Lifeguard Dog Rescues Pup

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  1. O breath please, it’s people like this that encourage others to do stupid & abusive things to animals, staged or not, it’s not something that should be taken lightly 🙂

    1. Not stupid…the title says it all…LIFEGUARD DOG…this is a training exercise.. No animal was hurt but maybe a life would be saved by this well trained pooch!

  2. No…Obviously, the dog owner thought the mommydog was capable of taking care of business on her own, like it should be….Good for her!!!!!

  3. gee how safe would you look if you got throwen in unexpectedly and came out with an injury visable or not!! never assume an animal is safe when its not in control of its body dumb ass people!!! I THINK ITS TIME THAT ANIMALS SHOULD BOYCOT STUPID PEOPLE!! seems we go to school to learn but everyone proves they learnt nothin cuz they even teach their kids how to abuse!!

  4. I think the pup was thrown in by someone who knew the adult dog would rescue it (trained?). It was a set-up shot to be posted. I worry that others will try this stunt with other dogs but the ending may not be as happy.

  5. I’d say yes, but mama did seem to have it well in hand. Maybe she does this all the time. Labs are real water dogs, so my guess is the pup would have figured this out even if mom hadn’t come to the rescue.

  6. I work with dogs in water (canine hydrotherapy) and most dogs, even when panicked, will head to the side of pool – as for not being in danger, that’s not true. A dog who can’t get out of a pool will exhaust itself and drown. Even a pup who accidentally falls into a pool is in danger if it doesn’t know how to get out (where are the steps, is there a sitting ledge), doesn’t know how to swim, OR gets tangled in the automatic pool cleaner). I know a lot of folks think this was staged – maybe it was. But if so, it highlights the human stupidity and recklessness & willingness to endanger an animal for entertainment’s sake.

  7. So long as the puppy was not put into the water by $#*!ing idiots looking for a show (as some here have suggested), I can’t find any moral wrongdoing. The puppy was swimming well enough that I perceived no immediate danger. Howver, it does break my heart to see the mother so clearly alarmed. Notice that she keeps dragging the pup further away than is necessary – like she’s actually panicked. <3

  8. too many people on here are making something out of nothing, Later………. seriously, do you realize the horrors going on to animals and you are freaking ove rthis stupid video, THE DOG WAS FINE!!! Deal with it

    1. EXACTLY! This is why people end up not helping when there is a legitimate dog abuse case. If people react this way to an innocent video it makes it hard to listen later and easier to make the assumption that it’s nothing. Meanwhile there is a dog in Dallas that was lit on fire last night and is suffering beyond imagine…too bad someone wasn’t there to throw him in a pool.

  9. Someone is holding the camera for sure. The video came across as totally disturbing knowing someone stood their and did nothing, more interested in “seeing what happened” and taking the chance they were watching a dog drown.

  10. this is just all kinds of wrong and really breaks my heart. I wonder if they threw the puppy into the pool just to get the reaction from the mom. Obviously the puppy was not big or strong enough to pull itself out of the pool.

  11. The mother seemed to have it under control and the baby was in no real danger but it looks staged because if it was me i would be screaming for help and just drop the camera

  12. This makes me wonder if the person filming is the one who THREW the little dog in the pool… how did it get there? Also interesting is how the big dog drags the little one out of the water, REALLY FAR AWAY from the pool… I get the sense the large dog is sort of scolding the little one (DO NOT GO IN THERE … AGAIN!).

  13. I’m sure..who ever had the camera would have dropped it and ran to rescue the pup…survival…the mother knew what she had to do!! suppose the person with the camera..Wasn’t There???? mmmmmm…

  14. You know dogs this could have been a game they were playing…The mother looked like she knew what she was doing a little too well

  15. oh for $hits sakes people. If the puppy had been in real danger there were people close enough if something really had gone wrong. Rushing in freaking out will only teach the dog that a pool is a scary place. People think now a days think that if you don’t treat your animals with kit gloves its abuse. While I’m against TRUE animal abuse with every fiber of my body people now a days scream abuse if the dog is looked at wrong. Who’s to say the puppy didn’t jump in. Who’s to say he normally swam to the steps and miss calculated. This reminds me of the witch trials. Mom took care of things just fine.

