Seeing-Eye Dog Fights off Burglar, Calls Police to Save Owner

Philadelphia police respond to a home invasion after the blind victim’s seeing-eye dog calls them for help.

Philadelphia police responded to a home invasion early Monday morning after the blind victim’s seeing-eye dog called them for help.

According to police, a woman said a suspect broke into her home on the 4100 block of Edgely Road at approximately 4 a.m. Monday morning. The 52-year-old blind victim said she was threatened before being choked and falling down a flight of stairs.

Officers said that after witnessing the assault, the woman’s seeing-eye dog fought off the attacker. She told them that once the home was secure, the dog used a specially manufactured device to phone police and alert them.

The woman is being treated at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and is in stable condition. The suspect remains on the loose.

36 thoughts on “Seeing-Eye Dog Fights off Burglar, Calls Police to Save Owner

  1. Great pup! I find it interesting though that some people (not here, just in general) applaud a pup that goes after an intruder but demonizes one that doesn’t know a police officer in its yard or home isn’t an intruder and defends its family.

  2. On t he news here in the phila area- a blind woman was a victim of a home invasion last night! How terrible!! I wondered if she had a seeing pet, but they aren’t usually defense trained. Thank goodness for this set of eyes and teeth!!

  3. There sure was an angel looking after his master hodus paws for the baby and hope the lady makes full recovery and the evil coward gets caught soon and thrown in jail.

  4. Actually they are called “Guide Dogs” not Guiding Eyes (That’s the name of a Guide Dog School) they are also not Seeing Eye Dogs (as that’s the name of ANOTHER guide dog school) 🙂 Neither are they sight dogs, blind dogs, eye dogs… lol. I raise puppies for them and I have all kinds of interesting interpretations of what our dogs are supposed to do.

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