Non confessions of a Cat Litter Grazer

I heard rustling as I worked in my studio. It was a sound I knew too well, one that usually always meant one thing – Cat Litter Grazer was at it again.

No animal was sprinkled by a human for this photo. All photo styling was done by the dog himself.

“Muddy! I know you’re over there, get out of there right now!” I say sternly, exasperated since I have reconfigured the set up of the litter box multiple times to dissuade the Cat Litter Grazer. He is addicted to cat litter, sprinkled with little morsels of sand that must give it the crunch of a toffee bar.

I heard his always happy foot steps bounce over to my desk area where I sat typing. Silence. He was now sitting, staring into my back, “I am innocent, why am I always proven guilty without trial?” he asks.

I turned to see his lovely brown face, cheerful, but with the evidence of his criminal activities speckled all over his nose.

I quietly reached for my camera – this was a photo op if there ever was one.

“Mud, I know you did it – admit it, you were litter grazing,” I said to him in my best calm but serious mother tone.

He put his head slightly down.

“Nu-uh, didn’t do it,” he said.

51 thoughts on “Non confessions of a Cat Litter Grazer

  1. We have been lucky. None of our dogs are interested in the cat box litter. I had a foster dog once that grazed in the litter though. Not fun and their breath stinks after that!

  2. OMG! Both my dogs are litter grazers…YUCK! No matter how we have tried to persuade them not to do it, they still figure out a way to do it. Nothing disgusts me more!

  3. Holy cow nice to know this is common, my Lab Murphy Girl whom I was blessed to have for almost 16 yrs NEVER bothered Rocky’s litter box. Well now my rescue dog Lucky and grand-dog Mia scramble for the powder room to check it out…

  4. I have two of them. We put up baby gates so they could not get to the box but they braek through the gates! So gross!

  5. Mine too! Baby gate across the laundry room door keeps them out though. Unless I’m doing laundry and forget to put it back up.

  6. Mine do this too! And always come bounding over innocently with their nose covered just like in the pic. Our dogs can all jump gates or break them. So no- that’s apparently not what gates are for.

  7. My dog is OBSESSED with kitty roca. I had to build a barricade out of a cardboard box to the kitty box closet that only the cat can jump over.

  8. Previous Rotties and one Rottie X were told NO and never entertained the thought again. My present RotX is mixed with hound – clearly re-incarnated sharks. Little brain. Olfactory lobe only. Enjoys browsing the undergrowth for bunny “smarties” but used to ROLL too – not bunny stuff. Always grosser stuff – perhaps human. She’d emerge from the woods with a large smear down her shoulder. Sometimes both. Very thought I’d resort to it but borrowed a friend’s SHOCK COLLAR. The next time I saw her shoulder drop in the woods (the collar is GREAT for seeing what they’re about to do when it’s dark out) and a liberal application of HIGH VOLTAGE and she has never rolled since. Not once. Well worth it when you have dog that thinks, “He yellin at me but he’s over there and I’m here and I can do this before he gets to me!” Ha! Hound! Speeda LIGHT. ZAAAAP!!!
    BTW – Besides being gross we have coyotes, possums, ‘cooons and various other critters in the hood ( idiots kids too) and I don’t want to even imagine the BUGS living in their intestines so it is a huge health issue too. … Need to borrow that shock collar again.

  9. Yes I have the same problem with my dog but its throw out Chicken hash and Chicken poo she still has not worked out that we are not interested and find it quite distasteful her passion for the stuff.

  10. I used to have 7 Rotty’s…sadly, they have all passed over the years…but each one of them was guilty of this too! LOL! I remember my youngest Rotty, Lido, was in the livingroom…from the kitchen, I heard an odd scratching noise…went to the livingroom to find her literally rooting her nose in the catbox…! Ugggg…! I hollar her name…she lifts her head…cat litter covered snout…cat poo in mouth…she looks at me as if to say…”Huh…what…wasn’t me…I didn’t do it!” LOL! Soooo gross! LOL!

  11. My dogs have been caught red-pawed! I even have a large cardboard box over the litter box with a small hole near the top front big enough for cats. Mt daughter had a little dog who was caught inside the box!

  12. I think just about all dogs do it from time to time. Even my spoiled rotten little Billy. It’s part of being a dog, I guess……

  13. My pug used to do this, one day I finally caught her in the act. She was up on my bed with it, I scolded her and all she got out of that was to Not eat poop on my bed. She still got in the box until I put a hood on it and faced it to a wall so she couldn’t get in!

  14. We always called it “Kitty Roca.” Our mini-doxie eats it, and underwear, too. One Christmas my husband bought me several Costco 6-packs of underwear. I couldn’t stop laughing.

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