Dog Seeking Home After 4 Years in Shelter

Barley has paid his dues, and it’s time to send him home.


Hope this note finds you well.

We believe that Barley’s story is one that your viewers will want to hear: he’s been in a Stamford, Connecticut shelter for four very long years. He’s a great dog who has been overlooked consistently because he’s older or people think he’s “ordinary” looking (we disagree!).

FYI – Barley is Pets for Patriots eligible; his sponsoring shelter is one of our program partners and he’s a personal favorite of mine. This is a great dog who, if adopted by a member of our program in the Stamford area or anywhere we have a program where the shelter is willing to adopt him, would qualify for ongoing discounted veterinary care and other benefits.

Will you share his video and story?

Beth Zimmerman, Founder + Executive Director


How could we not?
Meet Barley. He’s relying on us to spring him from a four year shelter sentence. Your efforts of late have been immensely successful – and we’re hoping your networking will lead to another happy ending. Barley has paid his dues, and it’s time to send him home. Learn more about him at