    1. I totally agree with you Shannon! If these people have a pool, they need to know their dog(s) will know how to swim! And for Gosh sakes! IT’S A LAB PEOPLE! And it isn’t a tiny puppy!

      Were on earth do people get that the puppy was “thrown” into the pool and it was in trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Whether it was staged or not, the momma dog had it all under control and I’m quite sure there people would not let that puppy drown!

      Gezzz people!

  16. I’m hoping someone besides the person with the camera was watching and ready to jump in and help… never know but I did love the video…..shows a Mothers love!!

  17. I think I would’ve put the camera down and jumped in but realistically you could say that about virtually every single video EVER on shows like funniest home video etc.
    I love this clip, it shows how intelligent and loving dogs truly are

  18. May have been said already, but More importantly. Notice how the pup splashes in the center of the pool…as if thrown in 0_o

  19. What ppl seem to be missing is, yes the video may be cute & outline a mothers love, and that would be fantastic if there was no one around, but this puppy & it’s mother have been subjected to stress do that some idiot can get a good YouTube video, seriously, how pathetic

  20. Yes, its great that the mother saved the puppy but the camera man def should put the camera down and saved it himself

  21. if the purpose was to teach the dog to swim there are better ways, those dogs were so stressed 🙁 I get in the water with my dogs and the ones that don’t want to get in don’t have to. mom dog is awesome, now as for the people that did this…it really bothers me, behind the camera it sounded like they were laughing

  22. Wow!!! Goosebump all my body to see dog save puppy from drown pool that dog are alike human to save!! Dog are same as human!! Animals are not stupid!!! <3 <3

    1. Actually this is a training video for water rescue dogs. My Newfie dose the same thing note that the larger dog (may not be the Momma) figures out how to get the pup out of the water..same as if it were a child or a person. The older dog then drags the pup 10 feet from the waters edge as was trained. They begin with toys then dolls and then pups and even my daughter when she was 2 and 3 and all she could do is float on her back. Yes we used my daughter to insure that my Newfie could be alert to children in my back yard. They respond to choking splashing and other ques. This is a wonderfully trained dog and God bless the one who trained him or her..job well done!

      1. I agree. Momma had it under control and the fact that she drug the puppy so far away is even more proof that this was a training video.

        Glad to see an intelligent comment on here!

  23. Agree…I would of been in after the puppy as soon as he hit the water, but I’m a good mom and the puppy would of never fallen in, in the first place!!!

  24. yep… especially the humans taking the video , I agree, the person behind the camera didn’t know what was going to happen, they should have been helping not filming!!!!

  25. Love how websites get a bite out of its members when they show something like this. A picture paints a thousand words (or in this case a video) and you all fell for it. Who cares what happened, it could be a training video so that the dog can save a human or in this case a puppy. I say……..WELL DONE …… the dog and hopefully the puppy will learn the same trick.

  26. I agree with the posts thinking this was staged and the older dog was trained. I didn’t think the young dog was actually starting to drown, but still an impressive trick.

  27. 1. This is why you should always teach dogs to find the steps in a pool – not hard. And if you have a pool have the dogs know how to swim regardless. Otherwise keep the pool covered/fenced if you’re not willing to do this. 2. It looks like it happened so fast that the videoperson didn’t really have time to react when it sunk it that something was wrong, the mom had already taken care of the situation. And 3. Seriously? Staged? Come on people, get real. What a ridiculous notion. People are so jaded.

  28. I can’t bring myself to watch it. It’s sad that they thought “capturing the moment” was more important than helping the poor pup. Shows what kind of person was behind the camera.

  29. It wasn’t drowning, so no, the Mama dog did fine, all by herself. If staged, it is wonderful that someone loves dogs enough to teach them such a valuable skill.

  30. mmmm if the owner was really thinking this was a funny event then they should be brought up on abuse charges for the mom and pup, i know some people think teasing animals is great sport but they are wrong it s abuse.

  31. A…Yeah, Do You Think ?? Dumb Ass…People are to involved with the “Money” Shot. What the Hell already, IDIOT !!

  32. Yes, they should have…no question. Too many what-ifs. If they think this was funny, they are insensitive idiots. But they should be happy the mother was there to save her baby.

