s no telling whether if this is the first or fifteenth time this pup jumped in the pool to get ‘saved’. Cute vid nevertheless. 🙂

  17. This video doesn’t interest me, purely because it never should have turned into one 🙂 if the person holding the camera had a heart they would have saved the puppy & not enjoyed filming the mother & her pup being so distressed :-)?

  18. Watch it again someone threw the puppy in the pool the puppy landed about midway they should have not thrown the puppy in the pool

  19. I don’t know how they didn’t just drop the camera without even thinking…. unless this is something that kept happening and they knew what what the outcome was going to be….

  20. Just goes to prove that you can’t fix stupid – but I am grateful that the mother dog was able to take care of business – can we say “Stupid Human Tricks”?!

  21. She dragged him way out like “I cant believe you did that your a bad boy!”… i am just glad the poor little thing didnt drown

  22. Absolutely! Kudos to mom for sure, but sad to think the idiot with the Camera would let this mom and pup be scared and panic needlessly. It is obvious the Camera was not stationary either. I would hate to think they staged it for their “15 minutes of fame”.

  23. looked liek she’d been trained for this — the puppy was not “drowning” and the dog did what she’d been trained to do. this wasn’t a spontaneous event.

  24. That was my first thought – that mom was clearly looking around for help. What if she wasn’t able to pull him out, would that cameraman/woman have waited til the puppy drowned before helping? or not at all? just a thought

  25. no one should ever throw ananimal especially a baby in the water,, you will et the animal afraid of water,cause it to break a bone(unabl to be in control of its body) and its just plain stupidy abuse,,WTF is wrong with humans,,,thus why they say animals are smarter than humans!!! whoever did this is obviously brain dead!!!!

  26. Was definitely thrown in…a video camera happened to be on??? I have a pool & I’ve jumped in to help several ADULT dogs that got spooked by slipping in or thinking it was more shallow. Dislike!

  27. I would not have hesitated for a second — I would have dropped the darn thing and been over there helping!!!

  28. It looks like the dog was trained to rescue and this video is simply demonstrating that skill. I don’t think the puppy was really in danger.

  29. The puppy was doing pretty good for itself, actually…at least in the length of this clip. I believe if it went under, the camera person would have just gone & scooped it out. But, like I said, for the time period captured, the “lifeguard” was doing fine!

  30. I think it was kids and they put the puppy in the water to see what the Mom would do. You can kind of hear them in the back ground. Pathetic whatever the circumstances. Dogs deserve better than someone filming the possible drowning!!!

  31. Jordan, are you serious? The dog could swim but couldn’t pull itself up???? YEA so put down the camera & help it get out, dogs don’t drown due to not knowing how to swim its due to exhaustion not being able to get out, god people are stupid

  32. thank God the dog rescued that poor pup!!! WTF cameraperson!!! put the camera down and go save the pup!!! WTF is wrong with u???

  33. Interesting point about it looking like the dog was trained to do this. I wonder if it was trained so that it could help a child the same way if it saw it struggling…?

  34. I think the momma dog had it under control, and if you are gonna have a pool in your yard I believe you should teach your dog to swim because if they fall in and you are not home who will save them? So they should learn how to swim for sure. I do not see anything wrong here and I do not see that the dog is in danger, the mom was there and I don’t think the people would of let the puppy drown either.

  35. After having a friend’s blind cocker drown, we taught ours to swim out of the pool…we only had ladders so we wanted her to know how to climb them…we threw her in many times to simulate falling in till she learned to swim to the ladder…years later, Cassie lost her vision and fell in one nite when we let her out and yes, she was able to get out without vision…not saying this is what this owner was doing..but there are so many worse and horrible things happening to dogs and cats….let’s focus on real cruelty…

  36. I would have jumped in the pool. Even if it was stagged why would someone do that to the poor puppy and the mom?? Thank goodness for the mom!!

  37. The family that staged this are guilty. They are holding the Mother dog back while they throw the pup in the pool, start to film, they let go of the Momma dog (who is so stressed out) from behind the bush, finally grabs her pup and continues to pull the pup away from the people more then away from the pool. She is victimized to a cruel video. There are sick people. On a positive, more people were embraced to a heart felt story and wanted to share. Animals lovers & Positive people Rock.

  38. I have to agree with all the ppl saying “staged”. No one helped because the pup was never in real danger. Now tossing the pup into the pool like that… not so funny.

  39. The dog was never in danger, it was never drowning, for pete’s sake. You just have to watch the video to see that.

    Sure, it looks like it was tossed in but it swam to the other side just fine. It did have trouble getting out, but again, it was never in danger as the other dog was already involved in the situation at that point.

  40. It looks like someone threw the puppy in the pool. The puppy couldn’t jump in and land in the middle of the pool.

  41. I don’t even care that the puppy “wasn’t drowing” like some people’s justification is. I would have dropped my camera and run over there regardless. Both dogs are completely stressed out by the situation (which seems to be escaping some people) and the only positive about the whole thing is that the adult dog was amazing. If I was ever at someone’s house and they thought this was okay, we would have had words after I ran over to help the puppy. The fact that the puppy may have been able to pull itself up eventually is irrelevant. How long would the camera person have waited to help? Would you like someone to put your child in a pool and sit back to watch you struggle to get the child out…yeah, I didn’t think so.

  42. Yes – so sad someone let this poor little dog struggle to get out. Obviously the big one has been trained to do this as a trick – but sad that it had to occur.

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