  33. I can’t believe the dumb a** recording this didn’t drop the camera and help the mother with the puppy, A-hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Barbra are you kidding me…. abuse….because golden retrievers were swimming…..dogs that were bred to retrieve things from water……omg stop the presses……i think you might $hit a brick if you ever saw real abuse

  35. It never looked like the puppy was in serious trouble. Head never went under water. I’d like think if something started to go sideways, the camera would have been down in a second.

  36. Exactly what I was thinking when I first seen this video posted. There is No Way I Would Ever Watch An Animal Or Human Being Struggle as I stand there and record it. Never Ever!!

  37. I can’t believe they cared more about getting an otherwise paw some video, but I couldn’t do it. My instinct would kick in to help. This is why I love dogs more.

  38. Oh my stars people! That puppy was in no danger. It was swimming to the side all by his little self. All dogs can swim. Go back to school and get educated.

  39. Watch carefully people. The pup wasn’t drowning, it swam to the poolside but just couldn’t pull itself up. Watch again & this time focus on the PUP’S actions.

  40. who’s dog is that anyways? are we sure this isn’t some kind of sick animal abuser getting his kicks off by seeing drowning dogs in distress. People should be mindful of the videos they post because it takes one reporting to authorities and you can be charged with a crime and it has happened before. Throwing a dog (that clearly is drowning) in a pool and taping it is my idea of animal cruelty.

  41. and it’s dumb @$$ videos like this that inspire a whole plethora of other videos that put animals in danger.

    1. Yep Ann you get the video!!!!! Yeah for Ann ! This dog is being trained in water rescue hence the title “LIFEGUARD DOG” I had a Newfie who was trained the same way! Even using my 2 year old daughter…no harm no foul..but if my daughter or any other child got into my backyard and fell in the pool I knew my Newfie would save them…note that the larger dog (may not be the mom) drug the pup about 10 feet from the waters edge…thats part of the training..thanks for seeing that Ann..good call!

  42. The puppy was fine. Everyone has to get a grip. For the genius who is thinking of saying “we will throw your infant in the pool and see how it does”, that’s COMPLETELY different. That puppy had the instinct to swim to the side of the pool. An infant would sink.

  43. Yeah, I’ve seen this. Comes down to the person with the video camera allowing this to happen. They did this for show. Why did they allow a puppy to nearly drown?

  44. I agree. This is OBVIOUSLY a training video. To teach the puppy how to swim and for the older retriever in case of emergencies. I’m sure if the pup was in serious harm they wouldn’t be filming. Let’s use some common sense here people.

  45. When I look at this video I notice a big splash were the puppy entered the pool and someone ready to take the video. I think someone threw this puppy into the pool.

  46. That this would be a training video is ridiculous, imho. Why was the camera there in first place? The puppy was thrown in to produce a show. And it worked. That’s my 2 cents.

  47. that used actually to be how children were taught to swim back in the day, probably before any of you people were born, but I remember my Grandfather talking about being taught to swim that way.

  48. watching it a few times, it feels like this wasn’t the first time it happened. The pup obviously swam straight for the side of the pool. it looks like a training video. Also, look at how far the big pup drags the puppy away from the pool, if it was instinct, i would think she would have let the pup go much sooner. It definitely looks like training to me. that puppy was clearly not in any danger.

  49. Right..I think maybe the people would have jumped in to save the puppy if things seemed to be going badly. Who knows, maybe there was another person aside from the person filming, who was ready to jump in and save the pup if it was necessary.

  50. ((((( DISTURBING!!!! ))))) I think it should not be “shared” anymore… it”ll only encourage more of these CRUEL actions for a camera moment… who knows how many times have they done this to these creatures, until they got the “right” video…. Please stop promoting it.

  51. Well of course the giggling moron with the camera should have put it down. Just further proof that dogs are more human than humans. The human in this case being a giggling piece of shit.

  52. i have often yelled at animal planet as a mother and cub have walked away from a trailing tired out runt…”put down the camera and pick up the baby!!!!!” never understanding how any small critter could possibly be expendable if an entire film crew is on hand…but in this instance it seems to me the mama has all the energy and urgency and plan in paw to pull her pup to safety. i don’t see her faltering in any moment and should there have been such a moment…even an instant…i believe…the camera would have been tossed and its owner into the pool instantaneously.

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